December 23, 2008

motivation found.

I think I found it. Taking a break for a few minutes just have to tell you what I've done in the past 36 hours.

- Created 3 picture frames w/ vinyl for a customer. Can't wait to post pictures they are awesome!

- Made 13 vinyl projects complete ready to wrap.

- 2 loads of laundry

-made in my fabouous kitchen Kent made for me the following:
aprox 8 dozen of each of the following:
- Buckeyes
-peanut better blossoms
-cherry choc chip cookies
-oatmean choc chop cookies
-mint choc cookies
-orange balls
-snow men rice crispies (only 3 dozen)
- 2 pans of fudge

Still to make:

pretzel rods and orange slices dipped

I was feeling like it was alot until I typed it.

Off to put it all in baskets and deliver!

I wish we did this all year is so much fun!

Merry Christmas to all!

December 22, 2008

Motivation needed please

Ok I'm not in the mood to complete any of the things I have left to do. I want to do them but, don't!

I have started the last of my vinyl christmas presents (only have to stick them)
I have grocery shopped and made fudge.
I have the kitchen I begged for and have yet to cook in it like I wanted (What's up with me).
I have designed the things I need to scrap book.

I have started loads of laundry. (the don't get put away or folded).

I still have to pack for our trip to Michigan on Thursday night.

If any one out there has any motivation could you please send it my way. Please just for a day or two.

I was ready to cook only to find taht someone somehow had broken my Kitchen TV AGAIN! I'm bummed. I just got it back working. I just want the noise realy but, it makes me sad, upset that things keep getting broken. I don't understand some times I want to live in my own little bubble. I can't stand broken things. I've been like this since I was a child. Mind you I kept many of my toys new in the box because I didn't want them to be used.

I think I must have some type of phobia or something. Oh well Guess I need to get something done.

Merry Christmas

December 18, 2008

So what does one do on a snow day?

I have not had a snow day in 15 years and I lived in Idaho for 3 years. Let's say there was not even a trace of snow on my side of town this am.

Kent even made it home from Reno (via airplane) by 9:30 am. Wow then showered and went to work much to his princesses (Clarissa's) dismay!

So what did the kids and I do you ask.

-- we slept in, Clarissa and I slept til 8:30 and my early rise til 9 (he us usually up at 6).

-- Cleaned Clarissa's room

-- Went to lunch With tutu (my mom) and Inn and Out burger

-- Clarissa and Hunter finished their Christmas shopping. Yes, they buy presents for friends and an angel person. We don't have a huge family and I feel its extremely important they learn to give. If I do this right I'm hoping that one Christmas we can only give to others and they will not want presents but, find the joy in giving to others. I know they will have to be older. I'm hoping.

-- Now the kids are down and I'm off to get presents wrapped for school tomorrow and the rest of them made.

December 17, 2008

Snow day

Yes, that's right tomorrow is a snow day here in Las Vegas! There is 6-10" of snow we have not seen this much snow since 1979 and 1974!

Bad News Kent only goes on 1 business trip every other year. Yes, you guessed it was today to Reno and he is stuck there! I'm not thinking he'll be home before 4 tomorrow either. Fun Stuff!

December 13, 2008

New pictures of our Rock Star Princess

A big cupcake cheese Who me?

I'm 4. You can have a shirt like mine!

My natural pose- mouth open.

December 12, 2008

Getting to know you.

This was on a friends blog and I thought I'd copy her. Please answer the following questions on your blog. Comment so we know to go read your answers.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
What traditions does your family have?
What do you usually like to give your spouse?
What is the most expensive gift you have given?
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
My answers:
What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Giving (finding those in need), Decorating,
Cookie party (it's tomorrow night (sat) can't wait to see you)
What traditions does your family have?
Cookie party, Giving to others, Day after shopping,
What do you usually like to give your spouse?
Presents he'll like it's hard to surprise him.
What is the most expensive gift you have given?
A gun
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
The one I remember the most is Someone secretly game me green velvet. I wanted to make a green velvet dress real bad, Not the fake stuff and it was wrapped and left on our pourch.
I have many more memories that I cherish when I have been the giver but, sharing them ruins them for me. Sorry. I love finding those in need and being Santa. It's my favorite part. I wish I had an unlimited supply of money to do this part of Christmas. I hope I can teach my children this is Christmas it's all about the giving.

