January 31, 2009

Who would have thought?

I know this will be hard for some of you to believe but, I won one of the prized at my ward Chili cook off. I know My roomie from Ricks can't believe it but, I did. See somethings do change in life. I can cook.

I don't feel like this Saturday was as productive as last but, I did hold a yard sale (sorry guys it was in the high 60's). I made $250.00 well really $200.00 after I spent money too. The best was we took a truck full of stuff to DI that is no longer hibernating in my house. So between that, making Chili and going to the Chili cook off nothing else got accomplished. I guess there is always tomorrow. I'm so excited I have a short week this week as Kent and I are going to SLC on Thursday for the weekend with out kids. It will be nice to just be us and not out hunting. I have lots to get accomplished plus ribbon to cut as I think I do my best bow making on road trips.

I'll post pictures if I can get some but, Clarissa won the Apron Diva award at the chili cook off. She loves to cook so this was fun for her. She takes a cooking class once a week and has decided she wants to have a cooking birthday party. Since I was thinking we may have a party at home this year instead of someplace it sound fun. Now to decide on Hunter's 3 party. I know it's 3 months away but, usually I have it planned by now. I keep changing my mind. It's his Bday to go someplace (I was letting them have parties out on the odd bdays). If he does Mc D's he's again playing 2nd fiddle to his sister as she had her 3rd bday there. But, where else? I just don't think he's old enough for Chuck E Cheese. So we'll see. Suggestions are appreciated. He loves, Cars, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Which brings me to another story. A few weeks ago after church Clarissa went around inviting people to our house for an ice cream party. Our bishop's wife, who I know well, came up to me and asked if I knew I was having an ice cream party. I didn't, we didn't even have ice cream in our freezer. It was funny but, scared me as to what will come in 10 years. I promised Clarissa she could have a party some time later. Fast forward to last night we were looking at Valentines and she asked to have a Valentine party. SO I agreed. Yeah I know crazy but, I thought what a great way for her to show her friends she loves them and well it would be fun and make me clean my house again. So I'm kind of excited to get in planned and to have fun. I think I may have a social butterfly on my hand. I will have to write later about Sis. Polka dot. If I forget please remind me.

Life is fun, and we have so much to be thankful for.

January 29, 2009

It's that time again!

No not Girls Scout cookie time. That will be next year!
It's March for Babies time.
Check out the cool widget ----------------------------------->
Please help Clarissa make her walk goal she has been participating in March for Babies since she was 6 months old. She missed walking one year, (her brother decided to be born that day) but still was able to meet her fundraising goal.
A note from Clarissa's Mother:

We are so thankful for the happy, healthy children that we had. I can not express the fear and concern that ran through my body some 4 1/2 years ago. When they nurse told me indeed my water had broken at 33 weeks 5 days. I knew from my previous employment at MOD that it could not be pretty. As I lay their pleading with my Heavenly Father that I would be able to hold my healthy baby girl not to soon but, soon enough. I always have a hard time when people don't want to be pregnant anymore those last few weeks. It's so scary. We were so blessed. For 2 days the nurses came in and out of my room telling me when she's born we'll be taking her right away to the NICU. Each time I said a prayer that I would get her back, that I would have a chance to hold my baby girl. I did just a few hours after she was born, as soon as I could walk (what motivation that was) I was able to go see her. She spent the next 7 days in the NICU. I often complain about how long they were and I still say they should NEVER send a first time mother home with out her baby. Couldn't they let me stay there? It was hard but, she came home soon enough and I know 7 days is nothing to cry about. We are so thankful for Our RED head who fills our home with love and laughter and lots of loud singing!

Can you believe this baby:

Has now turned into this 4 1/2 year old that we can't stop talking.

