January 18, 2011

one thing checked off, and one little boy who's not so little.

I've had this idea for a while but, it never seems to make it to the top of the to do list.  Well here it is
PICK UP cards  (Do they look blurry?, does anyone know how I can change that?)I made them myself, so they can use some work but, hey I'm learning and I know they will help Hunter be successful in cleaning is room.  I told him one by one what to pick up the other day and he did a pretty good job, except for the left over stuff he stuffed in his closet, Isn't 4 to  young to be doing that.  OK, he's almost 5.  The other night I asked him if he'd always by my baby boy. He looked at me very seriously and said "Mom, someday I'll be 16 you know." I explained he could still be my baby then.  That being said my first baby is turning 16 this Sunday.  While he may not be mine be mine, I've been around since he was Clarissa's age. I remember his kinder grad.  My brother in law Keith will be 16 on Sunday. He's going on his first date on Saturday to the military ball (he's in ROTC). sniff sniff. Soon he'll be off too college. I so need to get pictures on my new computer. Keka or Keithy we love you. we are so blessed you have you as an uncle and brother in law.  I just hope you know how much Clarissa and Hunter look up to you.  Clarissa said the best part of our 6,000 mile road trip this summer is that you were with us!  It was so fun to spend July with you and to show you where I spent part of my life. YOU ARE GROWING UP TO BE AN AMAZING YOUNG MAN, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AND THE CHOICES YOU'VE MADE THUS FAR. I'LL BE SAD TO SEND YOU OFF TO THE MILITARY SOME DAY BUT, PROUD TO WATCH YOU SERVE OUR COUNTRY.  Hunter and Keka @ Disneyland Oct 2010
 Legoland Summer 2009? See what a great boy he is, he always follows my wear a certain color suggestions.

January 9, 2011


It's time to reveal my plan for 2011. All in all it can be summed up in one word.


Just what does this mean you ask. Well I'm not sure I know 100% but, I have some ideas.

  1. PURGE- I've been reading a friends blog who got rid of a bag (walmart size) of things every day for all most 6 months. I know that seems crazy but, how much do we keep that we don't need to. My problem is I always want to find someone who will treasure my junk (yes, I've lost my mind). I have a bag of Hunter's Gymboree clothes 2T I think for someone to treasure on my door for months. If you'll treasure them they are yours! Think Hunter must have read my mind as we were cleaning his room tonight he found a nice size box and started a box to go to daycare (Sunnyside-from Toy Story 3), silly boy but, hey it helped him purge. I was surprised at what he got rid of and why. I only persuaded him to keep one thing (that's where you say good mom). He also made a pile for college (thanks Disney).
  2. If we don't use it purge it!- sometimes I think Mormonism leads to hordism (yes, I made up that word). We are to have a year supply or at least 3 months of food. I think most of us have a years supply of other things as well. I have the craft supplies covered. I think we may have the clothes covered too. (I tend to buy my kids clothes at the end of the season for the next year). We are purging in closets too. Bye cute dresses I loathe from my skinny days, I have to tell my self the 90's are over and so are those cute clothes. However I will keep those size 3 CK jeans FOREVER! PROOF! They once fit. I even in my craziness told Kent we needed to make a jean quilt, to inspire him to clean his closet. See a way to USE IT!
  3. Complete projects that have started or that are on my list.- Kizerian Kommand center is one of the first on my list.
  4. USE the list I make- I love list but, I think I only love to make them. So my goal for this year is to use the list! (crazy but, hey I do teach middle school, so we know I'm a little off). Included in this is to make master lists. Example Holiday meal list make the grocery list and recipe so I'm not redoing it year after year. (yes, I'm a traditionalist, we have the same meal every year, sorry guys no variety here.)
  5. This may go with my list making but here it is DO THINGS EARLY. For example I have the kids valentines picked out we are making cute magnetic bookmarks. My goal is that they are made by Feb. 1st! We already have the treat bags and the stuff to stuff them so they too can be ready by then. I will teach my children to be the woman I once was, not the last minute woman I have become! – (tonight I did reports due on Monday, while it's not way early, it's not the very last minute, YEAH!, I even have dinner started for tomorrow)
  6. PLAN- I once had everything planned especially meals, I miss that part of me, I miss those meals, I know Kent does! For the record yes, I do have Hunter's party started (Toy Story 3, I may even start the treat bags. I was thinking I could have it all done by the end of March, let's hope). Sorry Christy simplify does not mean simplify the party- parties are who I am- they will still be full of details and fun. I will admit it here and now the party and fun is for the kids but, I get my fun in planning the party and in the details. I'm still impressed with Hunter's M & M party from a few years ago. I don't think I've topped it yet, But, we'll try someday1
  7. SAVE- $$ that is. I try to be prepared for any thing. I have a closet full of gifts (see no.2), I buy them on sale at my favorite store. I'm going to try to be prepared by have $$ not stuff. Yeah this will be hard I love my shopping but, we'll be spending our time using or purging, or so I hope.
  8. My craft room- yeah the dark hole of the house- I'm going to purge in there too. Use or purge. I'm going to start Now for craft season. So I can simplify in the fall and sleep that thing- I miss Sept- Dec. All those little things I just bought WILL be ready to sell by Sept. 1st I'm going to work on something every month! If I have all the parts, which I do, why do I wait? Plus, this year I have 2 weddings to help with in September so I need to be ahead of my game and I think I'm staying home this summer L.
  9. Calendar- this will be the hard one. Simplifying my calendar is going to be tricky. This week I did great! Next week isn't looking so good. :? 3 busy days but, if I plan well I can have dinner ready each night. And I'll have everything done early so it shouldn't be all bad! I hope.


