December 24, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

The ABC’s of The Kizerian’s 2009
Wishing you a Merry and Bright Holiday Season!
A – Autumn is busy with craft shows. School, church callings & keeping us all going.
B-Blessings we have seen many this year as both of us have continued to be employed & healthy minus a little scare this past month that has made me count my blessings even more.
C- Clarissa has started Kindergarten and is reading now. She will be selling Girl Scout cookies soon. E mail us your order.
D- Dirt, Yes, we have a dirt collector at our house (Hunter), He saw a big pile of dirt the other day that he wants Santa to bring him.
E-Energy, we have two kids who are full of it.
F-First Place, Hunter got first place at the fishing Derby in June.
G- Glasses, Clarissa got classes this summer, She is adjusting well but, does not like people to talk about them (she plays shy at times)
H- Hunter has adjusted well to his sister being in school but, he loves to go visit her.
I-Inquisitive, Hunter is always exploring. He can’t wait to go camping.
J-jumping, The kids keep us doing this. We are happy to have active children that love to run and play. Hunter is our acrobat.
K-Kent, completed his 20th year at Western Casework, despite the crummy economy he’s stayed employed.
L- Lego land, we went for a short family vacation
M- Michigan, Autumn and kids went to MI for a too short t trip this summer. They had lots of fun but, wish they could have stayed longer.
N-No tags, While mom was happy for a reprieve after the last hunting season, she was sad that Dad didn’t get any tags to partake in his favorite activity.
O-On our way to another exciting and great year.
P-PEEK, take one at our family blog
Q-Quiet, we don’t see much of that around here, but we enjoy life.
R-Red Head, Our read head is still the shinning star in our home, & keeps us hopping.
S-Salt Lake City, We were blessed to make 2 trips this past year, We got to see family, and Autumn got to go to one of her childhood friends wedding.
T-Teaching, Autumn is still teaching at the same Middle School (Clarissa goes to the elementary next door).
U- Unusual, Not a day is the same at our house.
V-Vinyl, mom continues to sell vinyl and decorating our house with it, she has even begun to do super Saturdays and craft classes and sell MICHE bags.
W- Walk America, Clarissa had her 5th annual walk team this year.
X- Excited- We are to go to Disneyland here in the next few days.
Y-You are all missed and loved.
Z- Zoo, The kids and I took our annual trip to the Toledo zoo this summer.

December 7, 2009

Do you ever feel like your world is crashing in on you?

OK a quick post for a few quick thoughts.

As my title states Do you ever feel like your world is crashing in on you?

Today was one of those days. Lots going on despite I somehow thought after my last craft show and the RS Christmas dinner that life would slow down. HA

Doesn't help I've had sick kids, sick husband and I'm now in my 8th week of going to doctors and having test to see what else is wrong besides my gallbladder. I've been making light of the fact that I keep failing test, (something I'm so not use to but, it's really dampening my mood). All the what ifs are getting to me. Making me feel like my world is crashing in. So today I had yet one more test. Hey only like 1 more to go from what I can see and I'm at the end of the scalpel. I wish doctors didn't have to practice medicine but, knew! Next they will have to start cutting into me. Anyway, I stopped at home to check on my sick daughter before I went to the test and low an behold her brother broke her glasses, not fixable UGH! At that moment it was my breaking point. I just cried, I don't think I was cring over the glasses but, it worked. I went on to have my test ( an MRI, which they said was open but, it was closed and then I was so luck y to get more junk shot into my body) and run my errands with a new stop the eye dr added to my list. As I stopped at Walmart for dinner ingredients (yummy Taco soup) I was minding my own business walking down the isle when a jar jumped of the shelf and fell on my basket and broke. I was kind of glad the lady coming towards me saw it to so I didn't think it was me. I now had proof that the world was crashing in on me. Funny but, that glass jar crashing on me was silly enough to lighten my spirits.

I know as the new year approaches I need to simplify my life. I need to look at what is really necessary. Sorry guys that doesn't mean I'll take the cute out but, I will try to do less. TRY is the key word here. I'm so scared that all these test are sending me this message to slow down.
I just pray for the best and for strength to endure whatever may lay ahead.

November 22, 2009

It's cookie exchange time!

Come one come all to the annual Cookie exchange. I have passed out some invites but, I know in my haste I have missed a few of you. I still have more to pass out. You're all welcome to come.
This is my first attempt at digital invites. Not to bad. I have had quite a time finding a date and time this year. Sorry for the late notice. I've had to change things on my calendar several times. Hence the reason it's starting a little early.

I'm so excited I love the cookie exchange! It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday!

Hope to see you there!

November 14, 2009

I did it again!

Yes, I did it again I got myself into something else. I just couldn't help myself, in case your wondering I do have my husbands support. I support him in his hunting, he supports me in my crazy business ventures! So what am I selling this time you ask. No, not candles, nope not food, Yes, I'm still crafting, Yes, it is an accessory. Give up???

It's purses. They have themes to them. Check them out.

It's one bag and in 3 seconds you can change the shell to make lots of possibilities. I know this has just been added to your Christmas list! It was added to mine immediately. I saw them last Saturday at my show. Went back to my booth and told Kent his Christmas shopping was done, could I please have $$ to go buy a purse. He relented, what husband wouldn't want to be done Christmas shopping the first Saturday in Nov.? I then found out I could sell them, I mean collect the shells. I got a large one which carried not one but, 2 sets of scriptures last Sunday. I dreamed all week, Did the math, some market research, Called my BFF and she agreed with me and then Asked my dear, sweet, kind husband for approval to invest. He asked a few questions, to which some he answered himself and said go for it, "You always make $$". See craft show season is coming to an end and well I don't want to have spare time.