Counting my blessings

It's that time in life where you have to stop and count your blessings. I had previously been thiking of how blessed we truely were, Until Monday the economic crisis had not realy hit home. I had been trying to stick to a budget better. Knowing I needed to save. Then Monday and Tuesday came and well it came to visit our home. But, we are still very blessed while, we have lost a percentage of Ken't salery and he is not an hourly employee. We both still have jobs. I won't know til July if the govenor is going to cut my salery by 6% but, even then I will still have a job. We will still have a home to live in and food on our table. I'm so thankful that last year I listened to the urgency I had to finish my additional 32 credits above my masters degree. That we may not exactly have all the food storage we could/ should have but, we do have a clothing and fabric storage so my kids will have clothes. I was trying so hard to not hord presents after Christmas this year. For those of you who don't know me well, you may not know I have a closet and then some of presents. I use them for parties for my kids or when the need arises. I used a lot of them this Christmas season and was thinking of emptying my closet. I didn't and am happy. I did spend at my usualy Target 75% off sale but, was a little conservative for me. I have enought stashed for my kids for this year and to share. I know I should worry about food in times like this but, those of you that know me well also know I'm not a food person, not that you can tell by looking at me. I'm also so thankful for a desire for an education that may allow me to pick up extra opportunities to earn money. As much as I may hate to I can always teach summer school and adult ed at nights. I'm thankful for an unbringing that taught me how to be frugal and how to find opportinities to make money. So keep watching my etsy store as I will be adding items. All is well just tighter.

January 25, 2009

What I did this weekend.

OK so it was not the most productive weekend but, here are a few pictures of projects I finished or help accomplish.

Be mine Blocks. You can find more info on my website. to purchase your own sets.

This was one of the YW in my ward 10 hour project. Kent made the frame and painted it. I ran the vinyl and her sister peeled it and she placed in on. It was hard as the sheet metal reflected I'm hoping to get an even better picture. It was a fun project.

Here is this years Mutual theme. I can make this in any size. If your YW/ YM room needs one just leave me a message or e mail me.

This is the It's a Girl banner

I made for the baby shower. I'm having fun making these they are kind of addictive. I have a years worth planned out to teach. It may be over kill. We'll see. I wish I could say I got more done around the house. regardless I'm still planning on a yard sale for Saturday. I've already sold the little people. High chair, anyone, bouncer, FP zebra? Clothes, The best dressed baby in the ward is still trying to sell off her wardrobe. (It's a joke apparently people had nothing better to talk about then Clarissa's clothes when she was a baby and how if she didn't have such nice clothes I wouldn't have to work, Bad thing. they weren't thinking and had the conversation in front of my best friend. It's turned into a house joke. Yes, Clarissa still has a closet of a princess and probably always will. She loves clothes and we love buying them for her but, anyone who knows me knows I hardly ever pay full price. Any who)

I'm so excited Hunter's room is looking better already. I'm also excited to be going to SLC in a few weeks to see old friends and to spend some time alone w/ Kent.

January 24, 2009

Look what I made!

Here is the card I made for the baby shower I am going to tonight. I especially like that the bow comes off and can be worn.
The top of the diaper cake, is a bow holder too.

Here is the whole cake.It has 13 baby bows, 3 small bows and 1 medium bow, 2 bow holders and 2 rattles.

The personalize hairbow holder. The little girls name is going to be Georgia but, they are calling her Gigi. This is a new design for me. I may call it the Gigi. It is a 6x6 square. Her mom is a GRIT so I'm sure she'll love this personalize item. It's a pre req to being a GRIT that makes Westerns think you are a prep.

I figured out some photo posting tips on this one! Yahoo!

January 23, 2009

Kent's completed (well almost) to do list

Kent has been working very hard on his to do list this year! Here are the projects he has completed so far. 2 of the cornices. I'm still deciding of drapes. He is still working on the tile but, its coming. And Yes, that is vinyl on the fireplace, He designed it so I could change it for the season/ holiday. Isn't he great and doesn't he know his wife so well.

What I've made lately

I designed these back in Nov. and we just got them made for our wards New Beginnings. I will post the vinyl for sale soon. Check my site But, for now here are a few pictures. They are hard to take pictures of because they are mirrors. I also did this years theme it's on the wall. I'll have to get pictures of it and we are in the process of doing the YW theme. Should be done within the next week. If you need any vinyl cut please let me know.

