March 22, 2011

laying it all out

OK. Here it goes. I'm laying it all out. I'm reading the book Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy: A Woman's Guide to a Better Life (yes, I have a cute craft idea planned for it too)
 by Merilee Boyack- She is  my idol,  my inspiration, someday I want to be her! It's even make a fleeing stop in my brain to go to law school so I could be like her. OK, my deep secret is this is one of my regrets in life (I didn't make it to 30 with out being married, so I didn't make it to law school) but, my life is not over. I may be the oldest lady in law school but, I still need that doctorate degree and well maybe just maybe that will be how I will get it.  But, for now I'll pay on my many other degrees and get back on topic.

She is often at Education week at BYU and someday maybe she'll be in Las Vegas! Heck let's go for the gold someday she may even know my name! I can dream this is MY blog! Let's just hope it's not for being crazy but, for being compassionate, caring, loving and full of service.  Ok or Crafty I could handle that. Maybe she has a granddaugther I could make bows for and stalk her.  I'll have to check into that!

So she says I'm afraid that's why I don't do some of the things I want, yeah kind of. So I came home ( I was reading while Rissa was at Cheer practice) and got busy, I don't take being called a chicken lightly especially when it may just be true! So I completed the flyer's I stared a month ago, made a face book invite and posted on all my blogs!
Yep craft parties.
check em out. Hope you enjoy!

I'm hosting my premier craft party
in you are in the Las Vegas area e mail me at for an invite!

What will be making?
you choose chicks or bunnies
each kit contains 1lg and 1 small
you get to personalize your chick or bunny- to me this is the fun of this product line is it has personality.  You can see some of the adorable ideas below and hopefully more to come.

How much are one of these adorable kits you ask?
The premier kit is $15.00 for one large and one small on all orders placed by March 31st the night of my premier party.   You want both well Okay just this once both kits for $25.00.
What you want it for FREE? 
Host a party in the southern nevada/ Utah area with 10 friends and it can be yours for free.
If you not in our area place an order for 10 kits and the 11th is yours FREE!
Set a date to party and paint with the girls NOW!

March 1, 2011

Now and then...

Feb 2011 vs
March 2009
 Where have my babies gone?  Oh how times change.  I keep thinking I have aprox 1/3 of my job done of raising Clarissa.  I mean in 11 years she will be off at college- Don't worry I'm not planning her life away. I just remember all the fun and excitement my college years were. I met the best friends of my life.  I had more fun and heart break than any other time in my life.  I found and defined who I was.   OK back to today.  It's just hard to believe how fast time is flying soon I will be registering my baby for Kinder.  I'm currently planning his 5th birthday party.  I don't know about you but, the number 5 seems so big.  Clarissa currently can't wait to be 8, so she can be baptized.  I think she'd skip her 7th b day if she could.  I'm so excited for her.  She is doing so much better at her new school.  We are till working hard and she is being tutored 3 days a week.  Hunter is loving per K and can't wait to go to Kinder if he has Ms. Linares.  Clarissa is going on her first real field trip Thursday to the children's museum and is real excited.  As you can see they are both growing up real fast!  They are bright, energetic children who know how to love and bug each other.  I love that they are best friends and while they may need a short breaks from each other.  Give them an hour and they will be missing the other one!

Oh where is all the time going?

Ok so I'm not so good at updating.  I have my own theories and may or may not share but, I do have a few post I've started.  I did want to upload this adorable- no I'm not bias picture of my kids.  I'm sure you will all agree!  Doesn't that look like the future president or CEO of a company?