I'm so excited I went tonight and signed my contract and picked up my bags and shells. I now own all the shells large and small. OK I know they are to sell but, for tonight they are all MINE!!!

Now, is the time I need your help. The first 3 people to book a party will get a FREE small shell!

Go check out the website.

Don't go ordering from there. Let me take care of all your handbag needs. I even have a few that are not on the website. I have a cool Skull one that your teens will love. Just think you can change your purse in seconds! I'm here to meet your Holiday needs. If you are in the Las Vegas area your purse will be ready in days. If you have a party I will bring purses that you can take home with you. I have some great specials to share with you!

Come see me at ...

Thanks Jen for the wonderful opportunity!
I have been working on 3 new ideas that will be debuting at this show. I can't wait to share them.

November 5, 2009

30 day challange

So I was giving my burnt fingers a break ( I was making bows for my upcoming shows) and visited my favorite blog. I hadn't been there in days. Been busy working.

SO I saw this 30 day giving challenge

SO I'm a little late but, Better late than never

I was just lamenting last night and was up in the wee hours of the morning perplexed over some giving problems. We are entering into my favorite time of year. I can't wait to get the Christmas trees up and to start baking. I'm ready for craft show season to be over and the fun season to begin. Craft show season funds the fun season. I'm so ready for the giving to begin.

Those of you who know me well know I don't like to let anyone know what I give. It ruins the magic of it for me. I do collect toys year round for this upcoming season. This year I feel like I have been especially blessed with great finds and have stocked up as I know this holiday season may be rough for lots of people.

I love giving. My mom taught me the beauty of it from a young age. Some of my fondest Christmas memories in all my life are those times I've been able to silently make a difference in others lives. I have a very hard time telling what I've done or aided others to do. I spent many Christmas blessed by the spirit of giving and feel fortunate and blessed to be able to give back now.

Back to the green velvet principle. One Christmas in my late teens I wanted nothing more than green velvet to make a holiday dress. I didn't want the fake stuff I wanted real velvet. It was not in our family budget, in fact Christmas realy wasn't in our budget. I'm not sure who figured out that it was my desire but, someone was listening. We came home one night and there was a box wrapped on our porch to me from Santa ( I believe, it said) It was a large box with green velvet in it. It was wonderful. (I'll have to find a picture of the dress I made and post it.) I loved that dress and wore it to many dances in college. In fact If I'm remembering right I got my first kiss in that dress. I still have a yard of that fabric left. I felt so loved making that dress, so blessed every time I wore it or saw it hanging in my closet. It's one of the first times I remember someone I didn't know doing something for me. I know it sounds crazy but, it inspired me. I believe it was also the same Christmas my mom made us buy a dress for another person, which is a long story. But, we didn't have the money for Christmas for our own family and she made us serve others. Yes, I said MADE. But, I learned from then it was always a choice to serve and no matter my circumstances I can always find a way to give something. From then out I have. I have instilled this in my children and will continue til the day I die as my mom has in me.

So as we enter into this blessed holiday season. join me in the 30 day challenge. Look for opportunities to give to others. Look for the less obvious opportunities. (It's amazing what you can hear in between peoples words if you are truely listening) I just ask one thing don't claim the fame, if it's not needed. I think part of the magic of my green velvet was the anyonminity of the gift. I speculate that my green velvet friend may come across my blog. Thank you, for allowing me the opportunity to be blessed and learn a lesson that has and will last me a life time.

I want to end my ever long post tonight by saying I'm so truly grateful for the opportunities my childhood afforded me. I'm grateful for paper routes, hand me downs, rough times and tears. It makes the life I live today sweeter. It makes me grateful for the small things. I have been blessed with a hard work ethic that has and will take me far.

It's the green velvet principle,
Are you with me?

From Keeping the Kingdom first
November 1st is here. Day 1 of The 30-Day Giving Challenge.
I invite you to take a leap of faith and give in some fashion every day this month. Think beyond monetary gifts. Couponers, open up your stockpiles. Bakers, share some pumpkin bread with a neighbor. Get creative!
Most importantly, ask God to lead you each day.
Just remember to write it down. Not in a boastful, look-how-generous-I-am kind of way. But to keep yourself accountable and be transformed.
Write down the blessings that come your way each day, too. Get your whole family on board!
Bloggers are in a unique position to inspire and encourage literally thousands of others to accept this giving challenge.

My 30 days has begun. regret to tell you however I will not share a lot of my experiences as I prefer to serve as my green velvet friends did.

October 26, 2009

We're still alive

Yes, we are still alive. It's been busy and I've been in a foul mood. So much has happened this month. I had a great show at Art in the Park, doubled my expectations. Then I had to get into an accident and there went that extra $$. I had a fun trip to St. George the night of my b day for witches night out. I just finished a nice weekend with my dad and sister with few pictures which continues to make me sad. Clarissa was in the primary program on Sunday and my mom came which was nice I was so happy that my dad was in town and that he and my sister came as well. I've had a busy week last week and this week does not look much better. I'm off to bed soon. To top off all the business I've not been feeling well but, have no time for sickness. I did buck up and go to the Doctor but, that has just lead to more test and appointments but, hopefully soon they will come to the conclusion it's my gallblader and just get it out so I can go on with my busy life.

I'll stop now or I'll rant forever. Just checking in that I'm alive.

September 24, 2009

My baby girl is 5!

My curly red head! At the beach

Showing her red haired attitude off! Still adorable, which causes all the problems.

I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I was spending 2 days of my life in labor. Praying that my baby girl would be OK. It was definitely one of the scariest and happiest days of my life. A true faith promoting experience.

Clarissa arrived 6 weeks early and had kept up on our toes ever since.