I designed these back in Nov. and we just got them made for our wards New Beginnings. I will post the vinyl for sale soon. Check my site But, for now here are a few pictures. They are hard to take pictures of because they are mirrors.

Play time with my old Barbies and a Hunterism

I just had to show this picture. You can't tell real well but the hangers are divided by color and style and taped together. Proof I was organized at one point in my life. I use to have all my books (which was a lot) in order by author's last name and had a written list (This was before computer, yes, I'm that old).
MY Barbie clothes and Rissa's pink Barbie car. She is very happy to have my old clothes so she now has a that 70's/80's Barbies.

Here she is setting up my old furniture for her Barbies to sit on.

What's a boy to do? Play in the box of course!

The first time he did this I did not know he was in there and he screamed BOO and it did scare me. I think he likes the box as much as his sister likes the Barbies.

Okay Now for a Hunterism:
Last night we were on our way home from our Target adventures where we got a fisher price DVD f player or $35.00. We have been stalking the stores. Now I just need one more. Anyway. Some how on the way out we were talking about whoopins (how I said it) or whippins (how Kent says it). Hunter was screaming the car and I asked him to stop. He didn't and I asked do you want dad to pull over and we'll give you a whippen (deciding Kent's pronunciation sounds better than mine).
Hunter: Yes, please
Mom: Ok Dad pull over
Dad: Now I said yes, now. So he pulls over as he is pulling into the driveway of a strip mall
Hunter: Oh thanks you dad, thank you so much.
The rest of the car including his sister: Laughing, I was trying not to but, it was hard.
Mom: gets out un buckles and spanks his but not to hard (where his diaper is.) "Do you want another whippin?
Hunter: Yes, please
Mom: OK, I do it again this time he doesn't cry but, looks a bit more stunned. I ask " Do you want another whippin?"
Hunter: No, mom I don't
Mom: then don't scream in my car again or (anymore, our favorite family word).
Clarissa: yes, Hunter don't scream AAANNYYMORE, Mom I don't want any whippins either.
It was a quieter ride home when Hunter started to get loud I just asked him the magic question.
Hunter has a bad habit of screaming in the car and he has this high pitch squeal. It's horrible.

January 22, 2009

Who would have thought

Rissa was wanting to sell things (as I have been getting ready for a yard sale). I suggested we get rid of her little people as she never plays with them esp. now that we have Barbie and Polly pockets. She agreed.

I'm kind of sad as I have been collecting little people for my children since before I was married but, I have grand illusions of clean neat bedrooms and know this is not going to happen if we don't get rid of things.

Rissa has the above house listed here for a price of up to $399.00 It looks like they start at $68.00. Who would have thought that these little people items would be so valuable. I can't believe anyone would pay those prices. I'm still thinking 10-15 per set is a fair price. I was amazed when I went to check prices how much this stuff goes for if indeed it does sell.

It makes me want to keep it but, then I remembered the BIG box it's in and I don't want to keep the BIG box. I guess I'm glad we don't have much storage in NV or I'd be keeping everything.

She has decided to get rid of the grey castle, the farm, I think the airport, and something else. She wanted to keep a few and I said OK for now. It's crazy. The even crazier part is she knows which pieces go to which sets for the most part. Now that was fun sorting pieces (which was why I was looking them up to get it all right. We are hardly missing any pieces. ) I'm keeping the holiday sets for now and the ark or and the zoo animals for letter day in Kindergarten.

Just part of making way for Barbie and her luxury items! I can't say much I had them too. The house, the pool, the horse, the RV.

January 19, 2009

Back in time

So I took a journey back in time today! I went through some of my childhood toys. Now, I need to figure out what to do with them. I gave Rissa most of my Barbie clothes so her Barbies now play in the 70's and have that 70's furniture that is orange and teal. It was cool to go through all the accessories. There was a dial up phone, and a record player. Wow if those don't date me.

