August 29, 2009


Just a few thoughts from this week.

I put a cute note in Clarissa's lunch that said Clarissa, we heart U! Heart, mom & dad.
So I asked her if she got the note. She replied, yeah I threw it on the floor. What did it say? So then the next morning she asked for another note. It was still in her lunch box when she got home.

Tonight at dinner Kent asked C what is your favorite part of school? C: Coming home. She is excited to go to school every day so I'm not to worried. I decided it's a compliment that she likes to come home. I know some kids don't. At least we know she likes us.

On the 2nd day of school she had a shelter in place due to sewer backup that smelled like gas. I teach next door and was in SIP as well. I guess they taped the door and said it was so liquid didn't get in. C's version is the teacher taped the door so the liquid didn't get in and they die. She was real upset. Which I understand. Death is very real to her right now as her grandma died just a few weeks ago. She was worried about my and my kids next door and wanted to know if we were going to die too and if I taped my door. She is such a kind girl.

She is doing great in school and is such a trooper getting up at 6 every morning, to shower and get ready for school. I can't believe how big she's getting.

August 24, 2009

First day of Kindergarden

So I uploaded the pictures backwards. But, here they are! Waiting to be picked up at the end of the day

Look at that tired face!

On her way in w/ Dad in the morning. She looks a little scared in this picture!

In her room, finding her seat.

Outside the house in the picture spot. Hard to believe that almost 5 years ago I brought her home and took her picture here. WOW my baby is growing up. Now she is a Husky! H. Huskies can do lots of things. Check out the outfit. It took us a long time in Gymboree to find just the right one. OK for us to agree on one. She wanted jeans or a sweat suit, I wanted a dress, we settled for this skort kind of outfit.

All I heard was it was a green card day! If you get to black they call your parents. She promised she'll never get to black. Her goal for this week is 5 green cards. She got to play on the big and little playground. She did not get to play with the kitchen (like she doesn't have one at home, that she plays with all the time). She learned the days of the week. She only ate 2 PB crackers and her apple sauce. She said she ran out of time. Her teacher is Ms. Linares. We are so excited for a great year.

My school year started off great as well. I have some great co teachers. My classes are a bit full but, that will change in time. My school if full of change this year and it will be a fun exciting year.

August 11, 2009

Ramblings of my sleepless night

My mind is racing with all the things that need to be done in the next few weeks. I should clarify that I have has a nice long vacation. I have visitied with family and friends, gone to the beach and amusement park (legoland), cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, my closet and have a healthy start of my craft room. Floors have been cleaned, beds moved. While my to do list has not been completed it has been worked on.

So you see I have had a productive summer.

I had a few more things planned. A buying trip to LA and a trip to the buying show which is in town this week (I didn't feel right leaving my kids after telling them their grandma had died) but, things change. Kent' s step mom passed away on Friday night and Life's responsibilities are more important. I also found out Friday I get to move my classroom (now, I'm not complaining about this, I'm moving out of the hall with all the loud 8th graders, I love to teach them but, their hallway behavior kills me). I am also in charge of our quarterly enrichment that will be next Tuesday night and Super Saturday that is in a month. I'm putting on a craft show/ open house with a friend. Oh did I mention I still have a family you know 2 kids, a husband, 3 dogs. I'm trying to be as helpful as possible with funeral arrangements and pack to leave soon. Probably in 28 hours from now. Plus I can't sleep! My mind is racing. So I'm here blogging a boring post but, maybe it will help me decompress. It's time to once again start my engines and get going. I'm a busy person. I stay busy if you my calendar is quite booked from now til Thanksgiving. I reserve December for me and my choice of fun activities. I guess it's only just begun.

I'm so thankful to believe Families are Forever. It made telling my children so much easier. Their simple faith is amazing. Hunter took the news well and accepts the fact that Grandma is in heaven with Heavenly Father. Rissa was sad and had engaged in some interesting questions.
* If Grandma is in Heaven, Where is Santa Clause?
* Can I take my blanket to Heaven?
* Is there food there?
* Did Grandma leave me a couch? (This comes from my mom telling the kids that she will give our couch back when she dies.)

This is one of my favorites
C: Mommy you'll dies someday and go to Heaven then it will be Daddy, Hunter and Me.
M: yes,
C: Daddy will die someday and then it will be Hunter and ME
M: yes
C: Hunter I love YOU-in a sweet voice.
H: Sister it's OK we all go live with Heavenly Father. His voice was so loving and concerned. Trying to assure her all would be well.

(secretly I'm just glad I get to be the first to die)

Hunter just wants to send Grandma a balloon up in the sky.

I feel so sad for my brother in law who is 14. His first day of High school was to be on Thursday instead he will be attending his mothers funeral. I remember his Kindergarten graduation. I can't believe he is going to High School.

