September 10, 2008

Pictures from Harvest Festival

Here are some pictures of my booth from Harvest Festival this weekend! Doesn't it look cool. I feel official or something!

Aren't even my signs cute!
Here is my model (Clarissa, my daughter) wearing a tutu and a C shirt and wand. She made the hat at Miss. Spiders Tea party they were having at the show. She was so excited to go to that and can't wait to go again!

It made me want to throw a Miss. Spiders tea party!


Marsha said...

My two girls would LOVE your products. I actually bought Ruby some stuff at the local fabric store for her upcoming 2nd bday. I can't wait for her to wear them. I loved the pictures. I wish I was there to craft with you.

bow mom said...

I wish you were too. Send me your address. When is Ruby's b day?