I found my my friend dolls, Jenny, Mandy, Mikey and Becky. Yes, I had them all Remember at that time I was an only child and an only grand child. And my effanbee doll collection which also includes some vintage dolls like Tammy, Chatty Cathy, Doris Day and others. Oh yeah and don't forget the NKOTB dolls, stage. poster collection (sorry girls I trashed it). I have comic books though and trading cards. It was a sickness.

I didn't realize I owned so many books either. I was seriously thinking of just getting rid of them. I went on ebay to check the price of my childhood pretty nill. But, the books one is selling from 20-38 dollars. So I'm thinking I should sell them but, it's hard I have all the books by this one author Anita Stansfield. I love her books. Well I just love books.

I have some cute pics I hope to add tomorrow of Rissa playing with my now her Barbie stuff.

I then came home to go through Hunter's room as I'm having a Yard Sale on the 31st. I have more stuff to sell then is humanly possible but, hey maybe I'll have some money to spend when I go to craft heaven (slc) in a few weeks. I was having a hard time getting rid of toys (my kids) but, think I've decided to get rid of most of their little people toys. Let's face it Rissa is on to Barbie and I don't think she is going to go back to Little people. I'm not sure she even likes her pop dolls now, so sad but, maybe in a few weeks. Hunter, I think he'd rather play star wars or Indiana Jones. I'll keep the cars one and dinosaurs as he does play with them Oh and this is bad but, I'm thinking we should keep the zoo for when they are in Kindergarten and have to take something that starts with a certain letter day. (Do they still do that) See I am thinking ahead.

I can't wait to post my picture of my organized Barbie hangers. You should have seen how organized her things were too. Proof I once was organized. I will get there this year I will! I just need to learn to purge. I found 2 boxes of stuff in my room to purge one huge box of toys in Hunters and another in Rissa (little people). I'm trying to tell myself less is more. Yeah, I just don't believe it yet. The hard thing will be when it doesn't sell and I have to take it to DI or some place.

Well this is way to long so I'm going to go finish some projects. I have a few cute ones to post soon. I'm excited. I wish I had a few weeks off to clean. Oh my fireplace is almost done my window cornices are. I just need to make curtains! YAHOO! We are making head way on the To Do list here. Helps when you work less.

January 17, 2009

Gymbuck time Target sale

Just a friendly reminder to all of you it's Gymbuck time. It seems like it has been forever since I earned these gymbucks. I was so excited to use them. Rissa got 3 new outfits and Hunter a jacket all for $38.00! They are all for next year but, still. I can't wait for Rissa to go to Kindergarten OK I can but, It's fun buying her school clothes.

Attention Target shoppers. Target has marked a lot of it's toys down 75%. So yes, we went on our annual Target shopping spree. I have most of my kids Christmas for this year. I mean I'll add to it but, I could be done if the economy takes a crap they will be fine. I say a blog the other day where the lady kept track of how much she saved at different stores. I was thinking of doing that. Maybe start a thrifty blog. My BFF Christy says I have a talent for it. I just can't stand to pay full price for anything. Oh I have to tell you about the find of the week. Kent bought me my Valentines present early at Target! I've been wanting a frig for my classroom for 6 years but, could never catch one on sale at the price I wanted to pay. Well Kent found me a $129.00 frig for $32.00 at Target this week. Yep it's mine and just in time for my new regiment of exercise, water and healthier food. Yahoo

January 15, 2009

Who knew working out could be so much fun?

So I was laminting with fellow collegues todayI could not find the time to work out and wanted the Wii fit. I was almost sure my dad was going to get it for me for Christmas. (The men in my life have a habit of hinting at the presents they are buying me. He asked if I had one right before Christmas and if I wanted one, Wasn't that telling me he was going to buy me one?)

Anywho. I have not been able to find one (my dad's excuse too). Here we are half way through the first month of the year and the only thing I've done to be healthier was cook dinner and not eat out. Which is a good start.

We discussed the Wii and I have an even stronger conviction it was to be mine. I love Curves but, w/ 2 small children it's not premissable. So I leave school and come home.

