August 30, 2008

I'm old


If you know what that means than you were one of us! Yes, New Kids On The Block fans!

Yes, Rochelle I'm coping you! But, you know. I can't let my Donnie down! Yes, I liked the bad guy!

Let's say some of my fondest youth memories involve NKOTB!

First my amazing mom let me and her stay out all night to get front row seats! Yes, I did I had FONT ROW SEATS! I touched all of them but, Jon and yes, I did feel special that night. I also made my claim to fame in the Lexington, KY area as the crazy girl in the blue dress who hung from the skywalk that DONNIE walked out on. Okay I wanted to meet him all I realy got was a crazy look but, I bet that is more than most of you got from him. I think it was a look of love It had to be.

I even got a seat towel that had 4 dots on it. Aren't I special!

I had all the dolls and was so lucky my friend Beth won tickets to the concert in Cincy! I almost got left there trying to see my one true love Donnie!

My mom even said I could get my nose pierced like him. ( Yes, she admitted later she knew I was to conservative for that). Just once I'd like to do the unpredictable. I think the only unpredictable thing I did was act crazy hoping to see NKOTB!

Alright memory lane needs to end for tonight! I may add more later!

Yes, those songs are going through my head- Mrs. No Music!

Cause I got the RIGHT STUFF!

Hunting = Chocolate donuts

OK I plan to stage a picture or two but, wanted to get this jotted down.

Last Sunday I went to a friends house w/ Clarissa.
She asked Rissa did your dad get any thing hunting?
C: Pause, Yes, DONUTS
Friend: Donuts? anything else?
Friend: chuckling. Oh, my that must have been quite a find.

Okay it was just so cute. Rissa was like hello what else would he get when he goes hunting but, chocolate donuts.

Silly Girl! I hope her husband remembers the chocolate donuts when he comes home from Hunting trips. (Wait a minute maybe I should train her to marry a non hunter. She may see more of her husband. Or at least not marry a luck one like I did!)

August 28, 2008

True Confessions

OK This is a true confession. I'm not sure I've ever really tried to hold Family Home Evening (FHE). Yes, I've pretended as we ran errands or did fun things but, actually have a lesson. I sucked well until now!

I know Mollie went bad.
Well Monday we got the new friend in the mail and yeah it was Monday so I decided we should have FHE! Mind you I have a 2 and 3 year old. I was also slightly scared that I'd soon be ratted out by Clarissa in primary soon! After all last week she told them that when she hits her brother I hit her and send her to her room. Usually it's the corner and she isn't usually hit for hitting. But, we do bit for bitting around here. Or put soap in your mouth for the word HATE esp when it's used 4x about your family (yes, this was Clarissa's experience yesterday.). Apparently Hunter said the word HATE today- Rissa reported him to me and offered to hold him down while he got soap. I only put one squirt on her tongue I didn't ever rub it in. But, it worked. She will probably hate peach soap the way I HATE Ivory soap.

Any how back to my FHE lesson. So I was guilted in to doing what I knew I needed to do hold FHE. We all meet in the kitchen and look through the Friend. Rissa picks a story and I read it or attempt to about prayer and what we are thankful for. It was only 2 pages but, it was agony for a middle school teacher! We got through it. I think Rissa ended up in the corner but, I taught a lesson or tried. Then we copied the pages and listed what we were thankful for! - which caused a fit from the red head. That sent her to her room by choice. Like I care she goes and screams in her room vs. in the Kitchen for all to hear. Hunter had a treat and then she decieded to come and join us.

I have to report it was a somewhat pleasant experience. It did remind me why I teach Middle school.

Ok what sparked the confession?

this I was hoping it may help some of you. Don't worry you don't have to come out of the FHE closet.

Well it's my bed time so I'm off to bed. Let's hope for 2 weeks of FHE for us!

August 23, 2008

Farewell Summer

For some reason I'm sad summer is over. We accomplished a lot this summer. I almost got everything on my to do list done. I at least started it. I must say I do feel cheated this summer and maybe that's why I feel sad summer is over. We sent 2 1/2 weeks in MI but, my dad spent most of that time in the hospital. I feel like I didn't really see him. For years I have gone to my dad's for the summer some years were rocky but, it's a pilgrimage my children love and look forward to. I feel like we missed it. I guess their are lessons to be learned for all of this. How much we need to spend time with our family and love them, make memories, I know I have next summer but,I know some time there won't be a next summer. I have tired to live my life as a parent doing and letting my kids do. I know others think we do to much but, I also think if tomorrow one of my children weren't hear I don't want to have regrets.

