June 7, 2009




I was so excited for summer to come. I was looking forward to a new routine. Sandboxes and water play. Parks, Movies and cleaning my house.  I had a grand plan in my head.  We weren’t going anywhere until I had things organized.


Then I woke up.

First my dad e mailed me with a great deal 3 tickets to MI for less than $400.00, that and the fact that just the previous night Clarissa had prayed to go to Poppy’s. I couldn’t say NO so we are off for 11 days of fun at the lake and will be there for the annual 4th of July celebration, Fireworks right in front of us, so FUN! 

Then an offer came to teach Summer school from Tuesday, (Monday is teachers last day) and then I will teach till we leave.  Have you ever wanted something but, didn’t? That’s how I feel about summer school.  Really the only part of it I want is the $$ so I will do it.  (I keep telling myself, it’s a house payment, 2 trips to DL after annual passes, lots of scrapbook, an YUDU, or any other thing on my wish list)It’s only 11 days and will provide me with more then 11 days of fun. The reality in all of this is I’m looking at July 5th before I can really start my dream summer.

On my defense. I did start on Rissa’s room tonight and got her bed moved. How much stuff can be behind a 4 year olds bed?  We found last summer’s missing sandle. Polly pocket and Barbie accessories, Wrappers from food she keeps sneaking. (Any advise on sneaky kids?) I like it a lot for now. She still needs a new bed but, this one will do. 

Tomorrow I will finish her closet and do laundry.  I’m so excited my BFF has classes down here this next week. I was triple excited till I realized a week isn’t that long when you with people you like. It’s forever when you don’t like the person. 


Saturday Kent and I went to the Mule Deer foundation dinner in St. George. we had 12 1/2 hours away from kids.  OK I called BFF and she met me to do some shopping. Kent went to sporting goods stores and we went to girl store. Roberts, Kohl’s, Down East, and then I went to Krumpet’s.  I started the day by getting my hair cut. I hate getting it cut in Vegas. My stylist moved and I can never find anyone who listens.  I got a really short cut for me.  So far I love it.  Should be easy and fun for the summer.  Kent was lucky an won a new gun. Just what he needs.


My list are made for summer and I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished.  scrap room cleaned and organized. Kitchen painted. Vinyl hung in my own house. (I think it’s a sin to sell something and not use it yourself).  Hunter’s room redecorated since he has a big boy bed. 


Hello summer. and I really am greatful for the extra work. I just wish I’d had one day off but, in today’s economy a job is a job.  I’m most excited because I’m going back to my old middle school that I love. 

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Hollie said...

I always get tired just reading your blog. You are one busy woman.

We have a low key summer planned. Other than having a baby we do not have any major plans.