I can't imagine our house with out our little red head. OK I can, it would be quiet and pink less. But, it would not be the same. Clarissa you bring so much joy into our lives. There is never a dull moment with you around. I love your quick Witt, and zest for life. I love your determination, I like to think that's what kept you in the NICU for only 8 days. You are your mothers daughter. I love how you like to plan a party and create. I love how you are your daddy's little girl. I love the way you love your brother and you share with him.

Some of the things Clarissa loves right now are:

  • Camp Rock- This is the theme for her party

  • cooking
  • Barbies
  • paper
  • crafting
  • jackets/ sweaters
  • PJ's
  • clothes
  • shopping
  • party planning
  • zebras, monkeys and dolphins
Happy Birthday baby girl!

We love you!

She learned to make Cheese fries in cooking class. She loves to make them for her family.


Mom, Dad and Hunter

September 10, 2009

2 years running!

I am a huge fan of Tip Junkie and for the 2nd year in a row our/ my ward super Saturday has been featured! I feel like I make the Oprah of blogs when this happens.
To bad I don't get to walk down the red carpet. Oh well, I'm just here peeling away preparing for the big day! Now I'll never sleep.

I know I'm silly but, hey aren't all crafty people.
Check it out. If you are checking us out from Tip Junkie! thanks. If you are interested in supplies/ patterns/ vinyl or more please e mail me at lollipopsandbows or visit one of my blogs at Super Saturday kits or lollipopsand bows . Sorry for the shameless plugs! You know all stars have them. Can't wait for the big day! thanks Tip Junkie readers for reading us!

I hope I don't get the boot for my plugs, I'm so excited! Laurie probably thinks I'm a nut!

September 9, 2009


The pictures are from out trip to Michigan this summer. Hunter at the Park w/ Keb(v)in and Rissa after getting her face painted at the zoo with yaya!
Tonight I was once again reminded of reasons to be thankful for the trials of my youth and the blessings of the life I live today. I know my Heavenly Father allowed me to have experiences so that I may feel empathy for others! I am so thankful for those experiences and the faith they taught me! As I have often said I am who am today because of my yesterdays, most especially my youth that taught me that I have a loving HF!
I have always said I am who I am because of the some total of my experience. At times that may be good and at times that may be not so good. Unfortunately for some (not me), I was able to learn things in my youth that I would not have been able to learn otherwise. I leaned a work etichic and faith that only my life could have taught me. I have lived it and have a testimony of it! I know our Heavenly Father has a plan for us. I know at times I have been unsure of that plan and I have even questioned him and questioned experiences but, they have allowed me the opportunity to grow, for that I am thankful.
I know as life's challenges come my way I have learned in a way many have not had the opportunity to know, that my Heavenly Father will provide and carry me through. He has provided me with opportunities to exercise faith. As I write this tonight I am reflecting upon blessings and promises I have been given. I sometimes feel sorry that my family may have had to experience times so I could learn. I only hope it helped them to grow stronger.
Tonight as I was sharing the power of faith with a friend, I was reminded once again of it's power in my life. I keep thinking I need to start a faith blog but, don't want my name associated with it, not because I'm embarrassed by my faith promoting experiences but, because I told them sacred yet, feel others may be able to learn from them, the may be able to use them to gain hope. To know to hang on. The light will come. They will know that Heavenly Father does know when you are at the end of your rope and he will send you another. Often times it' not when you think it's the end but, when he knows it is. I know he does not give us more than we can handle. I also know he will give us as much and will test us.
I am so thankful for my relationship with the savior. That I am able to go to him. That I know he will carry me through the darkest storms, and celebrate my victories of life. I know he will never leave me fighting the battles of life alone but, he will allow me the opportunities to fight them for myself at times. I know he will work miracles through others, he will turn around planes if he needs to. I know he can move mountains and if I need to he will give me the power to do so as well.
I am so thankful for my many blessings in this time of economic crisis. I'm thankful for the insight to change careers, for the career and education that I have. For my husbands willingness to work and support of me working. I'm thankful for a family that supports me in that. I know it takes sacrifice on their parts as well. Tonight I am indeed counting my blessings.

I won again!

Check out this blog baggie taggies ! I won 4 of them. Hunter chose zoom. Clarissa chose Rainbow and I got the black and red damask for Kent and I for luggage.

I think these would be awesome package toppers for b day presents and Christmas presents. Check them out. I'm ordering a few more for the above purpose!

Thanks Kristi! you rock!
can't wait to share when they arrive

September 3, 2009

Fairy Daddy?

Some girls want a fary godmother not my daughter she wants a fairy Daddy?
Clarissa just offered her dad a kiss and a hug if he'd be a fairy for Halloween. She was assigning costumes. She is Sleeping Beauty, Hunter is a knight ( so he can rescue her) and I got the evil lady and Kent got the fairy. We haven't se...en a commtment on Kent's part yet.
Gotta love our little red headed planner girl.
My little planner is at it again. She is simoutanouly planning 2 parties (yes, one is not good enough for her). She is planning her 5th birthday that is a camp rock/ cooking party and a Halloween party.

Our Sleeping Beauty.
Yes, she likes to sleep with the mask on her head.

So precious who wouldn't want to be her Knight or fairy?
Especially if you get a hug AND a kiss!

September 2, 2009

Souper Saturday!

FINISHED! Check it out. I need better pictures. I think I want to turn this into a business. Yes, it's me thinking again but, one of the projects I've done.... If you are in the Las Vegas area come join us. If you want to order a kit if you are not that is great too. I'm hoping to do some kits for other wards too. Spread the word!

