September 22, 2008

I made tip junkie

Check it out I did it! I made it!

Now if I only had my stuff up so people could realy buy it. I'm hoping I get something besiede copiers but, Hey I get inspired from others too.

I saw that cute eek on their and thought Hey that was my idea. Glad I already taught that class as it was an original!

September 17, 2008

I miss fall!

I have been blog stalking instead of working on craft projects. I was inspired and did find a few ideas. Does that make it better? I hope! Anywho

I was noticing all the people in their nice fall clothes, long sleeves and even some jackets with nice green grass and all that fun stuff that we just don't have here in Nevada.

I'd love to see some leaves change colors and smell wet leaves. We were do lucky to get a few cm of rain today. My kids get so excited I try to always let them go outside but, now they have moved their stuff out and the ground is dry.

I'm sick of all my kids winter clothes I'm ready for new ones. Pants, jackets (rissa's favorite), and sweat shirts. How I long to sit at a football game and be a tad bit cold. Not freezing like I was in Idaho but, nippy. I want to decorate my house for fall but, it just seems to early when it's still 100 outside. I guess after my show this weekend I'll buck up and just do it.

Happy Fall everyone!

Where to find me this weekend

Harvest Boutique
Meet our Talented Crafters!

You are invited to shop with members of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild at our annual Harvest Boutique. Our members include many of the finest crafters and artisans in the valley who will be bringing you their best works including jewelry, quilts, baby items, fashion accessories, home accessories, woodcrafts, signs, ceramics, paper mache sculpture, primitives, dolls, stained glass mirrors, egg artistry, Fall, Halloween, & Christmas decor, gifts & more.

Show Dates: Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21, 2008
Show Times: Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday noon to 4 pm

Location: Heinrich YMCA
4141 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89107

September 11, 2008

How many bows?

I've had several people ask me how many bows I took to the show. I know everyone wants to start a bow business these days. I took close to 4,000 bows. Yes, I made them all my sore hands can testify to this! It is the secret to my success. I also might add it was nice many times to hear people recognize my company Lollipops and Bows and hear comments such as "These are my favorite bows, her bows are so nice, These are the only bows that stay in my daughters hair." I'll admit I have looked into purchasing some premanufactured bows but, had to decline as the product was not up to my quality standards. I enjoy making my bows it just seems I don't have time to make other products. And as we all know Variety is the spice of life!

September 10, 2008

Pictures from Harvest Festival

Here are some pictures of my booth from Harvest Festival this weekend! Doesn't it look cool. I feel official or something!

Aren't even my signs cute!
Here is my model (Clarissa, my daughter) wearing a tutu and a C shirt and wand. She made the hat at Miss. Spiders Tea party they were having at the show. She was so excited to go to that and can't wait to go again!

It made me want to throw a Miss. Spiders tea party!

Where have I been?

Sorry I've been MIA! I'm hoping to get some pictures of my show from this weekend to post soon.

I was able to participate in Harvest Festival the largest craft show that Las Vegas has this past weekend. I kicked butt. With my $2.00- $8.00 bows I was able to keep up with my friends and their larger items. I think that may be due to a slow economy but still. I rocked. Thank you Rochelle for letting me share part of your booth! I'm so excited but, need to get motivated to get the rest of my craft projects complete for my show in a week and a half!

Life has been busy as you can imagine. If you get a chance check out my blog It's coming a long great. I just need to get my products on my and vinyl up on etsy and e bay so I can kick butt there too!

It's nice to find your niche in the market and go for it. I feel like all my hard work and sleepless nights have finally paid off!

I'll try to be better about writing here!

Oh m y new quest is to be on the Martha Stewart show. She is looking for crafty teachers. Look out NYC here I come. I love that city. I think that is the only regret I have in life is not atleast living there for a summer!