Clarissa starts Kindergarten in a week and a half. I'm so excited for her to go to school. To learn and to make friends. I'm scared for her, scared people will be mean to her, scared she won't fit in. I think maybe some of my elementary school days are coming back. She's ready with lots of new clothes, a new hairstyle, new glasses and new shoes are coming. I've ordered pencils with her name on them. I'm scared I don't know what cool things to pack in her lunch either.

August 6, 2009

Local Shooting Park needs our help.

Clark County Shooting Park Needs Your Support!Please Contact the BLM Today!
The Clark County Shooting Park is a 3,000 acre park outside of Las Vegas that is devoted entirely to the shooting sports. It was created by an Act of Congress that transferred land to Clark County from the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Not long after the transfer, some local residents filed a lawsuit to close down the shooting park. The federal judge dismissed their charges, but ordered the BLM to complete some environmental studies.

An Environmental Assessment with a "Finding of No Significant Impact" (FONSI) has been completed and is open for public comment until Wednesday, September 2. The same people who sued the shooting park, along with their allies, plan to bury BLM with letters demanding a more extensive environmental analysis as another form of harassment against the shooting park.

Since comments are not limited to Nevada residents, we are asking that NRA members from around the country send comments to BLM in order to counter comments by the shooting park's opposition. A large number of supportive letters will also positively influence BLM decisions on other shooting areas and ranges nationwide.

If you shoot recreationally, it is important the BLM hear from you. Gun control advocates and radical environmental activists are trying to shut down shooting ranges or keep them from opening across the country, so it is important that BLM hear from you. Please take a few minutes to send Mr. Bob Ross, BLM Las Vegas Field Manager, your comments supporting the Environmental Assessment and recommending that the FONSI be approved and that the environmental review process be completed. His address is: 4701 North Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130. The environmental assessment is available online at

I look forward to this park opening so that my children can have a place in the future to practice their marksmanship. A skill many people have lost. This is something we do as a family. Remember gun's don't kill people do. If you teach your children responsibility they will be responsible. It is also important for them to have a place to practice their skills.

If you don't like it move on don't leave your nasty posts. We live in America so we can have Freedom. I'm expressng mine.

August 3, 2009

Lucky year 7

7 years ago today Monday August 3rd, 2002-

I married my best friend. They say opposites attract and Kent and I are opposite in lots of ways. But, I love him for that on most days. (OK, that rhymed so I had to say it). I love the way he ALWAYS loves me. When life is rough and I may be ready to runaway he reminds me we are in this for the long haul. I don’t know about many of you but,the first year of married life was difficult. It might have something to do with getting married at almost 28 and having has so many years of freedom. Plus I was in the middle of my masters program. But, we made it through. I’m so happy that he’s happy he’s stuck with me for an eternity.

Kent I love you. I know I don’t say it enough, that I let our busy lives get in the way but, I do. I appreciate you!

7 reasons I love you!

1. You are a great DAD- Clarissa is your princess and Hunter is your camping buddy. I never worry that our kids are safe when they are with you. I know you protect them and love them as much as I do. I love how Hunter misses you when your at work and Rissa wants it to be Monday! You understand that Rissa has nothing in her full closet of clothes to wear. You enjoy Daddy/ daughter and Daddy/ son dates and your children love them too.

2. You build me custom furniture- Your patient with my specifications and changes in the middle of building projects. You don’t whine about my endless list of honey do’s to build. I have an awesome Kitchen and addition you’ve built for me. I know I come up with projects faster than you can build them. Thank you!

3. You like to spend time with us- There is nothing you enjoy more than spending time with the kids and I. You don’t think Hunting and shooting are for boys and you can’t wait to share that with not only your kids but, with me too. You want us to love the things you love. You like taking us to Disneyland. On the other hand I love that you encourage us to go and do even when you can’t, You’re OK with us going to my dad’s for summer and holidays,to Disney with friends. You never complain when I'm away about having time with Clarissa and Hunter.
4. You love a good sale- I love the fact that you understand my sale fetish. That you will suggest we go to another Target. That you think my present closet is cool (that you even made me shelves for it). That you know what gymbucks are!

5. Your a big kid at heart- You understand that kids need toys and so do adults. When I really want a new toy (like a vinyl machine) you help make it happen. I think you like some toys more than the kids. Like Star Wars and Legos.

6. You support all my dreams- You’ve been supportive as I’ve take 32 additional graduate credits in 2 years. Encouraged me to sell my hair bows and vinyl, to do craft shows and make my dreams come true. When I decide I want to own a new business or buy something. You let me talk it through and support me in what I decide. You don’t discourage or stifle my dreams. You understand my need to be more. You know that someday I will most likely be in a PHD program and as long as I’m happy your happy.
7. You make me laugh- You don’t take life to seriously. I have a habit of being to serious about things and you let me know it’s OK. You’ve taught me to laugh at the spilt milk on my new wood floor instead of cry. To find humor in things. Life is not all up tight and serious.

Kent- I LOVE YOU! Thank you for 7 great years. I look forward to at least 43 more. Remember you promised me 50 years and I get to die first.