April 30, 2009

It's almost Summer fun group time.

Just thought I'd put a plug in for my summer fun group/ blog. It's almost that time. I can hardly stand it. Parks, Movies, and fun FREE stuff. I'm taking suggestions. I'm thinking this year I may be just a little wild and do it on different days weekly. Let my hair down a little. I like routines but, it seems so restrictive and it leaves people out.

Here is the link to my summer fun group. Come visit us! Come play with us. Give us suggestions of fun things you'd like to do.

on a side note, my friend Maggie is the party queen I want to be like her. I'd love to have fun parties all the time. I have 2 reservations. 1- I think I have party anxiety that no one will show up. 2- I think I need to do it all. All the decorations, All the food and it gets taxing and expensive cause if you know me you know it's all about being cute. Sorry It's an OCD I have. Just my thoughts. Check out maggies cool parties.

April 29, 2009

Hunter is 3

Happy Birthday Hunter! You are the sweetest boy ever!

Hunter opening some Easter candy. He is a candy fean!
The picture of Hunter in teh helmet is one ofmy favorite.
Chocooolate face, Hunter can sniff out chocooolate a mile away and has a sweet tooth.
This is Hunter at a year old at his grandparents.

Hunter you are my sweet boy, We love you. You bring balance to our family! You are everything your sister is not.
You are quiet and loving. You can play for hours alone with your cars or with your sister. You love your sister so much. You love to talk when given the opportunity. You are the best hugger a mom could ask for. I love to cuddle with you (although you're quickly out growing your mom's arms).

Some things about Hunter:
He Has recently changed his favorite color from orange to green.
He loves to fix things aka take them apart.
He loves his sister and misses her when she is away.
He is Momma's boy and gives the best hugs.
He is quiet most of the time
He loves his candy and chocoolate. (The reason for his M & M bday)
He loves balls and sports. (soccer and T ball right now)
He is our jokester. (We're scared for our future) He is always making us laugh. such as telling me I'm making his head go away as I post right now.
He is easy going and goes with the flow.
He is the best brother ever!
He loves Thomas the train and Cars and Handy Manny!
He wants a dog or kitten bad.
He likes to go to the Library with his Tutu.
He loves elephants.
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April 26, 2009

Hunter's M &M bday party

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Hunter's 3rd Birthday party

Here are the cool Marshmellow pops I keep seeing on people's blogs. I made mine w/ M&M's. It was one of the party favors in their gift bags.

Thank you tubes for the guests.

Toss the M&M game.

Invitations I made. They were easy and fun. I'm thinking of trying to sell them on etsy.

We had cupcakes instead of cake and I think this turned out so cool!

April 20, 2009

I love Fresh and Easy!

OK, anyone who knows me and knows me well knows I'm a bargain hunter ( I secretly like it when people thin other wise, that makes the game all the more fun). In fact I'd like to think I'm the queen of bargain shopping. If it's not on sale it's not for me. I keep thinking I'll start a blog all about bargain shopping. anywho. I'm not a coupon person. I like them, I cut them out but, I only collect them I never use them. Well unless they are for Gymboree. I never forget a Gymbo coupon. Never met one I didn't like or find a way to use. I'm addicted but, I'll out grow it in a few years. Speaking of Gymbo. Don't forget it's time to redeem Gymbucks again! YAHOO and I even got some cool coupons. I can't wait. It's my one indulgence in life.

Anyway back to my story. I hate grocery shopping as I never feel like I get a good deal. Well I have a new friend Fresh and Easy. They have great deals. The other day I got $120.00n worth of groceries for $50.00. We are eating better food and paying a lot less. My budget, yes, I said the B word is loving it too. I mean all kinds of meat and veggies on sale. I got a watermelon Sat. pm for a dollar. Grapes for a dollar. Who can beat it? I'm in love! So is my husband I got Halibut for 4, ribs for $6- food I'd never buy. I've even learned to make homemade Pizza (you can buy the whole wheat dough for under $2. It's great! My frig is full of fun stuff. I do have to say I'm weird I hate a full frig. I like to look and see everything, so that is disturbing but, I'm living with it.