OK I'm for real. I want to do Super Saturday project kits! So if your ward is looking for some help. Look no further. I'm willing to travel up to 150 miles away from Las Vegas if the order is over $250.00. I can send you the kits with or with out wood (for shipping purposes). I would provide you with sign up sheets. Access to blog post about the projects. All you would have to do is show up. Of course the fees will be a little more than on he blog above as that was for my ward. I love ya but, not giving my services away. Let me know if I can help! I'll have a post soon on my Lollipops and Bows site!

August 29, 2009


Just a few thoughts from this week.

I put a cute note in Clarissa's lunch that said Clarissa, we heart U! Heart, mom & dad.
So I asked her if she got the note. She replied, yeah I threw it on the floor. What did it say? So then the next morning she asked for another note. It was still in her lunch box when she got home.

Tonight at dinner Kent asked C what is your favorite part of school? C: Coming home. She is excited to go to school every day so I'm not to worried. I decided it's a compliment that she likes to come home. I know some kids don't. At least we know she likes us.

On the 2nd day of school she had a shelter in place due to sewer backup that smelled like gas. I teach next door and was in SIP as well. I guess they taped the door and said it was so liquid didn't get in. C's version is the teacher taped the door so the liquid didn't get in and they die. She was real upset. Which I understand. Death is very real to her right now as her grandma died just a few weeks ago. She was worried about my and my kids next door and wanted to know if we were going to die too and if I taped my door. She is such a kind girl.

She is doing great in school and is such a trooper getting up at 6 every morning, to shower and get ready for school. I can't believe how big she's getting.

August 24, 2009

First day of Kindergarden

So I uploaded the pictures backwards. But, here they are! Waiting to be picked up at the end of the day

Look at that tired face!

On her way in w/ Dad in the morning. She looks a little scared in this picture!

In her room, finding her seat.

Outside the house in the picture spot. Hard to believe that almost 5 years ago I brought her home and took her picture here. WOW my baby is growing up. Now she is a Husky! H. Huskies can do lots of things. Check out the outfit. It took us a long time in Gymboree to find just the right one. OK for us to agree on one. She wanted jeans or a sweat suit, I wanted a dress, we settled for this skort kind of outfit.

All I heard was it was a green card day! If you get to black they call your parents. She promised she'll never get to black. Her goal for this week is 5 green cards. She got to play on the big and little playground. She did not get to play with the kitchen (like she doesn't have one at home, that she plays with all the time). She learned the days of the week. She only ate 2 PB crackers and her apple sauce. She said she ran out of time. Her teacher is Ms. Linares. We are so excited for a great year.

My school year started off great as well. I have some great co teachers. My classes are a bit full but, that will change in time. My school if full of change this year and it will be a fun exciting year.

August 11, 2009

Ramblings of my sleepless night

My mind is racing with all the things that need to be done in the next few weeks. I should clarify that I have has a nice long vacation. I have visitied with family and friends, gone to the beach and amusement park (legoland), cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, my closet and have a healthy start of my craft room. Floors have been cleaned, beds moved. While my to do list has not been completed it has been worked on.

So you see I have had a productive summer.

I had a few more things planned. A buying trip to LA and a trip to the buying show which is in town this week (I didn't feel right leaving my kids after telling them their grandma had died) but, things change. Kent' s step mom passed away on Friday night and Life's responsibilities are more important. I also found out Friday I get to move my classroom (now, I'm not complaining about this, I'm moving out of the hall with all the loud 8th graders, I love to teach them but, their hallway behavior kills me). I am also in charge of our quarterly enrichment that will be next Tuesday night and Super Saturday that is in a month. I'm putting on a craft show/ open house with a friend. Oh did I mention I still have a family you know 2 kids, a husband, 3 dogs. I'm trying to be as helpful as possible with funeral arrangements and pack to leave soon. Probably in 28 hours from now. Plus I can't sleep! My mind is racing. So I'm here blogging a boring post but, maybe it will help me decompress. It's time to once again start my engines and get going. I'm a busy person. I stay busy if you my calendar is quite booked from now til Thanksgiving. I reserve December for me and my choice of fun activities. I guess it's only just begun.

I'm so thankful to believe Families are Forever. It made telling my children so much easier. Their simple faith is amazing. Hunter took the news well and accepts the fact that Grandma is in heaven with Heavenly Father. Rissa was sad and had engaged in some interesting questions.
* If Grandma is in Heaven, Where is Santa Clause?
* Can I take my blanket to Heaven?
* Is there food there?
* Did Grandma leave me a couch? (This comes from my mom telling the kids that she will give our couch back when she dies.)

This is one of my favorites
C: Mommy you'll dies someday and go to Heaven then it will be Daddy, Hunter and Me.
M: yes,
C: Daddy will die someday and then it will be Hunter and ME
M: yes
C: Hunter I love YOU-in a sweet voice.
H: Sister it's OK we all go live with Heavenly Father. His voice was so loving and concerned. Trying to assure her all would be well.

(secretly I'm just glad I get to be the first to die)

Hunter just wants to send Grandma a balloon up in the sky.

I feel so sad for my brother in law who is 14. His first day of High school was to be on Thursday instead he will be attending his mothers funeral. I remember his Kindergarten graduation. I can't believe he is going to High School.

Clarissa starts Kindergarten in a week and a half. I'm so excited for her to go to school. To learn and to make friends. I'm scared for her, scared people will be mean to her, scared she won't fit in. I think maybe some of my elementary school days are coming back. She's ready with lots of new clothes, a new hairstyle, new glasses and new shoes are coming. I've ordered pencils with her name on them. I'm scared I don't know what cool things to pack in her lunch either.

August 6, 2009

Local Shooting Park needs our help.