    TO SUM IT UP BY THE TIME 2012 GETS HERE WE SHOULD ONCE AGAIN BE ORGANIZED! I'M HAVING VISIONS OF MY ONCE ALPHABITIZED CAN GOODS REAPPEARING, THE CLOSETS THAT WERE ORGANIZED WITH CUTE LITTLE LABELS COMING BACK(yes, soon after we were married, I got a dymno and Kent went hunting for the weekend, he came home to the whole house labeled, it was my dream come true, then we moved while pregnant, had a cute little girl then a handsome boy and life overtook me but I will once again rein! I have visions of labels and closets that I'm proud of. I have 51 weeks to get it started! I'm hoping to share my journey with you! Come along if you will!


    So if you see something missing from my house, it may have been simplified or organized. (I think I'll keep my 2 crock pots, I use them, but, that roaster from George Foreman may have to go). Maybe Dymno will even want to sponsor my blog by the end! J



January 3, 2011

a new year, a new post

I've brainstormed a million things to blog about including: Changes over the past decade, 2010 in review, rites of passage, holiday happenings and more. 
But, as i tell my students I need to stop thinking and start writing.  I had planned to go to bed early tonight well early for me but, am waiting til midnight so I can announce Girl Scout cookie sales have begun on facebook.  Yes, there is no rest for the wicked, kind of I didn't do a lot this past week, I've been fighting a cold or something and I practiced resting which is a first for me.  But it was nice to be lazy.  I now just have to put up Christmas decorations and finish laundry but, hey it was my break! 

so this will be a random post.
Girl Scout cookie - yep it's true COOKIE TIME is here we'd be happy to take your orders.  They are $4.00 a box.  Clarissa's goal is to sell 400 boxes again this year.  Yes, I said again, she did it last year on accident so now we gotta do it again! I'm sure we will, we are good at goals and selling!  She is excited!

I'm so excited Clarissa starts a new school today (Monday), She will be a Brookman Builder.  She has had such a hard time at school this year. I'm applaud to be a teacher with some of the thinks Clarissa has endured this year.  Applaud that teachers care so little, But, that is a post for another time. I'm just thankful for friends and prayers being answered. I'm happy to put a girl to bed tonight, who is excited to go to school tomorrow and not crying or scared.  No first grader should be crying or fearful to go to school.  It's been nice to see my spunky red head back the past 2 weeks.  She is set for school once again, a new back pack, lunch box and a new outfit, an outfit she bought with her Christmas money and a shirt nana gave her for Christmas.  She is way excited to be in Ms. Allen's class tomorrow! I can't wait for her.  I can't wait for that love of learning to return.  Parents listen to your children, but more importantly listen to what they are not saying.  C's actions have been tellling me for months she was in the wrong place, I only wish I had acted sooner.  I pray the harm that has been done will be quickly over come with the love I felt from her new teacher already. 

what about Hunter you ask, He's all boy and sweet as pie!  He's momma's boy!  As of right now he's in all day pre K at C's old school, hoping that stays but, it could change since she's not there. But, I had to do what has best for her.  We are going to start working on sight words and see if we can't get him reading soon.  He loves to run jump land on his knees and find dirt!  Oh yeah he loves to talk about poop, burp and make weird noises, Yep he's a boy n. Dirt with noise!  Best of all he is a great hugger and kisser.  I love to get Hunter hugs, I love how he pats your back with his little hands.  He's getting so big.  OK so he can really still wear a 3t except he's gotten to tall for them.  He loves to tell knock knock jokes or should I say make up knock knock jokes that don't make sense but, he has fun, He is a jokester.  On a recent trip to Disney while in the haunted mansion the lights go out on cue he yells "Hey who turned the lights out", the whole room laughed.  He seems to have a knack for finding funny things and keeps up laughing. I'm scared for him to get in school.  He also loves to antagonize his sister and even tells her he's antagonizing her.  He hates baths, seat belts and cleaning his room (he use to be so good at that).

My goal is to post once a week, that seems doable right, My theme for the year is one word Simplify! Yes, this will be hard for me but, I'll try~ No this doesn't mean my kid's birthdays will be less, that's to much fun. Yes, I've already started Hunter's party. It's Toy Story and I can't wait! It's a miracle but, roo hasn't chosen a theme yet, I've tried to get her to wait. She loves to plan parties, not sure where she got that at?  We skipped a Halloween and Christmas this year so she insist she must have a Valentines party.  I'm sure she will since she'll have some new friends and life is settling down since craft show season is over. so 2011 is now underway, it's snowing in some places here in vegas and I'm not praying for a snow day I'm ready to get back to work.  ready to make my kids buckle down and hit the books! CRT's are coming and we have something to prove, we have been working hard.  I have a great bunch of students this year, I have been truly blessed!