October 30, 2008

4 years ago

I was looking at the pumpkins on the table tonight as we decorated cookies and thought my big girl use to be smaller than that pumpkin. I so wish I had hallowed out a pumpkin and put her in it back then. Here is Rissa's first halloween picture. This is a pumpkin costume from the Build a bear store. She was just over a month old in the picture.

I have to tell you Her due date was Nov. 6th and I was just sure she was coming early. I wanted her to have an Oct. B day so her birthstone could be an opal like her mom's. I had my eye on this cute Dalmation costume at Target. Kent told me he'd go buy it even if I went into labor on the 31st. Just in case she made it before midnight. Didn't want her to miss out.

Well as well all know she made her grand entrance 6 weeks early on Sept. 25th- guess she wanted to share her Yaya's birthstone and not her mom's. And well everything was to big for her. But, the build a bear costume and clothes were just right.

Look how our little pumpkin turned into a princess

October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Time

It's Pumpkin Time Yes, that is vinyl on our pumpkins! Yes, we put vinyl on anything that does not move! Dad and Rissa drew the images on CADD and Mom cut them on her plotter.
This will be dinner tomorrow night. I wanted to make them tonight but, you have to let the dough rise. I got the idea from here.
I'm so excited. My friend Jodi told me about worms in a bun too. I also make witch hats. I love the Holidays and can't wait for Christmas!

Pumpkin row.
Dad's, Mom's, Hunter's and Rissa's

Hunter and Rissa's pumpkins

Mom's pumpkins. yes, with bows!

Rissa proud of her pumpkin!

Choco boy with his. He found the chocolate while mom and dad were designing and cutting. He is a chocolate hound!

Mom and Dad's pumpkins

Who can get upset with this cute choco boy. See I do let them get dirty.
OK I didn't let this happen.

And to end with our cute story of the day.
I was cooking dinner Cornbread casserole YUMMY.
Hunter and Rissa were playing and chasing each other around the house. I was thinking how "Normal" it all seemed. Rissa is telling Hunter he is the dog and he needs to bark (yes, she is a bit bossy, where does that come from?). Hunter, tells her no he doesn't want to. She won't give in so he says, "I don't want to Cassie.". I'm not sure where the Cassie came from but, he called her this Monday on the pilgrimage across town to the Dr's office and it made her so mad. Yes, it made her furious tonight as well. It seem Hunter at 2 1/2 has figured out how to get under his sister's skin. Call her Cassie and she erupts. It's kind of funny. She just melts and tells him that is a bad name her name is Clarissa or Rissa but, not Cassie! Oh the joys of kids, How fun these times are I can't wait til they are teenagers.

October 20, 2008

Yes, I am a teacher and Yes, I am a Republican!

With the elections less than one week away, and all the political talk I just wanted to make my statement!

I am Autumn Kizerian and I am a Republican.

I fondly remember the day I registered to vote in front of Winn Dixie (yes, there is such a store) at Tates Creek and Man O War. I registered Republican that day and in every state since. I had to make my husband change is political party or I would not marry him. Sorry no free agency in this marriage.

There are few things in life I can claim to be in 100% agreeance with my father on. My political view are one.

I will admit I was hoping to be going to the polls to vote Mitt Romney in as president but, Mc Cain/ Palin will do. I like a woman who can use a gun. We have one thing in common.
I work hard for my money and I want to keep it in my bank account. I do believe our life choices bring us to our social economic status. Some choose to make more than others. I have chosen to be a teacher thus I make less money than if I had gone with my true passion in life business but, I can spend time with my family. 80 hour work weeks do not make the mother I wish to be.

OK my real point. is I'm tired of people assuming that I am a Democrat because I'm a teacher.

Why must I vote for Mc Cain you ask. well first and foremost I am a Child of God- a christian and I just can't vote for someone who does not agree with that 110%.

I don't think my family should be penalized because we work harder thus we should pay more in taxes. Or the extra tax I would have to pay as my house is larger. I pay for this house, I (and my husband) worked hard for many years so I could have this house.

If I want to own guns to feed my family or protect my family I should have that right.