Clark County Shooting Park Needs Your Support!Please Contact the BLM Today!
The Clark County Shooting Park is a 3,000 acre park outside of Las Vegas that is devoted entirely to the shooting sports. It was created by an Act of Congress that transferred land to Clark County from the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Not long after the transfer, some local residents filed a lawsuit to close down the shooting park. The federal judge dismissed their charges, but ordered the BLM to complete some environmental studies.

An Environmental Assessment with a "Finding of No Significant Impact" (FONSI) has been completed and is open for public comment until Wednesday, September 2. The same people who sued the shooting park, along with their allies, plan to bury BLM with letters demanding a more extensive environmental analysis as another form of harassment against the shooting park.

Since comments are not limited to Nevada residents, we are asking that NRA members from around the country send comments to BLM in order to counter comments by the shooting park's opposition. A large number of supportive letters will also positively influence BLM decisions on other shooting areas and ranges nationwide.

If you shoot recreationally, it is important the BLM hear from you. Gun control advocates and radical environmental activists are trying to shut down shooting ranges or keep them from opening across the country, so it is important that BLM hear from you. Please take a few minutes to send Mr. Bob Ross, BLM Las Vegas Field Manager, your comments supporting the Environmental Assessment and recommending that the FONSI be approved and that the environmental review process be completed. His address is: 4701 North Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130. The environmental assessment is available online at

I look forward to this park opening so that my children can have a place in the future to practice their marksmanship. A skill many people have lost. This is something we do as a family. Remember gun's don't kill people do. If you teach your children responsibility they will be responsible. It is also important for them to have a place to practice their skills.

If you don't like it move on don't leave your nasty posts. We live in America so we can have Freedom. I'm expressng mine.

August 3, 2009

Lucky year 7

7 years ago today Monday August 3rd, 2002-

I married my best friend. They say opposites attract and Kent and I are opposite in lots of ways. But, I love him for that on most days. (OK, that rhymed so I had to say it). I love the way he ALWAYS loves me. When life is rough and I may be ready to runaway he reminds me we are in this for the long haul. I don’t know about many of you but,the first year of married life was difficult. It might have something to do with getting married at almost 28 and having has so many years of freedom. Plus I was in the middle of my masters program. But, we made it through. I’m so happy that he’s happy he’s stuck with me for an eternity.

Kent I love you. I know I don’t say it enough, that I let our busy lives get in the way but, I do. I appreciate you!

7 reasons I love you!

1. You are a great DAD- Clarissa is your princess and Hunter is your camping buddy. I never worry that our kids are safe when they are with you. I know you protect them and love them as much as I do. I love how Hunter misses you when your at work and Rissa wants it to be Monday! You understand that Rissa has nothing in her full closet of clothes to wear. You enjoy Daddy/ daughter and Daddy/ son dates and your children love them too.

2. You build me custom furniture- Your patient with my specifications and changes in the middle of building projects. You don’t whine about my endless list of honey do’s to build. I have an awesome Kitchen and addition you’ve built for me. I know I come up with projects faster than you can build them. Thank you!

3. You like to spend time with us- There is nothing you enjoy more than spending time with the kids and I. You don’t think Hunting and shooting are for boys and you can’t wait to share that with not only your kids but, with me too. You want us to love the things you love. You like taking us to Disneyland. On the other hand I love that you encourage us to go and do even when you can’t, You’re OK with us going to my dad’s for summer and holidays,to Disney with friends. You never complain when I'm away about having time with Clarissa and Hunter.
4. You love a good sale- I love the fact that you understand my sale fetish. That you will suggest we go to another Target. That you think my present closet is cool (that you even made me shelves for it). That you know what gymbucks are!

5. Your a big kid at heart- You understand that kids need toys and so do adults. When I really want a new toy (like a vinyl machine) you help make it happen. I think you like some toys more than the kids. Like Star Wars and Legos.

6. You support all my dreams- You’ve been supportive as I’ve take 32 additional graduate credits in 2 years. Encouraged me to sell my hair bows and vinyl, to do craft shows and make my dreams come true. When I decide I want to own a new business or buy something. You let me talk it through and support me in what I decide. You don’t discourage or stifle my dreams. You understand my need to be more. You know that someday I will most likely be in a PHD program and as long as I’m happy your happy.
7. You make me laugh- You don’t take life to seriously. I have a habit of being to serious about things and you let me know it’s OK. You’ve taught me to laugh at the spilt milk on my new wood floor instead of cry. To find humor in things. Life is not all up tight and serious.

Kent- I LOVE YOU! Thank you for 7 great years. I look forward to at least 43 more. Remember you promised me 50 years and I get to die first.

July 18, 2009

Off to build w/ Legos

I said I was going to sleep tonight. and I tried. But, this stupid bronchitis is not letting me. I'm sure I'll get a few hours in the car. We are off to legoland in about 45 minutes. I'm hoping this trip is alot better than the trip 3 years ago. To start with I can't find my camera but, small kind. The kids are excited. Rissa found the map in my purse today and was way to excited. She was trying to convince me it would be cold enough to wear jackets. She found all the people in the picture w/ jackets. Which was funny it was 116 here today. We also picked up Clarissa's glasses today, I'd share pictures but, yeah my pink camera is MIA. I'm hoping I just can't see it in the dark car, or that one of my kids knows where it is. We have Kent's so we'll have pictures, I just hate losing things. I feel so stupid, especially because I usually hide them from myself. I got lots of ribbon cut to make bows while riding.

To our unplanned amazement it is Lego Club weekend, I'm hoping that doesn't make the park crowded. Don't worry we have our Lego Club memberships. Yes, Kent restrained himself to only 2. since we only have 2 kids.

I can't wait to see what fun things we can ride and build.

Have a great weekend.

