July 18, 2009

Off to build w/ Legos

I said I was going to sleep tonight. and I tried. But, this stupid bronchitis is not letting me. I'm sure I'll get a few hours in the car. We are off to legoland in about 45 minutes. I'm hoping this trip is alot better than the trip 3 years ago. To start with I can't find my camera but, small kind. The kids are excited. Rissa found the map in my purse today and was way to excited. She was trying to convince me it would be cold enough to wear jackets. She found all the people in the picture w/ jackets. Which was funny it was 116 here today. We also picked up Clarissa's glasses today, I'd share pictures but, yeah my pink camera is MIA. I'm hoping I just can't see it in the dark car, or that one of my kids knows where it is. We have Kent's so we'll have pictures, I just hate losing things. I feel so stupid, especially because I usually hide them from myself. I got lots of ribbon cut to make bows while riding.

To our unplanned amazement it is Lego Club weekend, I'm hoping that doesn't make the park crowded. Don't worry we have our Lego Club memberships. Yes, Kent restrained himself to only 2. since we only have 2 kids.

I can't wait to see what fun things we can ride and build.

Have a great weekend.

July 14, 2009

Lego land T shirts


I suffer from self diagnosed OCD.  So planning a trip can be fun. I think everyone needs to match.  Which is fine when I’m taking my 2 kids. ( I know they will need therapy someday).   We are going to Lego land this weekend.  and well the color for the first day is RED.  we must all wear RED!  I know, it’s a bit much for some of you but, I need to be able to find everyone and my mind is slowly going. I just have to remember RED.  I wanted it to be AQUA but, thought the boys may kill me. My 9 year old Nephew said he’d wear it but, I could tell he was being nice. 

So if we have to have a shirt let’s make it a special shirt.  Well for the kids at least.  Jacob is so nice he’s playing along.  Thanks Jacob!


So my creative mind has been building Lego shirts. 

Here is the final product. 


This is Hunter’s shirt w/ Primary colored Legos.


Here is Rissa’s. I used girl colored legos. It would probably look a little nicer on a different color shirt but, RED is the color of the day.


Here is Jacob’s shirt. He put his Lego guys in his.  They come out easily. I put a secret compartment so legos can be added and taken out. 


So tell me what do you think.  I have thought of a whole new line of products.  I was thinking of an I Love Legos’s shirt. 

The pockets come off easily and it can be put on any shirt.  It is easy to clean. 

I’ll tell you about the durability when we return.  I’m excited. I’ve shown them to a few people and they thought they were cool.


Let me know if you want to order one.  I have a few more ideas in my head too.  I spy shirts coming soon. 


**  This is your official warning: If you ever plan to go on vacation with me your kids may be wearing an AJ Original, as seen above.  Ask Christy, her kids have been tortured as well.  My kids are tortured all the time.  I didn’t for the zoo this year.  I have matching Lady bug outfits for Sunday.  If I finish Rissa’s pants and Hunter’s top.  Jacob kindly declined some Ladybug shorts.  They aren’t girly.  I need to get sewing!

Legoland T shirts

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July 12, 2009

Rissa's getting Glasses

Here she is getting her eyes examined. Dr. Davis is the best. He was very through. She even told him how DR.'s are mean. She asked him for Green eyes and he gave them to her for a few minutes. When he dialted her eyes. Below is her Green eye picture.

I let her choose 2 pair of glasses, it was cheaper to buy 2 pair and let's face it she's only 4 years old.
This was her first choice. It was so hard to choose with all the Barbie, HSM and Disney stickers on the glasses.
These are pink and purple on the inside (you can hardly see it). They are the flex frames. I'll admit they were not my first choice. But, I am not wearing them, and she is very picky about what she wears.

These were my first choice and Rissa's second. I don't remember what name was on them. She looks so smart in them. I'm hoping now she will be more interested in reading.

When we went to leave she was very upset she couldn't take them with her. I fear she thinks they are a fashion accessory. We all knows she loves those. She told the lady "If I can't take them with me then I won't be back". We finally convinced her they had to send them to CA and she would get them soon.
She was very funny as she went through her list of friends and family. She things she now looks like my sister Jessica or (yaya), she called her as we were leaving the Dr.'s office. She was only concerned one friend would laugh at her, which I think would be the last friend to laugh. She is concerned what others think. So if you see her when she gets them back. You might want to tell her how nice they are.