I'm so thankful for a husband that supports me in the doing and does with us. I'm a doer I live to do things, go on adventures and live life. I can't wait to see the world with my children. I can't wait to pack up in the car and travel with out fighting or schedules. OK back to summer.

Just for a recap things we did this summer:
Baby Expo craft show, Dinosaur park, Un Birthday Party, Movies, Bus ride to the strip, M&M world, Flew to Poppy's (MI) , Toledo Zoo, Kirtland, Ohio, played at the lake, Jet Ski rides, went fishing in NV and MI (at both of Poppy's lakes(one is really a pond)), Played with Jacob, Went to the park with Granny Z and Kevin, Saw fireworks twice, went to 3 baseball games (Tigers and 2 51'S, we may hit a third on Friday), Saw our family, Oh pet a black bunny (at my aunt and Uncles), I did another craft show, Cleaned our house, organized our house, painted a wall in our kitchen and put vinyl up, went to the library, Clarissa was in a play, Played with Danna and Anya, Stayed in Mesquite for 3 days, Mom went to LA shopping in the garment district,

WOW quite a summer, We had much fun took lots of pictures and made memories to last a life time.

Thank you to all who played with us and hosted us! We had a blast and can't wait til next summer!

We miss many of you. As in the summer we get to spend time with those who are so far away!

Daddy's Girl, Flat tire

Rissa riding w/ her dad on the 4 wheeler before he put it away today! Notice she lost her bow on the ride. We were sad it was a way cute one w/ lots of colors.
I'm so glad my Dad is home! Hunter was sleeping. He's sad he missed out. He wants to go with his dad in a bad way. He's been crying every weekend to go. When it cools off we'll all go up. But, I'm not going camping until it's under 85! outside!
We are all gald Dad got home safe he had not one but, two bad tires on the way home. This was the first. That he took off. But then

This happened about 10 miles from home so he put the other bad tire back on and limped home.
Yikes. Guess we need new trailer tires! How fun for us!

Helping a friend

I'm all about dreams and goals. I know they get us where we want to be if we work for them. That said I'm trying to help a great friend of mine Kristianna, some of you may know her she was in my wedding. Her sister is trying to get on the radio and needs people to listen to her song. Please clink on the link below and have a listen.

I think it sounds good, stop laughing all of you who know I'm not much on music as I'm challanged in that area. I like the words and hope you enjoy too.

Please help her goals and dreams come true!

In sanity

Well, school starts on Monday. I still have things to go do in my room in the am. I have bribed my kids with watching a movie on Mom's board at school so I can get finished. Let's just hope it works.

This school year has started off interesting. My classes have changed. and well I am suppose to have a teacher who teaches with me as I teach a CC class Special Education students in with my reg. kids. The young girl I had for the past two days resigned at the end of the day today. Let's just say she was intriguing (yes,I used my favorite word to describe those who are unique). I won't say much more. I tried very hard to be open and workable but, some things are not negotable. Like using the program we are to teach or what room to teach in. I know Insane teacher that I am wanting student achievement.

On to the school finances. I think we'll be lucky to have enough TP for the whole year. So if you all could start saving up rolls for me that would be great. Not to mention copy paper. Yeah, times are hard for public education. That 4% raise the gave us was just so we could buy our own supplies! :)

Off to a great year!

August 18, 2008

Still on my way to insanity

OK so today I find out our reading scores are so low that we are now going to be reading for 10 minutes in every class. Great! But, shouldn't this be done at home? Aren't parents responsible for some of this? Honestly I wonder how many parents read their child's test scores and were upset? Just wondering?

Still on my way to insanity

a few more picturs from summer 08

Baby Louie at the Toledo zoo Petting a guine pig

Baby Kalie- we say her last year she kissed the glass and became Rissa's friend. We hear about her all the time! It was great to see her again. We look forward to seeing her again next year!
Our Anual Family Zoo photo! I think this may be the only photo of most of us. May be because Poppy spent most of our trip on vacation at St. Joe's Hospital in Saline!
I'm leaving on a jet plane! Rissa can't wait to get to MI for YAYA to pick her up!
Going thru the airport
Where is our plane!
Sleeping on Poppy's bus on the way to the zoo!
Looking for the Zebra's (rissa's favorite animal) with YAYA on the train!