This country was found on the principles of FREEDOM I feel like these very principles are being challenged. I'm scared for the United States my children will live in. I pray we do not become a socialistic government. Life is not fair and equal. As people we are not fair and equal. I know I've been at the bottom and am hopefully on my way up food chain. Hard work will get you where you want to be. Time and dedication will get you there!

I am a Republican I am voting for Mc Cain/ Palin and I'm praying the rest will vote with me.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween After multiple attempts the first picture was the best.
Hunter's ears make squeaky noises. so he'll be playing with those all night.

a not so happy tired, Minne from her photo shoot.

and then a few Halloween funnies.
For skeleton Hunter says a scaryton.
\He must be related to the student I had at the beginniong of the year who called me Mrs.Scarezarian.
and Rissa is finally not scared of the scaretons anymore and wants one for her room. She got a little pumpkin and some Halloween stickers and informed me she needed to decorate her room for Halloween.
A girl after her Mommy's heart.

Have a safe Halloween. We're excited as we are going to AZ to our friends to go trunk or treating.

What have I been up to this week.

What have I neen up to well these pictures should show. I made these blocks this week. I'm rather happy as to how they turned out. Here they are on my mantel- Please ignore the mantle. it's gross. I think that is one of the things I miss from my last house was the beautiful mantle Kent built me. I said that's one of the 2 things I want for Christmas this year. anyway here it is. I moved some of the pumpkins to the end for the picture. The kizerian tile I taught in enrichment last year.
I've made lots of bows. This is a bow I had to add to Rissa's Minnie ears for Halloween as the one with the ears is well not up to par. It was her idea and she even helped make it. Fun!

And then other vinyl projects as well. I love this sign. I don't know why. I just think it's cute. I still have 2 left. I should have a drawing for people who commnet but, then Marsha you'd be the winner.

When you think your life is crappy.

I have this vinyl on my tub for months (It was part of a line called mirror motivators I never launched). I think I need to ad to it.

No Poopin in the tub! yes, that large floating was left by the blue eyed boy below. Thank goodness mom listen to sister and let her bathe alone that night.

I also have to thank the haz mat clean up crew. Sorry It wasn't in my job discription so I called in the not fait of stomach Super DAD. See with his clean up gear. BLEACH!

I just have to say as the bathroom mirror says.

When you think life is crap just hang on and endure the good times.
and don't take baths with Hunter!

October 19, 2008

Chapel Heights

Doesn't the name just make you want to belong. I now belong to the Chapel Heights ward. I was so excited to go to Church today. We were having our boundaries redone. I love my ward I'm in, I have fun teaching Enrichment calsses and being the Achievement Day leader . We've lived in this house 4 years and this is our 3rd ward.

Clarissa and Hunter were upset as there was no Primary today. I told them it's because we are getting new friends. I wasn't sure what the change would be but, was excited for it. There are many things in life to get upset over ward changes just are not high on my list.

So our ward and another was dissolved and the Chapel Heights ward was made. I love the name it just sounds cool. Kind of sounds like a TV show. Live on BYU TV what's happen in teh Chapel Heights ward. Maybe I can remember my ward name now.

I'm excited as there are lots of new people. I'm hoping my kids can make friends. Hunter needs a friend, so his sister told him on Saturday. All the friends we have are girls thus according to Clarissa they belong to her. She was gracious to offer Anya after some cohersion. I think Hunter claimed her. Smart boy.

I wonder where I will get the chance to serve. What will I get to do? I quickly came home to clean up my living room as you know those drop in visits.

This Weekend- again a Hunting widow. (IE. I can get things done and stay up late)
Laundry sorted this weekend. I did 13 loads of laundry ( I'm a little anal and sort to much like red are a load so are blacks and then blues. Towels are NEVER washed with colors not matching and I have 4 colors of towesl (yes, it makes like nuts but, I don't like towel balls and would then need new towels) and it is folded minus one load. It still needs to be put away. But, I will get that done tomorrow. (Heidi or was it Stacey thanks for the clothes/towels/bedding tip. It did help.)