Of all the things we that could have been from her premature birth this is so mild. Cognitively I believe she is fine. But, we have worked with her to keep her up. We'll see once she starts school but, I don't think she has any developmental delays, just an attitude. I can hardly believe my baby will be starting Kinder in a month and be 5 soon. It seems like just yesterday my water was breaking 5 weeks and 5 days to soon. That I was so scared, and watch my husband have an amazing amount of faith that all would be well with our little Princess. She came 6 weeks to soon and has been excited about life ever since. That red haired attitude that can give us all grief, gave her strength to only spend 1 week in the NICU and to beat all odds in life. We love our little spitfire and are never sure what she will be up to next.
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July 11, 2009

It's time to get busy!

I've spent the past couple of weeks debating on this year craft show season. I just didn't feel like I had the energy to teach full time, Be a good mommy to a 5yo and 3 yo, be a wife, keep my house in order, fill my Church calling and so craft shows. Last season Kent was off hunting a lot, this year he will be around. That should make it easier. I was talking with one of my crafty friends and just felt the need to once again GO FOR IT! with the economy as it is, extra money is always nice. Plus it's nice to meet new people. So now I have to begin making. I can't decide what first. Bows are always my favorite and best sellers. Plus some vinyl. I have to say my mind is going 1,ooo miles a minute now. I have committed myself to 2 shows in Oct. I'm thinking of 2 in November and then maybe just maybe break my no shows after Thanksgiving rule and do Doodlebug or one in Henderson. I may sneak a few small shows in but, this sound like enough for this busy girl. I'm hoping to do more home parties, they are a lot less stressful and usually just as productive. Happy Crafting. Guess I need to get my room cleaned up and start making. I'm still hoping to get my website up and running too. Wish me luck. Summer is about half over for me. Still more post to come.

July 7, 2009

We're back

Yes, we are back for 11 days until we take off on our next mini vacation. Next stop Legoland.

We got home from MI on the 4th at around 10 pm. Just enough time to catch some fireworks, sleep. go to church and take off again for Primm, NV for our Freecation, with my mom and nephew.

Our freecation was fun. full of lots of waiting including going 5 MPH on I 15 to get there.

Our trip to MI was fast and fun. Yes, we were gone for 12 days but, we are use to a lot more, about twice that time so it seemed like a whirl wind. While it was good, I didn't get to spend alot of time with a lot of people. We did make our annual trip to the zoo to check on baby Kahli (the orangutans) and baby Louie (the elephant). Clarissa went tubing behind the jet ski for the first time. (I can't believe I have a child old enough to do that). I got my annual sun burn and Hunter got his fill of sand. We were able to visit my Great Aunts and all the grandparents.

This sparked an interest in Clarissa as to how our bizarre family works. How we have so many Grand parents. It was funny to hear her come up with questions. For example, Granny (Elise, my step mom) is Jessica's mom right mommy? Me: yes Rissa: Jessica is your sister right? Me: Yes, Rissa: Then Granny is your mommy. Me: No, Tutu is my mommy. Rissa: then why is Jessica your sister? Me: Because Poppy is my Dad and Jessica's dad. Rissa: Just thinking away.

We went to the scrap box one of our favorite stops and a new place Jungle Java. I was lucky enough to score 2 new Vera Bradly items, a large tote and a purse. I'm in GRITS heaven. I so miss shopping in KY and MI.

Now I'm back to reality. I'll try to catch up and post pictures. I did get the fridge cleaned out today. It's almost 2 am so I think I'll go to bed and so 2 cupboards tomorrow. My goal is to clean out the cupboards, it seems so overwhelming. So I'm going to break it down. This should help. Let's hope. I have more cupboard space than the average girl, thanks to my dear husband, and I have no room. Time to dejunk. I was hoping to go to a FREE movie tomorrow but, looks like that may be canceled due to MJ's death. Oh well, lots of fun phone calls to make and work to do. Rooms to decorate and rearrange. The sooner I get it all done the sooner I can play and not feel bad.