NO Teacher left sane

OK. I think this is the addendum to No Child left behind. No teacher in Nevada left sane. I swear it is. Is it not bad enough that that I go into work 2 days before I'm assigned to and work for free. Or that I spent $75.00 today alone on my classroom. NO We in Nevada are under severe budget cuts. So I may get my self in trouble by this post but, I'm upset. My students are going to be left behind. Why you ask her are my reasons: 1- We are not getting new appropriate textbooks. 2-I teach a program called Read 180 it should be taught in a 2 period block- no money means only one period. It's my choice to teach it and make it work or not. I will choose to teach the program I may change the name to Read 90! 07-08 I taught it in a 2 hour block and was able to greatly improve many of my students reading levels from 1/2- 6/7 one even 9th! This is their last chance before High school folks come on. I'm willing to work with them give me the support. 3- I don't understand how we can afford a publications (yearbook) class and other electives but, we can't afford a class that improves reading skills. 4- We are suppose to implement a new program called Thinking Maps (It's great the kids love it and they will succeed with it), now the problem NO MONEY to buy the program for all the students.

I feel frustrated as we are suppose to increase student achievement but, how if we don't have the tools we need!

Today I cried and really wanted to quit, and then I thought of my poor students who need some life skills.

It's no wonder the High School we feed into only gave diplomas to less than 100 of it's 400 graduates and should have had lots more. We send them over 300 Freshman every year and they get students from other schools too.

We so need to do something about education! It scares me! I feel for my students. I feel that they get to my 8th grade English class and can't read beyond a 2nd grade level.


I can't wait til June when the tell me my students did not make adequate progress- DUH when you don't give them the right supplies. I feel like we are in a race with out tires on our cars!

OK I'll stop my rant now and try to find the sunny side of all of this.

August 16, 2008

a few pictures from summer

Clarissa's First play! Her stage debut!

Ok I keep trying to make a smile box and it's not working for me.

So here are a few pictures. I have them all on one disk. I had forgotten some of the fun things we'd done!

How to post pictures

Yes, I do know how I just don't because I have trouble getting them from the camera to the computer! I have 2 disc and atried a smile box but, it went to cyber space 2x.

This is for 2 of my friends so their blogs can look cuter than mine.

look above where you type to make and entry. Look to the right of the abc and checkmark. It looks like a pictuer w/ mountains. Click on it.

another screen will pop up. click on the browse and find where on your computer the picture is located. Which drive or a disk in my case. It will show you the pictures. Look below for where you want it placed and the size.

Click upload image and your done. YOu can drag the photos around your post. It's not fun. But I have done it. Check out summer fun group and souper saturday!

Have fun ladies and I hope to see your pictures soon. If you need more help call me.

Other blogs I am working on

ok so other blogs I am working on. A craft day at church I am on the committee for. Yes, I did the vinyl and am teaching the class. I can do your craft day as well. Vinyl ships easy! yes, it's a little different someone has lollipopsandbows. I'm trying to get a blog for my crafts so I can get on a few sites. I'm going to get it done. I am. So visit and see! let me know what you'd change!

OK so I put it on here wrong last night! Not only that but Ihad spelled it wrong so I have to start over! Yeah not fun!

I fear summer is over :(

First I want to thank my 2 wonderful friends for playing with me this week.

I started the week off by going to ASD which is a trade show to find things to embellish (put vinyl on) or to craft with. I went to find metal easels and did! YAHOO! I walked for 2 days one w/ my DH and the 2nd with Christy and Rochelle! Well you know what happens when you get 3 girls together. We bought a whole booth! Okay don't get excited it was fixtures and tables for craft shows but, it was fun to think we bought a booth! I used my great negotioation skills and well we actually stole it. I was able to amaze my new craft friend Rochelle and well Christy knows me well enough to know I like to wheel and deel! I'm excited for our next show! Harvest fest in 3 weeks come see me and Rochelle!

Tuesday we got up and the kids and I went to Mesquite to play with CHristy and her kids for 3 days. I had to speak about goals to her youth at church- (yes, I still want to be a professional speaker some day too). We went to thepool I even took pictures coming soon I hope!

Thursday we came home and picked up Tutu she returned from her month long trip back east.

Friday Rochelle and I got up and left at 6 am for a buying trip to LA! It sounds impressive and it was a lot of fun. We are planning trips in the future if you care to join us. (We have room for 2 others in my mini van. Next time we are staying the night and going to IKEA! Rochelle has never been. I feel like a loser friend for not taking her! But, that takes a good 4 hours itself!) I found some great ribbon, crystals and hair flowers, chains for my new jewelery business. If you are in the market for costume fabric, home decor or clothes it is the place to go. We had fun. We sweated and look forward to my entry on my weak bladder ( I only went pea 2 x but, it was adventurous) when Rochelle sends me pictures!