I also got hair bows made to match Rissa's winter clothes which were also gotten out. I think it may be a sin to have so many clothes. Definitely another closet of Gymboree (they are havign a sale as we speak, I haven't looked yet, as really we only need pants for Hunter and I'll end up buying more clothes) clothes but, they were all on sale. Honest they were cheaper than Target or Walmart. I'm so excited for her to wear them all. I'll take pictures of the bows and post later this week.

I also got some things ready for the show I'm doing on Saturday. I got a lot of vinyl peeled and a cool Harvest blocks done that I have been visualizing for weeks. I also got 3 stackers done.

I cleaned and organized a little in a few rooms.

We went trick or treating at the Springs Preserve with our friends the Hendersons. We also went to the Disney store to get our costumes- I finally talked them into being Mickey and Minne. Mickey was easy. Minnie- we'll she's not a princess nor Fancy Nancy but, some creative mom talk and it was settled. Ears and all I'll post tomorrow. We had fun.

So I'm still looking forward to next Sunday to see who all my new ward members are. New friends! I can't wait and old ones too. I'm begining to learn to embrace some change. The only think that is kind of yuck is we now have 9 am church but, that should be til January right.

Another fun, exciting and productive weekend.

October 15, 2008

up date on the trophies

Here I am dreaming of fame and spotlights, thinking I have a future olympian, padgent queen or actress on my hands. Nope, The prized trophies are none other than Piston Cups.
Yes, Piston cups. I guess I have a future NASCAR driver on my hands. Oh well atleast she was going for the gold. So if any of you outgoing mom's out there have Cars fans. Go to Target and buy the Halloween trophies for $2.oo and call them Piston Cups. You'll be loved forever!

Happy Birthday to me!

I've thought a lot about this post. I've recently thought a lot about how I got where I am today. Not that I'm famous to anyone(maybe a child or two, maybe not). As I've strived to make a difference in the lives of the students I teach. I know many of them have changed my life forever.
Who has influenced me to be the woman I am today?

I would obviously not be the woman I am today with out my parents.

Thank you mom for all your love and support.

Life was not always a bowl of lemons but, we learned to make lemonade and make the best out of what we had. I learned lessons in my youth that I could not and will not have learned any other way. I'm thankful for those lessons, in these harder economic times, life does not scare me. I know how to work, I know how to be frugal and I know I can do what ever my Heavenly Father requires of me. I know my youth made me a strong, independent woman, the only time I ever regretted that was in those days I was seeking an eternal companion and many men are not looking for strong women. I just reminded Heavenly Father he created me and he had to find me someone who could love me. My mom and I have had many adventures together. Camping out for NKOTB tickets (Front row), delivering newspapers, essay contests, sending me off to college, midnight phone calls with a broken heart, life lesson's learned, Hawaii, surgeries, Vegas and a premature babies.

Thank you dad for teaching me how to figure it out.

We have not always been the best of friends and I have not always been Daddy's little girl but, you've taught me to figure the trials in life out. You've taught me to depend on myself and that I can do what ever I plan to do. Many things I've learned from your examples. I'm so thankful for the happy memories we've made these past few years. I'm thankful for a daughter that is closer to my dad than I was. I only dream she can be the Daddy's girl I dreamed of being.

I'm thankful for my step-mom,Elise and her family.

She has always been there to listen to me and to support me. When I could figure out no other way in life she was there. Many times in adolescents it meant so much to me that she choose to love me so unconditionally. I'm so thankful for the example she and her family have been to me of loving me, I was never a step child or step grandchild. I've always just been theirs. I could never have had a better step family.

I'm thankful for Judy.

She has helped me to see life in new ways and to be an example of being a SIW. For encouraging me to not give up and to seek what I want from my life. She is a great Nana to my kids. She loves unconditional and has my best interest at heart. She is a great cheerleader and understands things that others can't.

I have to say one of the most influential people in my life has been Elizabeth Brumfield.

