September 17, 2008

I miss fall!

I have been blog stalking instead of working on craft projects. I was inspired and did find a few ideas. Does that make it better? I hope! Anywho

I was noticing all the people in their nice fall clothes, long sleeves and even some jackets with nice green grass and all that fun stuff that we just don't have here in Nevada.

I'd love to see some leaves change colors and smell wet leaves. We were do lucky to get a few cm of rain today. My kids get so excited I try to always let them go outside but, now they have moved their stuff out and the ground is dry.

I'm sick of all my kids winter clothes I'm ready for new ones. Pants, jackets (rissa's favorite), and sweat shirts. How I long to sit at a football game and be a tad bit cold. Not freezing like I was in Idaho but, nippy. I want to decorate my house for fall but, it just seems to early when it's still 100 outside. I guess after my show this weekend I'll buck up and just do it.

Happy Fall everyone!

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Christy said...

someday when we are rich and famous we can take the kids on a weekend roadtrip to UT to see the fall leaves. I was watching the SLC news the other night and it showed all of the leaves changing in the canyons. It made me miss something I have never had. Maybe next year.:)