May 30, 2009


Life is busy with the end of the school year. I have so much to blog about and hope to get that done this week. I need to get things ready for a class I'm teaching this week and house work done so I just wanted to record these 2 isms.

Hunter got a new slide bed this week. Friday morning he was sliding down and screamed loud and we heard a big bang. He came running in the living room and was crying. "I need blood, Mommy I need blood". We always tell him no blood no pain. I'm guess he was in a lot of pain so he needed some blood to prove it. He has a nick on his nose. It was to funny.

Tonight Hunter and I ran to my fave. grocery store (bargin post to come, maybe) any way. He got animal crackers on sale for 35 cents. We got a few boxes. He went to show sister. SHe asked "Hunter did you buy me some" Hunter replied " No, sister". Clarissa replies in her drama voice "Oh, brother, you've broken my heart". Yes, her first broken heart over a box of animal crackers. Much to her relief her mom did buy her some.

Kids say the darndest things.

More to come. We've had a great weekend family fun for FREE!

May 20, 2009

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new vinyl toy

Look now I can make stick figures. I'm hoping to figure this out. I just learned one thing new! Yahoo I may have my website up by the end of summer! I have hundreds of choices. Order your stick figure family today. half off the first 5 orders.
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May 19, 2009

graduation outfit round 2

Remember the graduation outfit I did not like. The one Clarissa had to have See post below. Well today I came home from work and she no longer likes it. For all the reasons I tried to talk her out of it.
But, she is one unlucky girl today as I've been sick for 9 days and had a DR apt at 4:40. I am the proud, OK not so proud owner of pharyngitis. So no trips to the mall for a new outfit. She'll have to wear a sweater to keep warm. She's always cold and I knew that shirt would not work for that reason. I thought she might talk her dad into a trip to the mall but, they were still here when we got home. So no such luck. I'm dreading the clothes issues when she's a teen. But, as my mom reminds me I created the monster.
** She does still remember I get to pick the Kinder grad outfit! **

May 18, 2009

Preschool graduation suckers

This is my attempt at the below creation. I did not use the chocolate squares as they are filled and I knew preschoolers won't like them. I'm using all different colors of the extreme sour strings. This was my trail run. I will make them all tomorrow night. I think they look pretty good. I'm sure 4 year olds will like them. Now to find a saying to go with them. My reese cups do not look as nice as thiers. But,I can't control that. I found this on Bakerilla. I think this is my new favorite site!

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New Sand Box

Hunter has been wanting a sand box. It is on his Dad's to do list but, so are many other things. I saw this grand idea on another blog and here we are. A box with sand.

Clarissa and Hunter playing in the sand box (under the bed box with sand. We got Blue, Purple and pink(saved for a later time)). Hunter was a bit upset as he wanted to get IN the sandbox so:

Here is IN the sand box having fun. I much prefer we stay OUT of the sandbox and get less sand on up but, we can't all be clean freaks.

Getting sand on his feet

Freshly dumped sand, New toys and all. Who knew they had colored sand. Just wishing they had green and orange. Maybe someday! If your looking for the colored sand we found ours at Walmart (outside, in front of the store) we looked forever inside. We got the box at target and for less than $30.00 we have a sandbox. Hunter was quite upset that we would not bring it in the house when we were finished. I think this will work great til the "real" one gets built. I'm also going to take out some round buckets (the ones we use for pick a duck) and let them play in the water. I do have to admit I was cringing as they were mixing the sand colors. It was good therapy. I think.
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1 st Father Son Campout

Hunter playing in the sand

Their sleeping accommodations

Relaxing by the fire!

Kent and Hunter went on their First Father/ Son camp out. It was a ward activity. They never found the rest of the ward but, did find another lost family. They still had lots of fun. It's been 3 days and Hunter is still talking about it.
Rissa on the other hand was not so happy. She was up til 1 am winning that her dad did not take her. and all that goes along with that. She lived and was SO HAPPY to see her dad when he got home!

May 15, 2009

What to wear for Preschool graduation?

Shopping for Clarissa's Preschool Graduation outfit.

We were off to Gymboree (her favorite store) plus it's Circle of Friends time (30% your total purchase w/ CF coupon) and I had the perfect dress in mind.

This was the dress I had in mind. Clarissa wants nothing to do with it!