July 14, 2009

Lego land T shirts


I suffer from self diagnosed OCD.  So planning a trip can be fun. I think everyone needs to match.  Which is fine when I’m taking my 2 kids. ( I know they will need therapy someday).   We are going to Lego land this weekend.  and well the color for the first day is RED.  we must all wear RED!  I know, it’s a bit much for some of you but, I need to be able to find everyone and my mind is slowly going. I just have to remember RED.  I wanted it to be AQUA but, thought the boys may kill me. My 9 year old Nephew said he’d wear it but, I could tell he was being nice. 

So if we have to have a shirt let’s make it a special shirt.  Well for the kids at least.  Jacob is so nice he’s playing along.  Thanks Jacob!


So my creative mind has been building Lego shirts. 

Here is the final product. 


This is Hunter’s shirt w/ Primary colored Legos.


Here is Rissa’s. I used girl colored legos. It would probably look a little nicer on a different color shirt but, RED is the color of the day.


Here is Jacob’s shirt. He put his Lego guys in his.  They come out easily. I put a secret compartment so legos can be added and taken out. 


So tell me what do you think.  I have thought of a whole new line of products.  I was thinking of an I Love Legos’s shirt. 

The pockets come off easily and it can be put on any shirt.  It is easy to clean. 

I’ll tell you about the durability when we return.  I’m excited. I’ve shown them to a few people and they thought they were cool.


Let me know if you want to order one.  I have a few more ideas in my head too.  I spy shirts coming soon. 


**  This is your official warning: If you ever plan to go on vacation with me your kids may be wearing an AJ Original, as seen above.  Ask Christy, her kids have been tortured as well.  My kids are tortured all the time.  I didn’t for the zoo this year.  I have matching Lady bug outfits for Sunday.  If I finish Rissa’s pants and Hunter’s top.  Jacob kindly declined some Ladybug shorts.  They aren’t girly.  I need to get sewing!

Legoland T shirts

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July 12, 2009

Rissa's getting Glasses

Here she is getting her eyes examined. Dr. Davis is the best. He was very through. She even told him how DR.'s are mean. She asked him for Green eyes and he gave them to her for a few minutes. When he dialted her eyes. Below is her Green eye picture.

I let her choose 2 pair of glasses, it was cheaper to buy 2 pair and let's face it she's only 4 years old.
This was her first choice. It was so hard to choose with all the Barbie, HSM and Disney stickers on the glasses.
These are pink and purple on the inside (you can hardly see it). They are the flex frames. I'll admit they were not my first choice. But, I am not wearing them, and she is very picky about what she wears.

These were my first choice and Rissa's second. I don't remember what name was on them. She looks so smart in them. I'm hoping now she will be more interested in reading.

When we went to leave she was very upset she couldn't take them with her. I fear she thinks they are a fashion accessory. We all knows she loves those. She told the lady "If I can't take them with me then I won't be back". We finally convinced her they had to send them to CA and she would get them soon.
She was very funny as she went through her list of friends and family. She things she now looks like my sister Jessica or (yaya), she called her as we were leaving the Dr.'s office. She was only concerned one friend would laugh at her, which I think would be the last friend to laugh. She is concerned what others think. So if you see her when she gets them back. You might want to tell her how nice they are.

Of all the things we that could have been from her premature birth this is so mild. Cognitively I believe she is fine. But, we have worked with her to keep her up. We'll see once she starts school but, I don't think she has any developmental delays, just an attitude. I can hardly believe my baby will be starting Kinder in a month and be 5 soon. It seems like just yesterday my water was breaking 5 weeks and 5 days to soon. That I was so scared, and watch my husband have an amazing amount of faith that all would be well with our little Princess. She came 6 weeks to soon and has been excited about life ever since. That red haired attitude that can give us all grief, gave her strength to only spend 1 week in the NICU and to beat all odds in life. We love our little spitfire and are never sure what she will be up to next.
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July 11, 2009

It's time to get busy!

I've spent the past couple of weeks debating on this year craft show season. I just didn't feel like I had the energy to teach full time, Be a good mommy to a 5yo and 3 yo, be a wife, keep my house in order, fill my Church calling and so craft shows. Last season Kent was off hunting a lot, this year he will be around. That should make it easier. I was talking with one of my crafty friends and just felt the need to once again GO FOR IT! with the economy as it is, extra money is always nice. Plus it's nice to meet new people. So now I have to begin making. I can't decide what first. Bows are always my favorite and best sellers. Plus some vinyl. I have to say my mind is going 1,ooo miles a minute now. I have committed myself to 2 shows in Oct. I'm thinking of 2 in November and then maybe just maybe break my no shows after Thanksgiving rule and do Doodlebug or one in Henderson. I may sneak a few small shows in but, this sound like enough for this busy girl. I'm hoping to do more home parties, they are a lot less stressful and usually just as productive. Happy Crafting. Guess I need to get my room cleaned up and start making. I'm still hoping to get my website up and running too. Wish me luck. Summer is about half over for me. Still more post to come.

July 7, 2009

We're back

Yes, we are back for 11 days until we take off on our next mini vacation. Next stop Legoland.

We got home from MI on the 4th at around 10 pm. Just enough time to catch some fireworks, sleep. go to church and take off again for Primm, NV for our Freecation, with my mom and nephew.

Our freecation was fun. full of lots of waiting including going 5 MPH on I 15 to get there.

Our trip to MI was fast and fun. Yes, we were gone for 12 days but, we are use to a lot more, about twice that time so it seemed like a whirl wind. While it was good, I didn't get to spend alot of time with a lot of people. We did make our annual trip to the zoo to check on baby Kahli (the orangutans) and baby Louie (the elephant). Clarissa went tubing behind the jet ski for the first time. (I can't believe I have a child old enough to do that). I got my annual sun burn and Hunter got his fill of sand. We were able to visit my Great Aunts and all the grandparents.

