April 23, 2008

I'm still here!

I'm still here busy weekend ahead but, what's new for me. Clarissa has March for Babies Sat Am- She's still $80 short of her goals so we still have some fundraising to do!

They have a birthday party to go to after that

Then we have Hunter's 2nd Birthday. I can't belive he's getting to be so old. Ok 2 isn't old but, he's my baby! He talks so much and can do everything his sister does.

Clarissa is having a ususaly week and has not mentioned her visit to Heavenly Father and I don't ask. I've come to terms with what ever may be and I'll live with it.

I finished all but the final for one of my classes and only have 2 grad classes to work on this week. I start another next week- how not fun for me! I will do this. 16 credits in one year.

I'm getting nervous for the baby expo I'm doing with my bows in June. Ineed to find time to create.

Speaking of Rissa had her Dance pictures taken Monday her recital is May 12th. I'm excited to see if she dances or stands there. I hope she dances. She's in a play in June so that will be fun too.

Life is keeping us busy as it always does.

Kent is finishing the addition floor as we speak and then it's moving time. Anyone care to move the heavy furniture my lovely husband builds me. I can't wait for him to get building again.

I have a list of things for him to build. 1. Rissa's book shelves and window seat 2. my fireplace mantel. 3. Entertainment center for addition 4. cabinets for my scrapbook room 5. Buffet for dinning room. oh yeah Rissa's bed. I want another piece of furniture for my room too but, until I get my amoire in the scraproom and see how much room is left I have no idea what.

Oh the list of things to do now is long. Paint the kitchen, Vinyl my house- hello I sell it and their is none in my house. floors- halls, baths and living room.


Okay one room at a time.

Did I mention I found a house on the other side of town I want real bad but, I don't want the debt so I think I'll stay where I'm at.

Okay off to work or clean or whatever it is that needs to be done. Oh yeah fold laundry I can't wait til my kids get old enough to do that- How old is that anyway? Rissa can do it but, at 3.5 it's um unique! But, she likes to help.

I hate laundry. My dream is to one day have it all done. Yeah right!

April 14, 2008


I was adding pictures to this blog last night when Clarissa came to me with the following: It was somewhat disturbing at the time and still is. to some extent

Clarissa just came in singing " Heavenly Father loves me"
MOm: and I love you too
Rissa.Rissa: I love Heavenly Father, MOm I need to go see him."
Mom: him who?
Rissa: "Heavenly Father"
Mom: Rissa I need to see you.
Rissa: Okay Mom I'll wait and go next week but, I need to see him because loves he me.
This went on for a few minutes. The jist is she thinks she need to go see Heavenly Father next week because the angel told her. We went and told Kent this too. We've tried to question her and some of it doesn't make sense but, she keeps saying she needs to see Heavenly Father. I showed her a picture and am hoping that will sufice for now. I feel earie about this. I'm trying to not cry right now. I'm hoping she is thinkig she needs to see him like she just saw her Poppy.

Okay so I've had a few hours to ponder discuss and pray. I don't know if it's a 3 1/2 year olds mind or if she realy does need to go see Heavenly Father. Given the latter I've had a long talk with my Heavenly Father and as best as one can we've come to an understanding. Dont' get me wrong, I can't imagine my life with out Clarissa but, I have decided I have enough faith to know Heavenly Father knows better than I. I know he loves me. Iknow as does Clarissa that he loves her and that he only wants the best for her as do I. I've pondered and though of all the great things we have done. How blessed we have been, She went to Disneyland 5 times this past year. SHe is a little ball of fire that loves life.

Don't get me wrong life is going on as usual around here she spent her 3 minutes in the corner this morning. But, if she is going to see Heavenly Father I'm glad I knew in advance I'm glad she listened. I'm thankful for the peace that can bring me. But, for now life is as usual.

I'm not sure if this was an exercise in Faith on my part or her. If my Heavenly Father was testing my strength or if he was just reminding me to spend some extra time with my kids. Either way I'll listen. For a bragging moment I'm so proud I didn't try to bargin with him. But, I still have a spunky red head so maybe that's when it's easy.

I hope and pray it was just a test of my faith but, if not I pray for peace and understanding not only for myself but, for those whos lives have been touched by Clarissa. I know families are forever. I pray I don't have to test that in the coming year but, if I do. It's here in writing for me to remember. I guess that is why I'm writing this because I may need to remember it. Okay enough.

My kids are with Tutu today and I am painting a wall in my kitchen red ok cranberry and Kent is finishing the floor in the addition. Hunter's pary is in there next Saturday.

Off to work. Just wanted to get my feelings. down. Your brain can wander as you paint.

I am so blessed and am so thankful for my 2 wonderful children. fit thowing chocOlate faces, clothes changing and all!

Student again

I'm beginning to have sympathy for my students. I have now spent 2 days in training. I'm excited but, tired of listening and then went from training to a class tonight. What I live about being so busy is it has forced me to menu plan and are eatting better. One more lesson and a test and one class is done. The bad news I start 2 2 credit on line classes tomorrow! But, this to shall pass.
Well I'm off to get things done. Maybe someday I'll learn how to post pictures!

Ok Last week was face book this week is blogging

Okay I tried blogging a little on my bow site and failed but, I am feeling so out of it. I don't know why I only work full timem have 2 small children own my own vinyl and bow business, have a calling at church, on the tail end of a large addition to my home, taking 3 graduate classes. Need I say more. But, you know me I have wanted to blog so My SIL sent me a link to her blog and I just had to try to figure this out. If you don't hear from me much til the end of June. I'm busy w/ finishing post graduate work. Money talks!