Well we walk in and the new Mermaid line is out. What girl doesn't want to be a mermaid.

So I thought Ok I can do this dress.

But it was to late. She had already fallen in love with these shorts. And she says "No one will be wearing a dress mom."

See the Mermaid She had hair like Clarissa, or so I was told in the art of 4 yo persuasion. You can see it but, it has sequence too. What more could a girl want?

I try with my best mommy persuasion. Which included You can have this purse. (she had already established she "wanted it".) if you get the dress. Nope. I tried every technique I knew. Including. If you choose this I choose next year for Kinder. To which she agreed. My friend Angie who was with us said she won't remember

(she will, she remembers EVERYTHING (story for later).)
No Purse it was

Sad as it was, She found this shirt.

I'm not 100% pleased with the out fit but, I didn't like any of them. Truth be told it's not one of my fave. Gymbo line. I would have skipped it all together. But, I'd rather have her happy with what she is wearing we graduate so few times in our lives. Plus I wanted to make it special so she can look forward to the other graduations she has you know Kindergarten, High School. Bachelors and Masters. Maybe even a PHD. They don't have them for elem and middle school anymore, which is a shame. Some Kinders don't even have them.

On to the savings at the mall later. Let's just say I think I made all frugal mom's proud at the mall last night. I can't wait to share my finds.

May 9, 2009

Bargain hunters

OK Hat was FREE at FREE Signing Time performance. Plus the kids got 2 more for their friends who couldn't come due to a death in the family.

I just liked this picture of Rissa. It was hard to get her to wear the hat as "it messed up her hair".

My favorite 3 year old.

I think I may have found a potty training logic. After the Signing Time performance we stopped at the Target on the other side of town. For only Target reasons. Hunter size diapers were on clearance for $10.00 a box. I got a 3 month supply, telling my mom this should be a potty training activity. You know every time you stock up on something your kids like (fruit snacks, lunchables) they then don't ever like them again. So I'm hoping Hunter doesn't feel the need to use them and that I have bought my last boxes of diapers ever. Funny how buying your last box of diapers does not make you as sad as starting to leave the toddler section for your almost 5 y.o does.

So this is my bargain of the week!

See all those groceries-- Guess how much I paid?

No fair Christy you know me to well. If you guessed $35.00 you are right!

That was with a $6.00 pie for Mother's Day ( I had a $3.00 off my $30.00 purchase so I like think the pie cost $3.00.

Here is the list:
Edwards choc pie, 2lt Diet Coke, 6pack of Hansen soda, 2 can apple sauce, 2 can fruit cocktail, 1 pk (45) paper plates (yes, they are cheaper than at costco and sams, I checked like 2 cents a plate cheaper), 3 pack of paper towels (we are out have been for over a week, I gave in and splurged). 2 pk rice a roni, 2- 5lb bags of potatoes, 3 teraiki lunches, 2 jumbala lunches, 4 Shepard's pies serving size about 2 each, 2 Mac and cheese w/ chicken meals, 1 broc. bow tie Alfredo meal (I love this one), 2 enchilada meals. The meals feed 4. They were 2.00 each and usually do a dinner and lunches for us. So I got food for the week for 35.00. We still have our supply of cereal from last week when I got over $120.00 worth of groceries for $30.00.

That's not counting my Gymboree bargains. YAHOO This is why I don't budget well, I buy when it's on sale so I'm so up and down. Oh well. We are getting a reserve built back up even on less income.

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Signing Time

Hunter and Tutu waiting for the Signing Time to start.

Here is the Hopkins hairbow we took to give to Rachael. As usually I forget to take picture of what I make until the last minute.

Clarissa's new photo face, covering her eyes!

We were so excited this is Clarissa and tutu's 3rd year seeing Signing Time here in Las Vegas. (Hunter and I were at my sisters graduation in MI the first year). This year Alex and Leah were there. See Leah holding the Hopkins hairbow. Clarissa wants a jacket like Rachel now. She is a jacket lover.

It was great fun. I need to practice my signs.

Vegas PBS puts the event on for FREE so, it's the best kind of family fun!

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May 6, 2009

My personal race for a cure!

The kids got Hero capes.

Let's just say it's been a rough year. Full of personal challenges and growth.

