May 24, 2008

It's raining and cool! YAHOO It's geting me!

Yes, It's 60 right now! I had to find my kids winter clothes. They wore sweaters and jackets all day today. Rissa continued to complain of how cold she was. It was great the rain off and on was so nice, The only thing that could have made it better was a good book and the ability to stay in bed but, my kids slept til 9:30- yes even Hunter and took long naps!

It was nice to have a dreary day in sunny Las Vegas especially since we started the week with 105 degree weather.

Rain well it smells great and causes great lakes here in Vegas and causes Princess Clarissa to have very curly, snarly hair and a bad attitude. For some reason she can't stand the rain (I guess she's never moving to the pacific northwest). When it rains (all 6 days in a year) it reminds me of last summer. We were at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio (an amusement park) my dad and sister had gone off to ride roller coasters and I had both kids in the double stroller and we were finding things to do. Well it started pouring down rain. Cats and dogs. My kids had never really seen rain before and Clarissa starts screaming at the top of her lungs " It's getting me It's getting me! " I was about to dye laughing as everyone was looking at her like she was a crazy girl! I just said She's a Las Vegas girls, this may be the first time she remembers seeing rain! Yeah 2 1/2. I can't wait til she grows up and tell her that story.

She still can't stand for the rain to get her. I'm not sure what it's going to do to her. I keep telling her she won't melt but, she doesn't believe me. Lately she's been weird about water. We got a sprinkler last weekend and let the kids run through it. Hunter had a blast Clarissa screamed when it "got her" I think she must think she is a Disney villain and will melt. I'm not sure how she' s going to fair at the lake this summer.

I have the lovely privilege of teaching at Church tomorrow so I need to get planning.

I've made about 200 bows so far this weekend. Now I need to assemble them.

May 19, 2008

Another week

Yes, we again at the start of another week. My scrapbook/ craft room is finally starting to come together. I'm at the tail end of finishing up my grad classes. I finished one tonight and should have one more finished by Thursday. I think 2 more finished by next Tuesday and yet another by the end of next week. That leaves me with one for June and I'll have a Masters degree plus 32 credits- for what it's worth- oh yeah a pay raise! That's why I'm going all of this.

Time to focus on the baby expo in June. I put a counter on my bow site and I've had almost a thousand hits this past week. - One small problem. My pictures are not good so I'm not selling. I need to work on that. I was hoping to have it done before the expo but, take pictures or make bows. Um I think I need to make bows. Maybe I'll make enough $$ to pay for some help.

I did take a photo story class tonight and finished my project for that- the class I completed and it was fun! Makes me think maybe I should digital scrapbook but, I have a hard time getting the pictures where I want them. we'll see

I need to go get more done, just thought I'd check in for now!

Have a great week.

May 5, 2008

and the wall came tumbling down!

Yes, you read correctly my scrapbook wall came tumbling down. Kent says to be thankful I wasn't in there. I wanted to be at the bottom of the pile when I say it.

Have you ever seen 20 feet of you just organized scrapbook materials in a heap on the floor. I pray you have never had such a grand opportunity. I felt sick, so sick I almost called into work but, I couldn't rehang it so I went to work and mourned the loss of the past 6 weeks of organization gone into a heap.

I'm happy to say I only lost about $50.00 in paper/ album and that shortly it may be close to normal. But, time well I'm sure I've lost 2 nights of work which at this point is a lot as. I have so much homework to do not to mention getting ready for the big baby expo I'm vendoring my bows and vinyl at in June. 1 month left! But, all is well. I'm blessed to have my new cricut on a different set of shelves and that no one was hurt. I do have to say my pictures all landed on top ride side up- I know some angel must have flown them down!

Alright off to do something productive. Fix dinner maybe!

Look at my big boy! 05/14/08

Here are some of Hunter's 2 year old pictures. My baby boy is turing into a Handsome Toddler. I can't believe how big he well not really he's a whole 23 pounds but, he talks so much! and looks so big (tall). He still wears 12 months clothes which are often to big at the waist. But, needs the length of 18 months!

A little about Hunter today.

He loves to color. His favorite color is orange!

He loves to read book,. play cars and ride his favorite new toy is his motorcycle(thanks yaya). He loves to talk about Mickey Mouse and can hardly wait to see him again. He loves his sister alot. When we are shopping with out her he's always finding stuff for her. He is Momma's Boy!

He's just started to go to nuersry at church alone- it's hard to leave mom and sister behind. He loves to climb and laugh. He is such a happy boy. We are so blessed to have such a handsome young man! Those blue eyes are so hard to say No to. Enjoy the pictures!
I just added this today 05/14/08. I'm not sure why the date is not changing!

Where has all the time gone?

I swear I wrote last week. Oh well time flies when you're having fun!

Someday I will learn how to put pictures in here. Cindy HELP please!

We've had a busy week. I'm still taking classes til mid June.

Things I've accomplished this week:
* I can see my scrapbook desk
* Dance dress rehersal
* put clips on over 100 bows
* Took kids to see Signint Time w/ Reachel Coleman (Clarissa was invited to try out for thier next audition)
*Finished one 3 credit grad classes
* Started another class
*Had Hunter's 2nd b day party- still need to schedule pictures
*Cleaned for Hunter's party
*Went to the Hawaiian festival
* drove 100 miles around vegas from fri - sat.
* went to church
* the usual.

Okay so you get the picture.

Life is busy!

Can't wait for summer 20 more teaching days! YAHOO!