She was my 5th grade teacher and she changed my world. She believed in my and gave me a chance to be at the top of my class. I didn't let her down then and haven't since. I teach today because of her. I hope I am some child's Miss. Brumfield. I hope I can believe in them the way she believed in me. I know I expect from my students great things because she expected great things from me. I performed what was expected of me. I am the educated woman I am today because she believed in me.

There have been many key leaders in my life who have aided me in being to woman I am today.

I'm thankful for the great priesthood example I had Pres. Krebs, Bishop Abbott,- For the youth/ young adult leaders Sis. Allred, Patrice, Mom Durrant, and those who just took the time to love and guide me- Aleta, Nancy, Bert and Linda . They have all been great examples and leaders in my life people who have been in my cheering section and lifted me up. Have encouraged me to go beyond myself and to be the woman I am today.

I know for every season in my life I have been blessed with great friends who've support me.

To Twanna and Aaron my friends since 5th grade you're awesome esp. you Aaron, You've been my rock during hard times, Thanks. It's hard to believe how old we are now.

Marsha- Your growth in the gospel is astounding, You're such an example to me! It amazes me to think what 15 years has done to our lives.

Beth- We've lost touch throught the years but, I miss you, you've been on my mind a lot lately. NKOTB still rulz. I miss our adventures. I think you are the only one as crazy as I am to do the silly things we've done but, we've had fun!

To my Roommates from my first year at Ricks- I could never survive life without you guys. You're my backbone. My support even though we are so far away. I miss you guys and love you guys. We had such great times and have more to come.

To the foothills girls- life was trying and fun. Aimee you still amaze me. I still laugh about freezing ourselves on the way to IF or the silly boys that woulds stalk our house.

Kristianna- You made BYU- Hawaii a place to be for me. I treasure our friendship always. Who else can give a girl money so she can get $20.oo out of the ATM as she only really has $5. College life it was Grand.

Getta/ Ginny- Memories, Maui and the end of the poor times, The last year of college was truly the best because of our friendship and adventures. Yes, I can still go on a hike and fall on my way to the car.

Greg/ Scott/ Jeff- where ever you are let's just say the times spent with all of you boys was great (It was fun to watch you all like, the same girl do any of you know where she is? ). Each of you blessed my life in different ways. I'm thankful for our friendships. Thanks for your priesthood examples as well. It was neat how each of you came from a different season in my life and we all ended up here in Vegas. Have you seen any blimps lately? and Can see the Grand Canyon. Good times, Good memories. Thanks

Christy- You are my support, my wind, my stability. The older sister I never had. I can't say enough about the lesson's you've taught and continue to teach me. Thank you for listening to this broken KY girl and making her the woman she is today. I miss you more than you could ever know. 2 hours is a long time when it's your BFF. I know that I can survive anything in life if you're on my side.

To my new friend Rochelle- I wasn't sure I could make friends especially one so like me. You're awesome. Who else would drive to LA to go shop for the day and tour the bathrooms with me. You rock. I love crafting with you. Thank you for helping me make my business dreams come true.

To my husband- All I asked HF for was a positive dating experience. I had a rationale that it wouldn't end. Thank you for that. For loving me and supporting me. For encouraging me. For understanding my desires to be educated. My need to be independent and allowing me to be me. For broadening my horizons. I can't believe I have dead animals hanging in my house and that I kill them. Love makes you do strange things. But, I also can't believe I have 2 beautiful children too. I am living my dreams. I have a career, which I love and a family, I can craft and serve the Lord. I know I am not always the most patient person ( I don't have a PHD yet) I know I have high goals and expectations from my life, Thank you for listening to them and helping me make them come true. My life is truly blessed. Thank your for holding the priesthood and using it.

I know there are many more of you out there who have blessed my life in many ways thank you. I know I could not be who I am today with out the sum of my life experiences. I'm thankful for all of them the good the bad and the ugly. For the late nights and the early mornings. I am who I am because of them. I'm thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the direction it has given my life, for courage it gave an 18 year old girl to leave home and go 2,000 miles away to college and make a new life.
I have to say there were a few old boyfriends who made me who I am as well. Learning to live though broken hearts was tough. I'm not looking forward to Clarissa having those experiences but, they made me stronger. I'll let them remain nameless but, I learned a lot about what I did and didn't want in life and for my life.

