September 6, 2010

I'm back!

I miss writing. I stopped blogging for a few reasons. 1. I need to go private, for personal reasons. 2. blogging is a journal/ thearpy for me and I just type, it's all a rough draft! I got several comments about typos or the draftiness of it so I quit. I usually blog late night ie after midnight I'm tired and just wanting to get life down for my kids. I have decided If you don't like how I write in draft from DON'T READ IT! Certainly don't go tattle. I'm an adult, I pay my own bills!

I've been blessed this summer. We have has so much fun.
We've been GOIN!
(This was Clarissa's I'm going to fly from now on face. This was near IL on our way there! She really did great, was just tired after 2 days in the car.)
We have driven/ rode over 6,000 miles in my minivan!
We went from NV to MI and back.
by train to Chicgao (the kids and I had a grand adventure)

by bus- down the magnificent mile
by  bicycle taxi- back UPthe magnificent mile
by golf cart-The kids logged in miles around the lake and a great old cemetary.
 by boat around the lakes
by jet ski
by tube-around the lakes
by big boat on Lake Michigan for the big boys
Rode in a horse drawn carriage in Nauvoo
by wagon - in Nauvoo.
We did manage to keep our selves grounded (except for Kent)
The only thing we didn't ride were  planes and motorcycles (and after the accident I witnessed on US 12 in MI, I'll stay with 4 wheels)

I began this post weeks ago and well am adding more today! we had a blast. I was so sad to see our wonderful summer come to  an end. It was the kind of summer you'll remember forever.
I'm not sure what made it so great, maybe it's the kids getting older, maybe it was the feeling of the rite of passage driving to MI and back, maybe it was my feeling of gratitude that we both still have careers that afford us to travel and that we are both still working in this ugly economy.  None the less it was wonderful. 

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Marsha said...

Welcome back! I have missed your blog. You guys have been so busy. I still love Clarissa's I'm flying face. That is so classic. She is so much of you, I can't believe it.