This sparked an interest in Clarissa as to how our bizarre family works. How we have so many Grand parents. It was funny to hear her come up with questions. For example, Granny (Elise, my step mom) is Jessica's mom right mommy? Me: yes Rissa: Jessica is your sister right? Me: Yes, Rissa: Then Granny is your mommy. Me: No, Tutu is my mommy. Rissa: then why is Jessica your sister? Me: Because Poppy is my Dad and Jessica's dad. Rissa: Just thinking away.

We went to the scrap box one of our favorite stops and a new place Jungle Java. I was lucky enough to score 2 new Vera Bradly items, a large tote and a purse. I'm in GRITS heaven. I so miss shopping in KY and MI.

Now I'm back to reality. I'll try to catch up and post pictures. I did get the fridge cleaned out today. It's almost 2 am so I think I'll go to bed and so 2 cupboards tomorrow. My goal is to clean out the cupboards, it seems so overwhelming. So I'm going to break it down. This should help. Let's hope. I have more cupboard space than the average girl, thanks to my dear husband, and I have no room. Time to dejunk. I was hoping to go to a FREE movie tomorrow but, looks like that may be canceled due to MJ's death. Oh well, lots of fun phone calls to make and work to do. Rooms to decorate and rearrange. The sooner I get it all done the sooner I can play and not feel bad.

June 23, 2009

I won I won

Ok a quick post to thank Tip Junkie.

Check it out I won the brithday dress. I'm so excited. YAHOO for me! I finally won someting.

It's late and the kids are packed, I had to make a few last minute bows for Clarissa, I have not been pushing the bow issue lately as she informed me the other day "I hate bows" I wanted to cry. I think it's having her hair brushed that she hates. We took our Easter pictures 2 1/2 months late today so, now she can get her hair cut as she wishes.

The kids and I are leaving tomorrow evening for a trip to my dad in MI til the 4th. There is so much to write about. I'm hoping to get caught up when I get back. I'll list a few things to jog my bad memory when I return.

  • Free Fishing day- Hunter won 1st place in his age 0-5 and Kent won 1st in the adult division
  • Kent won yet, another gun at the Mule Deer foundation dinner.
  • I taught summer school for 11 days at Monaco, the school I began my career at. I miss Monaco.
  • Jacob is here for the summer.
  • I began part of my summer cleaning. Rissa's room is rearranged and just need to redo her closet and hang pictures, my room had begun. Kent has a to do list for while we are gone.
  • I've read 2 books so far this summer. WOW!
  • As I stil I'm trying to decide what to take on vaca to keep my busy. I think Imay take my custom jewelery kit I bought a year ago and never find the time to pay with. I want to work on my store and get things going. I don't want to do as many shows.

Just a thougt on my shows. I love doing craft shows however, I do not love the time they take away from my family. I recently hear a story of a mom who walked away from a PHD program that was paid for, for the sake of her children. It has made me think about my priorities. I have put any further education on hold (yes, I said hold, the deepest desires of my heart tell me I wan a PHD. I have a yearning for education I can not explain. I love going to school and I love learning) but, still fill my time with other things. I need to prioritize and decide what is truely important. I'm hoping to do more online and home parties. At my last few home parties I've done so well and it's so much easier than a craft show. My ROI is so much higher as well.

OK I need to get to bed. Still have things to do like teach tomorrow. Pack my stuff, plane bag (goodies to keep the kids occupied since sleep in never an option for them).

Not sure I'll have access to this for a while. Have a great week and Happy 4th.

June 18, 2009

Check it out!

One of my faveorite blogs is not a blog anymore. Tip Junkie's got dot com!
Check it out. I find all kinds of great ideas and blogs to follow.

I was even feature on here once upon a time. I'm hoping to do something great again someday!

So get your move on and go visit.

June 10, 2009

For Kids with Eczema, a Simple Solution - The Checkup -

For Kids with Eczema, a Simple Solution - The Checkup -

I tried this a few weeks ago with Hunter and it worked well. Just thought I'd pass it on. It also makes the bathroom smell clean. Something mine doesn't always do since I've been married and had kids.

Have a fun summer. Don't forget to check the summer fun blog.

June 7, 2009




I was so excited for summer to come. I was looking forward to a new routine. Sandboxes and water play. Parks, Movies and cleaning my house.  I had a grand plan in my head.  We weren’t going anywhere until I had things organized.


Then I woke up.

First my dad e mailed me with a great deal 3 tickets to MI for less than $400.00, that and the fact that just the previous night Clarissa had prayed to go to Poppy’s. I couldn’t say NO so we are off for 11 days of fun at the lake and will be there for the annual 4th of July celebration, Fireworks right in front of us, so FUN! 

Then an offer came to teach Summer school from Tuesday, (Monday is teachers last day) and then I will teach till we leave.  Have you ever wanted something but, didn’t? That’s how I feel about summer school.  Really the only part of it I want is the $$ so I will do it.  (I keep telling myself, it’s a house payment, 2 trips to DL after annual passes, lots of scrapbook, an YUDU, or any other thing on my wish list)It’s only 11 days and will provide me with more then 11 days of fun. The reality in all of this is I’m looking at July 5th before I can really start my dream summer.

On my defense. I did start on Rissa’s room tonight and got her bed moved. How much stuff can be behind a 4 year olds bed?  We found last summer’s missing sandle. Polly pocket and Barbie accessories, Wrappers from food she keeps sneaking. (Any advise on sneaky kids?) I like it a lot for now. She still needs a new bed but, this one will do. 