Final a deal at the grocery store. I like to shop when I can find a bargain!

Oh yeah and one more bargain for the week Michael's has Cricut cartridges on sale and lots of other fun stuff! I can't wait to get there but, my bank account can wait!

Don't forget to get your Easter stuff it's all on sale/ clearance at Target. I'm done for next year. Did I tell you I have my kids Christmas done too and b days. Yeah I like to shop early. I'm sure I'll add to it but, if the economy doesn't let that happen they will be taken care of. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have a closet full of toys ready to be gifted. I had vowed to scale it down. But, with the economy as it is I have just been adding here and there. Some people have food storage I have present storage(Hopefully I can barter for food.), It makes my favorite time of year much more enjoyable. Ok I'll stop coming out of the closet now and get back to Hunter's b day planning.

Oh that brings me to my last bargain of the day. We went to M&M world tonight as my dad is here and is staying right across the street. Hunter is having and M&M bday party on Friday. I made cute invites, I'll show them later Yes, you guessed it I found M&M party stuff 50% OFF! CAN YOU BELIEVE MY LUCK. I got party hats, blowers, table cloth and wrapping paper. I was so excited. It did take me over budget but, it was/ is totally worth it. I also got cool bags to put the party favors in. I can't wait! I can't wait to share pics. Soon I'll have it all finished!

April 18, 2009

May Scrapbooking

Thursday, May 7th at 7pm

Come make this Summer Garland.

A better picture is coming. With it strung.
Kits are $8.00 each. Completed garland $14.00

April 16, 2009

some Easter pictures

Look Mom 2 eggs!
Hunter Finding an Easter Egg, Easter Morning. He was very hard and cracked most of the eggs he found. He could not wait for sister to get up to find the eggs.

Clarissa with morning hair hunting for eggs. I love the smile on her face. It's not often you get one from her in the morning.

Dad, helping to dye eggs. WARNING: DO NOT DYE EGGS ON COUNTERS!

It stains and gives mom's heart attacks. Thankfully the dye came off but, it was a close call. Denatured Alcohol does the trick. The Internet said Lava soap does it for skin. At that point I didn't care about the hands, which is a first.

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. Maybe cause my husband made it for me.

Please excuse the hair, it was late Saturday night like 9 pm!

Hunter in for the Hunt, trying to beat Clarissa to the eggs. He loved hunting eggs.

I will update this with more pictures. I'm having trouble getting the ones, with the bunny and their cute clothes off the sd card. AGH

One quick story as I'm sure Rissa will remember this for life.
She came out of primary with a cupcake (that looked like an easter basket). Yes, you guesses it. she had it all over her 2 cute hands and I just envisioned it all over her dress, my mini van and everything else. Those of you that know me well, know I DO NOT do messes. If you want to get dirty you have to go to Aunt Shanie's house to play. So I had a bad mom moment in the hall at church. I instructed her to throw the cupcake away. Yes, it started the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sister Conger came to the rescue and helped Clarissa and wrapped her cupcake in a paper towel and cleaned her up. I do have to report she didn't remember the cupcake later. We made our own for Easter Dinner. But, she was sure to tell Tutu I told her to throw away her cupcake at Church. Which was no surprise to Tutu as we all know I don't do messes, especially in Easter dresses.

Hope you all had a great Easter. Ours was a bit hurried due to me having strep. I'm still trying to recover. AGH!

April 14, 2009

Not on my list

So I love list as you can see from my last post. I think they may keep me organized or attempt to. Well I hate it when thing NOT ON MY LIST take over my list!

I had 2 nice list progressing nicely last week. 1- Easter and 2- Spring Break. I felt like I was plugging away at a decent rate and then... My List and my life was taken over by....

Yes, again! enough already! This girl does not have time for this. Wed. night I started to not feel well so I turned in early 10 pm (hey that's early for me) as I was taking the kids to the fair on Thursday. Got up felt better and got on our way. went to the fair meet my BF Christy and her 2 kids. I'll post pictures later. We had fun. Clarissa wanted to know what the spell was as soon as we piled out of the car and Hunter just wanted to see the PIG.