Then that brings us to today- Yeah I had great plans but, all I've done is play with my kids and that has been fun! So tomorrow will be finish up the cleaning or late tonight!

I have to be back at school on Wed but, need to go back Monday to get things done!

My summer is over! It's been fun and productive and now it's back to earning and learning. The good news is I don't have to take ANY classes this year, I've not sold my prep (sad for th money but, great for time) and My house is starting to be organized.

It was another great summer- I do want to say I survived without a sunburn! (I think this is due to the fact my dad was in the hospital so I didn't play in the sun much).

On to craft season! I'll be up to my ears in paint, paper, vinyl and ribbon oh yeah metal too now! Can't wait to get my website up and running!

Thanks for reading!

August 11, 2008

Preppy swap

Okay I was blog stalking- Yes, me! and I found this:

Preppy Girls Who Loves all things preppy. Headbands, Seersucker, Madras and Preppy Ribbon Belts!

Okay I love all of the above. The only one I don't currently use is the ribbon belts for 2 reasons. 1- I'm sorry ladies but, fat girls don't look good in ribbon belts and I love ribbon! 2- My dear old roomies from college tied me up with all mine. Ok they didn't but, those Idaho girls had a good laugh at this GRIT when I came to college with ribbon belts. You all are free to comment now.

I didn't realize the rest made me preppy but, as I read on I saw myself. All the monogram stuff. names on stuff, the colors and yes, the seersucker and Madras- Just look at my kids Easter clothes, I guess I have officialy achieve the preppy title so I joined this - no it's not a self help group. A group so I can play with more preppy people. I can't wait it's a swap and it sounds like way to much fun! Come join us even if you don't lov madras and seersucker. Just wanted to check to hairbows count as headbands? I think I've turned my DD into a preppy too. Oh well! Life goes on!

August 9, 2008

I need a kiss Daddy!

Well we are officially Hunting widowed. But, Kent came back early this weekend, so Rissa decided we needed to go to the princess store (Disney store at the outdoor outlet mall). Much to her dismay she did not get anything there. We had been down to the outlet mall about 2 weeks ago when our friends Christy, Dana and Anya were here. Rissa had found an outfit she liked then and tried it on.

She wanted to go try it on for her dad. Yes, she loves to try on clothes. She's grown lately and right at that hard to fit stage between toddler and XS. They are cut so different.

Anyway so she tried this on for her dad.

She tried it on and thought it was just me! YEs, remember the other day she had nothing in her closet that was her. She asked if she could get it. I said ask your dad. So she went out of the dressing room and told her dad she needed to give him a kiss. She gives him a big kiss tells him she loves him and says I'll take it home with me!
I went out with him and told him I had remembered my 15% off coupon and if we got 2 skirts it was cheaper. She does need clothes for fall and She loves jackets so it will get worn. (The girl is always cold and would live in a jacket. )
So we took the new outfit home with a pink skirt to match. I then had to convince her she didn't need a shirt for the pink skirt as she has some at home. I think she learned to shop from her Poppy! It's okay she has good taste. She'll just have to learn to work as well as she shops!
So we have a cute new jacket and it's still 100+ degrees outside.

August 7, 2008

Do you remember when

Do You Remember When. . .Here is a fun little game I saw on a friends blog. Here are the directions:1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

I have been having a lot of fond memories lately. It was 15 years ago this month I went to Ricks college and made some of my best friends. I guess it was when My life started you know when you move out and it's all yours sink or swim. I think I swam and am so greatful for so many of you becuase I know at times you threw me life preservers to help me float. Thanks for making me the woman I am today! It's all of those life experiences that make me, me.

August 6, 2008

taking a break from Cinderella

okay so I'm cleaning. I mean take the bed apart and rearrange cleaning, You know where you have a bigger mess than when you started at one point.- The point I'm at!

Anyway, I want to go shopping (avoid the mess I've created) but, decieded to look online instead. Better idea! - The reason is All of Clarissa's close seem to short lately. especially her dresses. I think she's grown over the summer and I can't stand to small clothes. We still have a good 2 months of warm weather. SO

I checked Gymboree my favorite store and filled my basket. I love that they will save it for me so I can ponder for a few days.