October 14, 2008

Happy Halloween

I did it I changed the skin and didn't lose anything. I was worried but, it worked. I just couldn't be unholidayish. Hope you enjoy.

We got a leter in the mail today our ward boundries are changing. I can't wait til Sunday somebody just spill the beans or the lines. We have known for weeks it was going to happen. Our Bishop said in testimony meeting as much a few Sundays ago. Our boundries changed 2 1/2 years ago just after Kent's BFF family bought a house to be in the same ward as us. That made us sad. I have to admit we bought this house to be in that ward. I was in that ward before I got married and loved it. I didn't want to gamble on wards as my first married ward was not fun. All I heard was how young I was and alot of assumptions were made because I was just married. For those of you who don't know me I was married at the age of 28. So while I was young I was not a spring chicken. I had been on my own for 9 years and had almost finished a Master's degree. Being treated like I was 18 was not my idea of fun.

Anywho. I like my ward when I moved and I like my ward now. I don't realy care. I think either way I'll know people. Atleast some of my closest ward friends live in the same neighborhood so I think we'll stay together. I hope. The anticipation is just killing me. I'm wondering will I still teach enrichment. Do I still have a RS Christmas party to plan. Funny thing is I just got inspired about it this weekend after Super saturday was over. I was on the the next event. Oh well. We'll see what comes. New friends, new faces. I'm hoping for friends for my kids. Especially a boy for Hunter to play with. I know HF knows best. I just have no patience. I want to know. I'm excited. Can't wait til Sunday at 11 am. Guess I'll have to be on time!

October 13, 2008

15 years ago

Pink Cookies and a refill

I've been feeling nostalgic lately. It was 15 years ago that I was at Ricks college living some of the best years of my life, making life long friends.

Maybe it's because I just helped a dear friend send her daughter off to college and I was telling Missy of all my great times. Or maybe it's thinking less than 15 years from now I will be sending my daughter off to college but, none the less I've thought a lot about those great days. It was a rough start and some rough times as I learned the lesson of LOVE. But, I'd do it all again!

I saw an orange pink cookie in St. George this weekend and it borough back memories of being poor and walking to Maverick and getting a pink cookie and a refill for my dollar and getting change. We use to go about once a week as a treat. Once I had a roommate who dated the Maverick guy so we got to more often and get FREE refills. Or I'd go home with Wendy my 2nd year and we'd stop for treats to sooth the pain of a lost love (boys the make you eat) (What was I thinking all broken hearted).

I love Granny B's cookies after I moved to Hawaii and Ky for a year I missed them. (now they have a cookie club, WOW)

Watching conference brought back memories as 15 years ago I sat on the lawn at temple square for the first time listening to conference and we stayed at Cindy's boyfriend parent's (now husband) cabin. Another great weekend I'd love to redo.

I spent my first birthday away from home and went to Jackson Hole, WY and it was snowing.

I think best of all 15 years ago I made friends I still talk to and see, friends who have seen me through my happy time and my hard times. Friends I could not live with out. Friends who we've cried together and laughed together. I had never belonged to a group of friends like them nor have I since. We had trials and together we grew stronger. I'm so thankful for them, for the blessings they have been in my life. I'm thankful they were all there when I got married. Girls when you read this we need a reunion. I have seen each of you in the past 6 years but, not all together in years. Thank you for your support and love the past 15 years. You've made my life worth living you've been great examples as you've shown me your faith in hard times, you've prayed with me and for me in all times. I love you Wendy, Katie, Corey and Cindy. May our friendship survive another 15 years. Here's a virtual happy sucker for ya ! Who can't be happy when your mouth is blue!

I know there are many more of you out there that I could not live with out either.