December 11, 2008

Please sign the petition!

You'll find a petition on my side bar. I'll leave it at the top for a few days and then move it down a little.

Please sign the petition to fight premature birth.

As the Mother of a premature baby I know the effects of premturity. We have beeen very blessed as Clarissa only spent 7 days in the NICU but, leaving your first baby in the NICU for 7 days was rought. Going home with out her was hard. Even worse than visiting her in the NICU would and could have been never getting to take her home. I feel like I can't complain about my 7 days when I think of that.

She is a very smart, active 4 year old as you can tell from this blog. Many others are not so lucky. I attribute it to that fisty attitude and disposition she has. I always say that's what got her here 6 weeks early and kept her in the NICU for only a week.

Please help educate others.

For Healthier Babies,


Mother of a premature baby (Clarissa)
Mother of a Health full term baby (Hunter)
Former March of Dimes employee

December 9, 2008

Drama Queen

Did any of you hear any whaling and gnashing of teeth and moaning last night?
Did you hear loud laughter in the Henderson, NV area
Clarissa was trying out for Drama Queen of the year.
Or so I hope that is what all the racket was about. I'm afraid she has been paralyzed by fear. If you happen upon her in the next few weeks I'm sure she'll tell you the paralyzing story.
It's called 4, 4 year old shots.
She went to the Doctor last night and "he hurt her". (I didn't think she'd be getting shots til Spring so I didn't prepare her, so I do feel a bit guilty.) None the less I'm sure my writing can not do justice to the drama that has been going on at my house.
She screamed out with pain for hours last night. Could hardly walk out of the Dr's office. Told everyone there the Dr. hurt her and was mean. Advised the kids in the waiting room to not go back to see the doctor as they hurt you.
Screamed and cried like she had gotten stitches. Moaned as she walked down the hall and to the car. Was so hurt she couldn't eat a Happy Meal. But, could try a Frosty.
I had to pick up some items for school at Joann's and Michael's. She moaned as she walked around the stores, crying out in pain like she was beaten. As we walked out of Jo Ann's she screamed so loud the people 2 stores down had to look at her and me. (I have to tell you all the time I'm trying to not laugh, and telling her maybe she needed to go to bed if it hurt that bad. And we wouldn't be able to put up her Christmas tree). She moaned and screamed all the way home and fell asleep for a few short seconds.
She hurt so bad her dad had to carry her in the house (The only person who gave her sympathy). She advised her brother that doctors are mean and he shouldn't go see them. They hurt you. She continued to carry on like at the stores being able to do nothing. We didn't even put up her tree as she was to hurt. When she had to get off the couch to get ready for bed. She requested a walker to help her walk. She feebly crept down the hall for her PJ's and had to sleep on the couch due to pain.
In her defence I was up til 2 am peeling vinyl and she whimpered in her sleep and called out til about 1 am. (Which has me concerned, She felt fine). She woke this morning hardly able to do anything (according to her). I told her we may have to cancel a play date and she seemed to feel a little better.
Yes, we have a DRAMA QUEEN on our hands. Guess I got my money's worth from Hollywood Kids!
I think she could have gotten an Oscar for her performance.
It was so funny to watch our little drama queen!
May we see Red carpet in our future. Guess I should listen to those talent agents. I could spend my weekend in LA instead of at Crap shows (craft).

December 5, 2008

Letters from Santa, Elf coming soon.

Clarissa and Hunter both received letters from Santa in the mail last night. It seems he's been spying on them and seen a few naughty things they've done. He is even sending an elf to come watch after them. I have added a new tradition to my even busier holiday season. check out this site.
You can google and find out all types of elf sightings. I've heard he moves from room to room and reports to Santa each night when you go to bed. I can't wait for the elf to arrive.
Last night Rissa got all of her dolls in her room to get ready for the elf to come.
I have to say I truly am excited about this little elf. We'll report about him when he arrives.

Christmas letter

In my effort to be technologically savy, I'm posting my Christmas letter this year on my blog and then sending out fewer cards/ letters. So here it goes.