To my amazement my mom found a Wii Fit and bought it just today. It's hers but, she is leaving it at my house since I have the Wii (which hadn't been used since June). Thanks MOM! So we spent the evening trying it out. I even got real good at a few of the balance games. I'll just rat myself out here. At the beginning it asked if I had trouble walking as my balance is so off. Yeah, pretty bad when the Wii know of my walking woes. But, I got better except at dodging soccer balls wait I was good at dodging them but, was suppose to be hitting them with my head ( I was having PE flashback fromt he 80's).

Let me tell you I can feel the body woes from the first day already. But, I'm oh so excited to get going. Funny how working out made me not want junk food. I'm so excited to see my me and Mii shrink! Kent kicked me off to watch TV what was he thinking. I can't wait til morning. It's cool you can beat yourself. The competative side of me is coming out. But, I think I'll skip soccer and skiing for now.

January 14, 2009

Be Mine garland, January scrapbook class

January Enrichment Scrapbook Class

Kit will include the ability to put netting between each letter. (as seen not so well on the top Be Mine)
Each Letter is aprox. 5" in diameter. Full garland is aprox. 3 feet long.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit please e mail me at Lollipopsandbows@gmail.com

and put Be Mine garland in the subject line. Each kit is $7.00. Completed banners are $14.00. Shipping and handling is $2.00 for the first kit and .50 each additional kit. If you are interested in multible kits for classes a discount is available.

Seen with netting and glitter

Fireplace mantle

I finally got a few pictures downloaded to the computer. Here is what my Christmas present looked like when I got home from vacation. It has even more work completed now. It's looking better all the time.

January 13, 2009

Not a Child of God

I was quite amazed/ concerned and in awe of Clarissa the other day. She is way to smart for her own good. I think she is very logical and sometimes thinks to much. This has me worried. She is definitely a literal child. So it's a new year and time to move up in Primary. The first Sat. of the month/ year we went to the lunch w/ your primary teacher. I was concerned as Rissa has had difficulty with our ward change and misses her Sis. Coombs her Sunbeam teacher tremendously. I was hoping that maybe the Sunbeam teacher would move up with them since she was only there teacher for 4 Sundays, due to the ward change. Well we went the breakfast and it turns out that they had, had Clarissa in the CTR 5 class so she will end up with the same teacher. I was relived with that. Should lessen the drama, Remember she is trying out for Drama Queen .

Sunday went well however on Monday I came home to learn she was no longer a Child of God. After some discussion I found out that Rissa believes Child of God was the class she was in and now she's not a Child of God. We tried and have had friends explain that we are all Children of God but, she thinks she is a CTR now. Not sure how to get this across. Her reason is I'm not a child I'm a big person so I can't be a child of God (see I told you she think to much).

So if you see Clarissa you may want to remind her that she is a Child of God.

Just added updates that I hope to blog more about but, for now to keep in my memory. Clarissa started preschool last week. As well as a cooking class- that she loves, Her 2 favorite things to do are Cook and Cheer leading and writing. She loves paper. Hunter started a drum class as well. He would have taken other classes but, they were all canceled. Rissa is hoping to start Tennis soon, she is excited I just mentioned it and now we seem to see lots of tennis items. Hey could be a scholarship in her future. That is if she has more coordination than her mom.

January 10, 2009

Putting it all away.

I so much enjoyed having my dream of 5 Christmas trees. although I am going for 6 next year. Shh don't tell Kent. Rissa informed me I didn't have one in my room. So we will try to add that one next year.

That being said we just finished putting all the boxes in the attic. WOW I was trying so hard to combine stuff, get rid of boxes and take risks with some of it. I thought I was doing so good unitl count time came. I think I'm embarrassed to say we still have 19 boxes of Christmas plus trees and some small odds and ends.

Kent was so dedicted to have it all on one space. He made a nice space (I'm to chicken to climb in the attic to see it) Remember I can fall on flat surfaces. So it's all up there with the exception of the trees and they go soon. He took a well deserved break to work some more on my fireplace mantle. It's looking so nice I can't wait to take pictures of it.

We have both been working away on our to do list this year all ready. We may just get it finished this year.