Tomorrow I will finish her closet and do laundry.  I’m so excited my BFF has classes down here this next week. I was triple excited till I realized a week isn’t that long when you with people you like. It’s forever when you don’t like the person. 


Saturday Kent and I went to the Mule Deer foundation dinner in St. George. we had 12 1/2 hours away from kids.  OK I called BFF and she met me to do some shopping. Kent went to sporting goods stores and we went to girl store. Roberts, Kohl’s, Down East, and then I went to Krumpet’s.  I started the day by getting my hair cut. I hate getting it cut in Vegas. My stylist moved and I can never find anyone who listens.  I got a really short cut for me.  So far I love it.  Should be easy and fun for the summer.  Kent was lucky an won a new gun. Just what he needs.


My list are made for summer and I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished.  scrap room cleaned and organized. Kitchen painted. Vinyl hung in my own house. (I think it’s a sin to sell something and not use it yourself).  Hunter’s room redecorated since he has a big boy bed. 


Hello summer. and I really am greatful for the extra work. I just wish I’d had one day off but, in today’s economy a job is a job.  I’m most excited because I’m going back to my old middle school that I love. 

June 2, 2009

Sign up - Windows Live

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Check this out. I knew their had to be an easier way to do this. 

Sign up - Windows Live

This maybe the best kept secret. 

adding pictures was/ is so easy.  SFCatalog_p01 000_0002  My little Chef. She learned to make cheese fries at cooking class. 

WOW. I may get it all up and running even with adding a few more work days to my school year!

you can change the fonts so easily.  Now I just have to figure out how to do it to more than one blog. Look out blog I come! No more excuses!


thanks Julia!

I may be a pro blogger soon. Ok that’s a little much but this is so cool!

May 30, 2009


Life is busy with the end of the school year. I have so much to blog about and hope to get that done this week. I need to get things ready for a class I'm teaching this week and house work done so I just wanted to record these 2 isms.

Hunter got a new slide bed this week. Friday morning he was sliding down and screamed loud and we heard a big bang. He came running in the living room and was crying. "I need blood, Mommy I need blood". We always tell him no blood no pain. I'm guess he was in a lot of pain so he needed some blood to prove it. He has a nick on his nose. It was to funny.

Tonight Hunter and I ran to my fave. grocery store (bargin post to come, maybe) any way. He got animal crackers on sale for 35 cents. We got a few boxes. He went to show sister. SHe asked "Hunter did you buy me some" Hunter replied " No, sister". Clarissa replies in her drama voice "Oh, brother, you've broken my heart". Yes, her first broken heart over a box of animal crackers. Much to her relief her mom did buy her some.

Kids say the darndest things.

More to come. We've had a great weekend family fun for FREE!

May 20, 2009

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new vinyl toy

Look now I can make stick figures. I'm hoping to figure this out. I just learned one thing new! Yahoo I may have my website up by the end of summer! I have hundreds of choices. Order your stick figure family today. half off the first 5 orders.
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May 19, 2009

graduation outfit round 2

Remember the graduation outfit I did not like. The one Clarissa had to have See post below. Well today I came home from work and she no longer likes it. For all the reasons I tried to talk her out of it.
But, she is one unlucky girl today as I've been sick for 9 days and had a DR apt at 4:40. I am the proud, OK not so proud owner of pharyngitis. So no trips to the mall for a new outfit. She'll have to wear a sweater to keep warm. She's always cold and I knew that shirt would not work for that reason. I thought she might talk her dad into a trip to the mall but, they were still here when we got home. So no such luck. I'm dreading the clothes issues when she's a teen. But, as my mom reminds me I created the monster.
** She does still remember I get to pick the Kinder grad outfit! **

May 18, 2009

Preschool graduation suckers

This is my attempt at the below creation. I did not use the chocolate squares as they are filled and I knew preschoolers won't like them. I'm using all different colors of the extreme sour strings. This was my trail run. I will make them all tomorrow night. I think they look pretty good. I'm sure 4 year olds will like them. Now to find a saying to go with them. My reese cups do not look as nice as thiers. But,I can't control that. I found this on Bakerilla. I think this is my new favorite site!

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New Sand Box

Hunter has been wanting a sand box. It is on his Dad's to do list but, so are many other things. I saw this grand idea on another blog and here we are. A box with sand.

Clarissa and Hunter playing in the sand box (under the bed box with sand. We got Blue, Purple and pink(saved for a later time)). Hunter was a bit upset as he wanted to get IN the sandbox so:

Here is IN the sand box having fun. I much prefer we stay OUT of the sandbox and get less sand on up but, we can't all be clean freaks.

Getting sand on his feet

Freshly dumped sand, New toys and all. Who knew they had colored sand. Just wishing they had green and orange. Maybe someday! If your looking for the colored sand we found ours at Walmart (outside, in front of the store) we looked forever inside. We got the box at target and for less than $30.00 we have a sandbox. Hunter was quite upset that we would not bring it in the house when we were finished. I think this will work great til the "real" one gets built. I'm also going to take out some round buckets (the ones we use for pick a duck) and let them play in the water. I do have to admit I was cringing as they were mixing the sand colors. It was good therapy. I think.
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1 st Father Son Campout

Hunter playing in the sand

Their sleeping accommodations

Relaxing by the fire!

Kent and Hunter went on their First Father/ Son camp out. It was a ward activity. They never found the rest of the ward but, did find another lost family. They still had lots of fun. It's been 3 days and Hunter is still talking about it.
Rissa on the other hand was not so happy. She was up til 1 am winning that her dad did not take her. and all that goes along with that. She lived and was SO HAPPY to see her dad when he got home!