We saw the sites, rode a ride (my rule only one, I hate fair rides, save it for the big D). As we were ready to leave my throat was sore so we stopped for a drink, I drove home in silence to sleeping kids and if you've ever ridden with Clarissa you can appreciate the silence. It's beautiful. I came home to a sick husband and literally minutes later started to not feel so well. I took my temperature and it was 103. YUCK. So the rest of the night was trying to get our fevers down, somehow I always managed to stay a couple of degrees higher than Kent. He could have won that contest. The kids were trying to be good but, it was hard. I finally got into the DR. 2 shots and 4 prescriptions later. I broke my fever and was on the mend. But, that just set in a panic as it was Now Saturday and I was the host of Easter dinner, the bunny and a house that had been taken over by a 4 yo and 2 yo for 2 days. Somethings will never be the same (my sewing machine that got cracked). But, I'm on the mend. It's now Tuesday and I'm still not feeling 100% but, am working at it.

My list got paired down considerably and I feel bad for it but, Life goes on. We got the essentials completed and had a great Easter. Our friends the Henderson's came over and my friend Angie.

Just for the record I'll list what I did accomplish during break. Cleaning at one pt. both kids rooms, changing out summer clothes, Made C a skirt and purse. Made H 3 pr of shorts minus hemming on 2. Almost made R a lady bug top. Still a few more things to do. Made 50 choc suckers, Easter Dinner, Many button bracelets, trip to the fair, Baskets, straightened house, a few bows, Had fun with my kids, I'm sure there is more I just need to check my list, Oh, designed Hunter's party invites, now to get them finished and out.

and to close with a Rissaims. we were on the off ramp from I 15 to Tropicana going to pick Tutu up at the airport and she realized we were up high. She says, " Mom , were up high I'm scared, this is my scared face, see my teeth, no don't look." She then explained her scared face shows her teeth because scared faces are suppose to show your teeth. I couldn't look as the road curves and well. I'll have to look for another scary opportunity to share.

One last thing. I finally gave into 3 days 3 1/2 hours of preschool Monday was her first day. I'm pretty sure her dad and I were a lot more scared than she was. She did great and is excited to go back. Guess she'll be ready for Kinder in the fall. Where did my baby go?

April 2, 2009

Easter checklist so far

OK so here are my words in action. Here is my Easter list so far. (Iwish I knew how to put a pdf file on here).

* Decorate house
* Outfit for Clarissa- dress, shoes, bow,
* Outfit for Hunter- shirt, pants, vest, tie, shoes, socks
* Pictures w/ Easter Bunny
* Family Pictures
* cards sent to family.
* Dye Eggs
* Easter craft for kids
* Egg hunt planned
* mold chocolate ( I decided this activity belonged with this holiday as we can't seem to get it in at others. It was one of my favorites as a child.)
*Kids gift bags for friends/ Primary
* Easter Baskets- stuffing
* Easter Dinner
Potatoe salad
Green Been casserole
Deviled eggs
Pasta salad
Cute desseret- Cupcakes, Bunny cake, etc.-

April 1, 2009

Brain Please

OK. Some alien came and took my brain and I'd like it back! Now please!

I was cleaning the kitchen YUCK! Thinking of all the many things I want to get done during Spring Break and before my dad comes the next week. When I realized. I had not taken my kids for Easter pictures. Yeah, I have the outfits about ready- minus shoes for Hunter and a shirt for Rissa. Okay and her bows are not done yet. but, still about ready. I had completely forgotten about pictures and a visit to the BUNNY! I got to thinking am I the only one who does Easter pictures anymore? I'll still do them it's rissa 1/2 bday time anyway and I love pictures. You can tell becuase they are all neat stuffed in the packages they come in. Some are even lucky enough to get to people. Count yourself lucky if that happens.

I taught a class on organization, OK you can stop laughing and I said I was going to create a list for every holiday about what goes along with it. I think people thought I was nuts. But, I'm going to. that away I don't forget things like visits to the BUNNY. I mean it only happens for 8 or so years. That makes me sad as Rissa is probably half way through her belilef stage of life.

Anyway back to cleaning for my class tomorrow night Spring Garland. How fun