I have walked in to many to count Race for the Cures. I walked preggers w/ Clarissa at the point of stopping to puke. I walked 1 week to the day after having Hunter. Then last year well I was feeling sorry for myself and didn't want to walk alone so I didn't walk. Well I think that lead to a year of regret. My BFF moved almost 2 years ago. We did race together, we did lots of things together, not as much as many people thought but, we were together some times we worked at the same schools, one year we didn't, It's OK we still car pooled 3 days a week. Well for 2 years now I've been on my own. The first year was easy to pretend she was still here as we saw each other a lot. The second less and less and this year 2009. I think I may have spent a total of 5 hours with her if I'm lucky. So anyway Race weekend was here (Last Saturday). I had many reasons to not participate. I was on the committee for our Stake RS Enrichment activity and it was that day. I was decorating for the activity til 11pm (OK so that is not late for me).

I could not live another year in regret, so I walked alone. I didn't try to find anyone to walk with me. I even left my kids at home. It was a personally victory for me. I had vowed many years ago to never let the absence of another person keep me from doing what my heart desired and last year I did. I have lived my life, in such a way that if I wanted to do something and it was physically, emotionally and finically possible I have done it. I have traipsed all around the United States alone, and loved it. I was not afraid to get in my car and go, to see a movie alone, to eat dinner alone. I was not going to miss out on things I wanted because no one else wanted to. I do not want to lose that person. I know it is harder to go to a movie alone than in a group. I have even been to Disneyland alone. (I have a great time with myself. We eat at the best places, we never get lost and we always meet up at the right time. OK Laugh people laugh) I also love traveling w my BFF as we travel well together too.

So while I walked for a cure for Breast Cancer that has taken the lives of 3 of my great aunts, and almost a 4th (she is a 2x survivor). This year I was able to renew my own energy, to remember who I am. To remember I can do it what ever it is, I can do it alone or I can ask for help. Yeah, I said it ask for help. As I walked I was able to think. (I love walking for that reason, I do my best thinking walking.) I saw the power of one but, the fun of a group. I knew that I could have asked for help and someone would have come walk with me. I learned a lot in my 3 mile journey. I learned that even though I have had a failed attempt at making one new friend this year, I have made many friends. I learned that "all you need to do is call" and they "will be there". So next year save the date the first weekend in May! Come walk with me!
I love personal growth. I love being reminded that while I may have physically been walking alone, I knew my Heavenly Father was walking with me. I was reminded of the many times in my life he has carried me when I could not walk. I'm thankful for those opportunities to grow. I 'm thankful for my friends. I miss many of them but, their being far away provides me with opportunities to travel and explore.
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Better late than never

Easter 2009

Hunter w/ the Easter Bunny

Rissa playing Peek A boo w/ the Easter bunny. One of the many reasons I love going to visit EBunny and S. Clause at Bass Pro. I get the best pictures as they are not rushing you through. We always get invites to their special preview nights (I wonder why?). I'll admit they are usually late on Sundays but, we go anyway as my kids get to visit the holiday character. We have the best picture of Rissa holding Santa's hand walking in the store.

Carrots anyone? I mean Cheese My mom made Clarissa's dress. I was such a good mom this year. By this I mean this was the only Easter dress she had. Yeah Economic hardship. We're bad she usually ends up with several Easter and Christmas dresses. I think we even were down to 2 Christmas dresses. Aren't you proud of my restraint at trying to keep a budget.
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May 5, 2009

Clarissa loves Joseph Smith

Clarissa has a fond love for Joseph Smith. see this post from last summer. She continues to recall the story when every she sees pictures of the Kirtland temple (To her delight there is a picutre in her sripure). In March we went to SLC for my friend Beth Kelley's wedding. Rissa had asked for scriptures a few months earlier and I told her we'd get some when we went to SLC. I wanted to make it memorable. We went to temple square and bought her scriptures. We went up stairs in the JSM building and she saw the statue. She just had to examine it and pose like Joseph Smith. We also went over to the Beehive house where she got to see her name sakes Clarissa Young's room and wedding dress. I found it impressive that Clarissa Young was also a small girl as is Clarissa. I can only hope she continues to grow in her love for this gospel. I have found her a few night sleeping with her scripture pronounced sripures. She is an amazing little girl and can and will do anything she sets her mind to. Not to sure who she got that determination from.
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What are you

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm an
Extroverted Self-Knowing Romantic

Not to sure if it's true but, I'm now intersted in reading the book.