I"m not sure why but, these trophies were a necessity tonight. Clarissa found a dollar and needed to spend it. I also had to get some things for class at Target so agreeed to a trip. I warned her that a dollar would not get her much. except for the dollar spot. There was nothing in the dollar spot she wanted. Just some princess stickers that were not a dollar. (they were 5). We continued to look and she found quite a few toys to add to her Christmas list for santa, poppy, nana and yaya. She then discovered these trophies. They were $2.00 She asked if she had enough money and the mean mom said "No' but, the nice dad said she could do work tomorrow". So we agreed she could buy them. We continued looking at Halloween stuff and I treid to pursuade her she needed something else. It didn't work. Not a Halloween pez, not a cute bear for her mom's birthday, not candy, not chocolate, not a Hanana Montana book that was on sale for .64 or princess books that were on sale for $1.25. As her determination grew I found even better items like princess sidewalk chalk $4.50 nope- that could go on her list. As we approached the cahier there were Jonas Brother Pj's which she has been wanting. (She has one pair she got from Poppy and Nana for her bday). Nope not even $15.00 Jonas Brother PJ's could persuade her. She wanted the trophies. So we got them. she came hope opned them and then gave me one- How special but, came back a few minutes later to take it back as "they are all hers and they are special trophies" Maybe I have a future Olympian on my had if she'll give up all that for a trophy or maybe it's a padgent queen. I keep getting calls from a few talent agents in town. (it's just the red hair).

The end of a great weekend

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October 11, 2008

Great weekend and still one day left

I had a great weekend and it's only Saturday night.

It started with packing my DH and kids up to go to St. George to see Grandparents and cousins down from SLC. No that's not what made it great. My BFF who deserted me and moved 1 1/2 noth to AZ came with out her kids to visit. We were back to our single days again. Now that sounds like trouble but, we had planned a Pampered Chef party to entise old friends over to catch up and craft. A lot of crafting didn't get done but a lot of laughing did. I was getting scrapbook kits ready for Super saturday that I had roped by BFF into teaching a scrapbooking class. I did the designs and kits. I just couldn't teach 2 classes at once. I'm not that talented YET. I was told today I do have a Super woman cape. (Here I thought I had it hid). She just hasn't seen the finger prints all over my house. So we stayed up til 2:30 talking and laughing and just being friends. Then got up to load the car for super saturday. Where I taught vinyl classes all day and made more great friends. It was amazing to meet people I have shared a building with for years yet, still did not know. We (I was on the committee) planned a super saturday and invited all the wards in our building. It was wonderful. Sis Sullivan our chair is full of inovative ideas (she's a retired home ec teacher). I can't wait to use her garbage bag trick at the next event I have to plan. I learned of many talented ladies I go to church with and have a new list of goals to aspire to. But, honestly ladies I already don't go to bed til 2 am trying to be me now. I'm not sure how it's going to work. Yes, that is the key to being me. NO SLEEP.

I then went home- packed my things and headed to St. George to be with my family. No I do not stop I don't know how. I'm auto pilot. That's my goal for next year.

A report on my laundry and thanks for the great tips.(since I'm not home it's still waiting for me, Funny thing it never moves.)I think the only hope is disposable clothes. anyway. My Heavenly Father loves me as it went from 100 to cold so we are now in pants and long sleeves so the lack of clean laundry was not bad we couldn't wear those dirty clothes anyway. We just had to get out NEW clothes. I love this time of year when all my kids clothes are new. (I know I'm crazy) I have pictures to upload of Rissa's and my trip to her favvvoriteeee shoping store (Gymboree). For her favoirite things to wear dreses (her mothers daughter) and velour sweat suits (not her mothers daughter). Anyway I think this week will be a little less hectic.I only have a scrapbook class to teach. I'm not complaining I love my life. I even love the chaos most days. It's what makes me me.

Oh one last thing. I have recently been on face book and found a lot of my old friend and people I grew up with I'm so excited. I found my old bishop from 15 years ago. He was my bishop when I left for college. I'm so thankful for him and his support as that was a difficult transition for me and with out his help and support I know I would not be where I am today. He has the most amazing family. I look forward to keeping in touch with them again.

And lastly Thanks to all my friends for such a great weekend. Since my Bday is this week it was the best Bday weekend a few days with friend and then tomorrow with my family! The only thing that could make it better is some fall leaves. The desert isn't that pretty in the fall.