I finished my Jan. scrapbook project last night. I'm excited I need to use glitter glue better but, it looks pretty cool. It's a Be mine banner. I have a few love's left from last year and will offer that again too. I have so many great ideas but, no time to execute them. It was nice to scrapbook but, the dinning room table is still a mess. I'm hoping to make a few more projects tonight. What about my scrapbook room. It still needs to recover from the holidays. It was looking great til Christmas came. Oh well It's on my to do list.

Hope you enjoy my blog change. I love to change things for every holiday, hence the reason I like blogging so much.

Just a quick update I'm hoping to get my computer online soon so I can post more pictuers.

January 8, 2009


I have been contemplating this a lot the past few weeks.

It's a word I think I may hold to near and dear to my heart. Some people call everyone their friend. I on the other hand feel like most people are aquaintances and few are friends maybe I'm skeptical, I don't know. Maybe I got hurt a few to many times as a child thinking someone was a friend. None the less It's a term I don't use lightly. I have recently been overjoyed to reconnect with some friends from my youth. Because I don't use the term lightly I'm beginning to think maybe I had a few more than I thought. But, anyway.

I was beginning to think I didn't like facebook, to many old acquaintance I didn't care to know about or to know about me. But, today I love facebook. It has allowed me to reconnect with some great friends. I have been searching for my friend Beth for quite some time. She has been on my mind and last night I found her on facebook. I'm so excited to reconnect with her. I'm not sure how we lost touch. Maybe in all my moving and hers. I'm also excited she only lives a few hours away in SLC. I'm excited for her that she is getting married in a few months and that I'm here to support her in that. We had grand adventures together both in High school going to NKOTB concerts and the one year I was home during college having fun road trips and shopping adventures. Beth was my wild and crazy friend and we'd do silly things that you only do at that time in your life. You know drive to PA to drop off a cat, sleep a few hours and drive home. A city and state I've been to but, not seen except through the car windows.

I'm not sure what to do about taking the word friend so seriously. It just doesn't seem natural to me that someone is my friend just because we belong to the same church, work in the same place or our kids may take some class together. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that is something I need to work on this year. I know because I take the meaning and title so seriously I'm always to hurt when I lose a friend. That I've dealt with lately and am learning that it's part of life. some friends you lose in contact with due to moving, others life changes (Marriage, children), others you find different interest. I find it dishearting that people can't be friends because they have different views or cultures. I recently had a friend that continually thre my religion in my face, I wasn't sure why it was an issue, I have a strong belief in my faith, I also have issues I disagree with too, I have my own voice and opinions, they are all mine based upon my life's experiences. But, those are for another day. I'm not sure what I did or didn't do to lose this friend but, I've reconsiled myself to that is life.

In this new year I'm going to be Thankful for the friends I have. One of my goals for this new year is to appreicate them more. To spend more time with them. I tend to spend my time crafting. I want to visit friends and have them visit me (not sure how I can do that kidnap them) my college roommate lives across town and truthfully I think I see the one in Idaho more than her.

That is one thing I like about blogging, It helps me to keep in contact and reconnect with my old friends and I've even made a few more!

To all my friends thanks for the support. I can't wait to spend time chatting, crafting, traveling and playing together this year.

January 2, 2009

We're home

Sorry I have been MIA. The kids and I were gone since Christmas Day night. What an adventure. I remeber these trips as a young adult and I'd spent the night at everyones house and sleep in 4 different beds in 7 days now. It's taking the kids just to visit, my back feels the same. I survived yet another 4 hour plane ride with 2 kids (actually 2 there and back) alone. They slept all the way there and were awake all the way back.

We had great fun and get to see family it was great. I'll write more later trying to get everything done and ready to be back to work on Monday.

We got home to some great surprises.

My fireplace mantel is about done. -I'll post pictures
my top modeling is done on the top of my cabinets and stained.
The carpets were cleaned as was the living room.
Some things I needed put togeter were together.

Kent spent a lot of time working while we were gone. YAHOO!~ He has a great start on his honey do list. Now for my list!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!