Merry Christmas to all

We do hope this Christmas letter finds you in good cheer. We have been blessed with yet another successful year of good times and good health.
Clarissa turned 4 this year and is quite the social butterfly. She was in her first play as a munckin and had her first dance recital. She loves to sing and dance and can't wait to be in more plays. She also loves to rider 4 wheelers with her dad. She is Daddy's little princess and has him wrapped around her little finger. She is excited to start school next year and be a big girl.

Hunter is still his Momma's boy and loves anything that involves dirt, to his mothers dismay. I swear he is a dirt magnet. He keeps baby wipes in business and mom criying with all the dirt. He loves to make his sister sqeeal most recently just by calling her Cassie instead of Clarissa. He is the BEST hugger and kisser. He loves to give hugs and kisses to his mom esp. before she leaves in the morning. He is a charming boy and we are told all the time he will be a heart breaker. I hope we can teach him to be prince charming.

Kent is on year 20 of working at Western Casework and still enjoys all he does there. He had quite the hunting season and we are looking forward to seeing more of him now that it is over. He finished our addition including laying my new bamboo floor in the additon and kitchen. I wanted it so I got it, and well it is nice.

I have spent my year running in circles with my house being added upon which I am greatful for, I have lived in a cloud of dust. I finished an additonal 16 graduate credits this past school year for a total of 29 in 2 school years. Yes, I'm crazy. I was accepted into the Las Vegas Crafters Guild with my bows and vinyl and thus my business took off. I have been doing large craft shows and kickin butt, That also means I have been staying up to keep up with demand. It's getting taxing. I'm still teaching 8th grade English and well I'm ready for a change.

The kids, Tutu and I started our year with a trip to the big D, Disneyland with our dear friends the Lindbergs. We only made one other trip to Disneyland this year but, I was lucky enough to go to FL for a conference and went to Epcot and got to see my grandparents too. Not to mention shop at some great southern outlets (heartstrings). We took our annual pilgrimage to MI via plane again. This is where I earned 50 grey hairs. Me and 2 kids on the plane. Yeah I think I'd rather run 30 miles up hill. I say everytime never again. (and then I agree to do it again for Christmas) We had a good time but, Poppy (my dad) spent most of our visit in the hospital, so Rissa was very sad. She is still a little upset over that but, we all know time heals all wounds. While on vacation we went to the Toledo zoo and saw how big baby Kalie and Louie had gotten and did not miss the zebra's (Rissa's favorite animal, missed last year) this year.The kids also got to attend their first Tiger's game! It was my first in the new stadium. It was grand. Hunter is now in love with baseball which is good since he doesn't even fit into 18months pants at 2 1/2.

That's about all for our travels this year.

I had a cow elk tag and harvest that in early Oct. Kent had a PIW tag and was able to hunt a lot (almost every weekend) this fall. He harvested a nice buck that we are hoping will appear in a magazine.

We are busy with all hte hustle and bustle to get the holidays ready and ourselves ready for our Christmas trip to Michigan. The kids are excited to see snow. I'm excited to see family again.

I'm so excited for blogging and facebook as I have been reunited with some dear old friends and now can't wait to see them in person again. Stay tune to our blog for the many things we do. We manage to keep life interesting to say the least.

Merry Christmas

P.S. We will add Pictures to this post soon

December 1, 2008

Enlightening news

I have to say I love my husband! That being said his message to me this morning struck a cord of panic.

He asked me the date to which I replied Dec. 1st. He then enlightened me by telling me Christmas was only 3 weeks away. (just in case I didn't know that).

I'm not sure why maybe it was the fact that he seemed so worried about it too. But, it made me panic. I'm pretty much done with my shopping. I'll tell you about that later.

I have a few presents to make and well. I've taken to gift cards for all presents that need to be sent any distance. I know lazy and impersonal but, heck I can give them an extra $10.00 as oppose to paying it in postage. I am getting to make a few extra presents as we are going home Christmas day.

My sister and Dad have been here since Tuesday and are leaving tomorrow. That has been great fun. The kids are sad to see them go. But, the good news in we'll be there in 3 weeks for Christmas, the bad news is I'm not sure when we'll see them next after that.

We'll I'm off to run errands and then get home. I'll tell of my adventures this weekend later this week. It has been full of fun and shopping.