October 6, 2008

I did it!

Well there is lots that I have done since my last post only 4 days ago. I'm hoping to get pictures up soon but, here is what I did that I've wanted to do for months
yes, I finally listed something on etsy.

Other things I've done.
- No laundry- yes, the piles are getting higher
- spend 2 days with myDH hunting a cow elk and thanks to his great guiding I was able to kill one so I'll have a full freezer (this elivates some stress I was having). Pic to come.
-I was lucky enought to get home early and spend some time w/ my friend rochelle in her booth at art in the park and sell hairbows (hard to belive I can make hundreds on those little things) so I now have money for more crafting supplies.
-Rissa and I made a halloween house out of foam
- Hunter and I snuggled. My good bed boy missed his mommy. He didn't go to bed til 11:30 tonight. I think he thought I'd let him sleep with me (not so lucky, I'm a mean mom in that catagory, I don't let kids sleep in my bed (long story), it's for their own good).
- Oh I made lots of bows that need clips while we were hunting
- read 75 pages in a book for pleasure (wow)
- got one of my 7 super saturday projects cut and peeled- I'm proud to say the hardest one. My wood is almost ready.
- counted souper sat registrations.
- wrote on my blog

On the most it important thing I did this week end is realized how blessed I am. I'm sorry to say I've spent the last 2 weeks feeling sorry for myself and the fact that I don't have all that I want when I want it. (ok there is more to it but, that's all I'm willing to devulge here) A dear friend of mine got some bad news and I learned a great lesson. I have a good job, my family is health and I can pay my bills, it's ok that I can't buy cricut cartidges when they are on sale or go where I want when I want to. It's part of life. I just need to work harder! I do however have lots to be thankful for. I have 2 beautiful children and a husband who loves and supports me in my crazy craftiness. I have more than 2 parents and sisters who love me, and some realy great friends to listen to me, craft with me and cry with me. I have a house big enough and warm/cold enough to meet my needs and food on my table and in my frig and freezer now. What else could I ask for. Oh birthday presents oh I'm sorry Nothing else.

I'm so glad for the wake up call I just wish it wasn't at my friends bad news. But, I'm happy to be out of my funk. I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who gave me a gentle reminder of my blessings and not a huge ton of bricks like I've needed in the past.

October 2, 2008

Stretched to thin!

This is for you Rochelle. I've posted.
I was up cutting and sealing ribbon last night so I could take it with me this weekend and was watching the Oprah show I had DVR'd. (is that a word). Any who.

It was about being overwhelmed with life. It's not that life is overwhelming it's that some of us try to do to much. I have not mastered the art of saying No. I am guilt driven and think I can do more than I can.

I have not written as I've been stressed to say it mildly. Life is attacking me and I'm not sure I have the energy to fight back. I feel like for every step I try to take forward I'm taking 3 back.
But, that is life and this to shall pass. I know I have so many blessings I think I just need to sit down and count them. I've been a little to wrapped up in financial issues to see beyond them. I realy have nothing to moan about all my bills are paid and current and I have food and a secure job, many people are losing homes and that is not a worry. But, I want more. Yes, don't we all. I feel like I work for more and want more. Anyway I'll post some pictures when I return from my trip this weekend.

What have we been up to?

Well cleaning my house- somehow I never learned to keep a clean house I have to master this as I don't want my children to have this deficiency as well.

Rissa's 4th birthday party- Princess theme

My Dad and Nana came to town for 5 days- we got to visit with them and that was fun.

Getting ready for souper saturday- see www.soupersaturday.blogspot.com for more info.

Cleaning and staying behind in laundry- Just once I'd love to have all the laundry done. Any suggestions for this?

Planning future craft shows! Yes, the crazyness continues!

trying to make $$ so I can get a head of life if at all possible!

keeping up with 2 adorable kids- trying to remember to take time to play with them. Rissa told me today after we played how happy that made her. I need to learn to take the time to do this.

Working on my to do list.

I hope that is enough for now.

I promise pictures by monday!