Then I checked Childrens Place- no luck to grungy and as Clarissa would say "Those clothes don't look like me".

She has been dying to shop at Limited Too and another store like it that the name escapes me. So I thought okay I'll check. No such luck they start at 6 but, I was so excited as they have great sales just liky gymbucks check it out

get 80 when you spend 50. See I've created a clothing monster and it's all my fault. I don't mind it most days. She likes to look cute (who doesn't). I was so excited to see leggins are still in. Okay I had many pair in many colors. I loved them. I like the idea esp. when it cools off it may just extend the life of a few of her favorite gymboree dresses. She has about 4 that we hide at some times as soon as they are clean she puts them on.

Well I need to get back to cleaning my amoire is getting moved into my scrap room tonight and I'm rearranging my bed room. I have boxes for a yard sale that I'm seriously thinking of calling a place to come and get some of them. I may put some things on Craigs list. Like the highchair, kids clothes, name brand ones and toys. The baby ones. You know that popper thing that annoys everyone that my dad had to buy! alright off to work. I'm in a mad dash 2 weeks from today I'm back in the class room!

August 4, 2008

someone stop me!

My sister bought me a necklace like the one above with my kids names on it for my birthday- Stop stressing you didn't miss it, You still have 2 1/2 months. It was an early present.

I have gotten lots of comments on it. And you know me I'm always thinking of my next business venture. So tonight I looked it up. I figured out how to make them and the cost. I want to make them BAD! I could even afford to do it.

So I'm asking either talk me out of it or promise to buy one so I can get started. Mine is rounded and has a crown in the middle on C's and a star on Hunter's. I found all kinds of cool symbols.

I think Kent might kill me if I get into another project. But, adding one more thing to my booth would not be that bad. I mean it won't take up that much room and it can't have it's own booth. How many of them do you need unless you are me. You can also make them to look like this.

I live the ones with live, laugh, love!

this one is cool too! Okay so let the comments come.
Pricing you ask. Well Mine was $32.oo for the first disk one name and $8.00 for the second- That included a chain. I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm having a hard time finding the chains. I believe $8.00 for small and $10.00 for large charms is doable maybe less. I'm still trying to play with numbers.
Am I the only crazy person who thinks these are way to cute. I wish I could post a picture of mine.
Oh I don't need a new toy but, I do. I need something different in my booth.
Advise needed please

August 3, 2008

My kids are to funny

Someday I'll get pictures but, I always kill the computer when I try to upload them. Maybe someday I'll get a new computer or get mine hooked up to the net. anyhow my kids are to funny!

Clarissa split something the other day and I made her clean it up. We have been cleaning fools around here anyway. As she was cleaning the floor she says" Do I look like Cinderella?" I about busted a gut as I had read a friends blog that DD had said the around the same thing. Her dad didn't get it. My reply was when you spill things on the floor you get to be Cinderella! A few days later she spilled again and asked "Do I have to play Cinderella again?" I replied, "Yes, as long as you spill you get to be cinderella." C: I want to be the mean step mom!" Mom: " No that's my job!, Get cleaning!".

Yes, to funny!

Hunter is starting to get opinions to his sisters dismay, and his mom's. He's starting to not want to wear the clothes we pick out for him- imagine that. He still wants to hold you so that's good. But, is starting to learn his sisters bed time tricks, which don't work for mom. One time out of you room and I shut doors! He hates that!

Rissa has decided she needs to go to school. She starts Kindergarden next year but, wants to got his year. I'm going to check about her starting early but, it makes me very sad! I suspect it's not school she wants but, all the new stuff. She has a list a mile long of things she needs for school. Including multiple back packs. And the coolest school supplies, You know Hannah Montana and Princess pencils, erasers and markers.

If that is not bad enough she has decided her whole family needs to take her school shopping. By this I mean. Mom, Dad, Tutu, Poppy, Yaya, Nana and Keith. I think she has assigned each person things to buy her. I told her that may not be possible. But, she has a plan. Next summer when she goes to Poppy's he can taker her to the store and get her a box to put her school stuff in and some shoes. Yaya you are assigned the back pack and princess stuff and Nana- You have the Hannah Montana stuff because "You like to buy her Hannah Montana stuff". I'm not sure where she comes up with all this. Tutu you get to make her a dress to wear and Mom and Dad I guess get the rest. It was hilarious as she told me the story Friday at Wal Mart and then again Sat at Big Lots. I'm not sure where this girl comes up with her stories. I think I have this right.