September 24, 2009

My baby girl is 5!

My curly red head! At the beach

Showing her red haired attitude off! Still adorable, which causes all the problems.

I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I was spending 2 days of my life in labor. Praying that my baby girl would be OK. It was definitely one of the scariest and happiest days of my life. A true faith promoting experience.

Clarissa arrived 6 weeks early and had kept up on our toes ever since.

I can't imagine our house with out our little red head. OK I can, it would be quiet and pink less. But, it would not be the same. Clarissa you bring so much joy into our lives. There is never a dull moment with you around. I love your quick Witt, and zest for life. I love your determination, I like to think that's what kept you in the NICU for only 8 days. You are your mothers daughter. I love how you like to plan a party and create. I love how you are your daddy's little girl. I love the way you love your brother and you share with him.

Some of the things Clarissa loves right now are:

  • Camp Rock- This is the theme for her party

  • cooking
  • Barbies
  • paper
  • crafting
  • jackets/ sweaters
  • PJ's
  • clothes
  • shopping
  • party planning
  • zebras, monkeys and dolphins
Happy Birthday baby girl!

We love you!

She learned to make Cheese fries in cooking class. She loves to make them for her family.


Mom, Dad and Hunter

September 10, 2009

2 years running!

I am a huge fan of Tip Junkie and for the 2nd year in a row our/ my ward super Saturday has been featured! I feel like I make the Oprah of blogs when this happens.
To bad I don't get to walk down the red carpet. Oh well, I'm just here peeling away preparing for the big day! Now I'll never sleep.

I know I'm silly but, hey aren't all crafty people.
Check it out. If you are checking us out from Tip Junkie! thanks. If you are interested in supplies/ patterns/ vinyl or more please e mail me at lollipopsandbows or visit one of my blogs at Super Saturday kits or lollipopsand bows . Sorry for the shameless plugs! You know all stars have them. Can't wait for the big day! thanks Tip Junkie readers for reading us!

I hope I don't get the boot for my plugs, I'm so excited! Laurie probably thinks I'm a nut!

September 9, 2009


The pictures are from out trip to Michigan this summer. Hunter at the Park w/ Keb(v)in and Rissa after getting her face painted at the zoo with yaya!
Tonight I was once again reminded of reasons to be thankful for the trials of my youth and the blessings of the life I live today. I know my Heavenly Father allowed me to have experiences so that I may feel empathy for others! I am so thankful for those experiences and the faith they taught me! As I have often said I am who am today because of my yesterdays, most especially my youth that taught me that I have a loving HF!
I have always said I am who I am because of the some total of my experience. At times that may be good and at times that may be not so good. Unfortunately for some (not me), I was able to learn things in my youth that I would not have been able to learn otherwise. I leaned a work etichic and faith that only my life could have taught me. I have lived it and have a testimony of it! I know our Heavenly Father has a plan for us. I know at times I have been unsure of that plan and I have even questioned him and questioned experiences but, they have allowed me the opportunity to grow, for that I am thankful.
I know as life's challenges come my way I have learned in a way many have not had the opportunity to know, that my Heavenly Father will provide and carry me through. He has provided me with opportunities to exercise faith. As I write this tonight I am reflecting upon blessings and promises I have been given. I sometimes feel sorry that my family may have had to experience times so I could learn. I only hope it helped them to grow stronger.
Tonight as I was sharing the power of faith with a friend, I was reminded once again of it's power in my life. I keep thinking I need to start a faith blog but, don't want my name associated with it, not because I'm embarrassed by my faith promoting experiences but, because I told them sacred yet, feel others may be able to learn from them, the may be able to use them to gain hope. To know to hang on. The light will come. They will know that Heavenly Father does know when you are at the end of your rope and he will send you another. Often times it' not when you think it's the end but, when he knows it is. I know he does not give us more than we can handle. I also know he will give us as much and will test us.
I am so thankful for my relationship with the savior. That I am able to go to him. That I know he will carry me through the darkest storms, and celebrate my victories of life. I know he will never leave me fighting the battles of life alone but, he will allow me the opportunities to fight them for myself at times. I know he will work miracles through others, he will turn around planes if he needs to. I know he can move mountains and if I need to he will give me the power to do so as well.
I am so thankful for my many blessings in this time of economic crisis. I'm thankful for the insight to change careers, for the career and education that I have. For my husbands willingness to work and support of me working. I'm thankful for a family that supports me in that. I know it takes sacrifice on their parts as well. Tonight I am indeed counting my blessings.

I won again!

Check out this blog baggie taggies ! I won 4 of them. Hunter chose zoom. Clarissa chose Rainbow and I got the black and red damask for Kent and I for luggage.

I think these would be awesome package toppers for b day presents and Christmas presents. Check them out. I'm ordering a few more for the above purpose!

Thanks Kristi! you rock!
can't wait to share when they arrive

September 3, 2009

Fairy Daddy?

Some girls want a fary godmother not my daughter she wants a fairy Daddy?
Clarissa just offered her dad a kiss and a hug if he'd be a fairy for Halloween. She was assigning costumes. She is Sleeping Beauty, Hunter is a knight ( so he can rescue her) and I got the evil lady and Kent got the fairy. We haven't se...en a commtment on Kent's part yet.
Gotta love our little red headed planner girl.
My little planner is at it again. She is simoutanouly planning 2 parties (yes, one is not good enough for her). She is planning her 5th birthday that is a camp rock/ cooking party and a Halloween party.

Our Sleeping Beauty.
Yes, she likes to sleep with the mask on her head.

So precious who wouldn't want to be her Knight or fairy?
Especially if you get a hug AND a kiss!

September 2, 2009

Souper Saturday!

FINISHED! Check it out. I need better pictures. I think I want to turn this into a business. Yes, it's me thinking again but, one of the projects I've done.... If you are in the Las Vegas area come join us. If you want to order a kit if you are not that is great too. I'm hoping to do some kits for other wards too. Spread the word!

OK I'm for real. I want to do Super Saturday project kits! So if your ward is looking for some help. Look no further. I'm willing to travel up to 150 miles away from Las Vegas if the order is over $250.00. I can send you the kits with or with out wood (for shipping purposes). I would provide you with sign up sheets. Access to blog post about the projects. All you would have to do is show up. Of course the fees will be a little more than on he blog above as that was for my ward. I love ya but, not giving my services away. Let me know if I can help! I'll have a post soon on my Lollipops and Bows site!