June 23, 2009

I won I won

Ok a quick post to thank Tip Junkie.

Check it out http://www.tipjunkie.com/2009/06/birthday-bash-day-4.html I won the brithday dress. I'm so excited. YAHOO for me! I finally won someting.

It's late and the kids are packed, I had to make a few last minute bows for Clarissa, I have not been pushing the bow issue lately as she informed me the other day "I hate bows" I wanted to cry. I think it's having her hair brushed that she hates. We took our Easter pictures 2 1/2 months late today so, now she can get her hair cut as she wishes.

The kids and I are leaving tomorrow evening for a trip to my dad in MI til the 4th. There is so much to write about. I'm hoping to get caught up when I get back. I'll list a few things to jog my bad memory when I return.

  • Free Fishing day- Hunter won 1st place in his age 0-5 and Kent won 1st in the adult division
  • Kent won yet, another gun at the Mule Deer foundation dinner.
  • I taught summer school for 11 days at Monaco, the school I began my career at. I miss Monaco.
  • Jacob is here for the summer.
  • I began part of my summer cleaning. Rissa's room is rearranged and just need to redo her closet and hang pictures, my room had begun. Kent has a to do list for while we are gone.
  • I've read 2 books so far this summer. WOW!
  • As I stil I'm trying to decide what to take on vaca to keep my busy. I think Imay take my custom jewelery kit I bought a year ago and never find the time to pay with. I want to work on my store and get things going. I don't want to do as many shows.

Just a thougt on my shows. I love doing craft shows however, I do not love the time they take away from my family. I recently hear a story of a mom who walked away from a PHD program that was paid for, for the sake of her children. It has made me think about my priorities. I have put any further education on hold (yes, I said hold, the deepest desires of my heart tell me I wan a PHD. I have a yearning for education I can not explain. I love going to school and I love learning) but, still fill my time with other things. I need to prioritize and decide what is truely important. I'm hoping to do more online and home parties. At my last few home parties I've done so well and it's so much easier than a craft show. My ROI is so much higher as well.

OK I need to get to bed. Still have things to do like teach tomorrow. Pack my stuff, plane bag (goodies to keep the kids occupied since sleep in never an option for them).

Not sure I'll have access to this for a while. Have a great week and Happy 4th.

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Laurie said...

You won over on Tip Junkie! Please contact Melissa laniepaige[at]aol.com with your mailing address to redeem your prize.