November 14, 2009

I did it again!

Yes, I did it again I got myself into something else. I just couldn't help myself, in case your wondering I do have my husbands support. I support him in his hunting, he supports me in my crazy business ventures! So what am I selling this time you ask. No, not candles, nope not food, Yes, I'm still crafting, Yes, it is an accessory. Give up???

It's purses. They have themes to them. Check them out.

It's one bag and in 3 seconds you can change the shell to make lots of possibilities. I know this has just been added to your Christmas list! It was added to mine immediately. I saw them last Saturday at my show. Went back to my booth and told Kent his Christmas shopping was done, could I please have $$ to go buy a purse. He relented, what husband wouldn't want to be done Christmas shopping the first Saturday in Nov.? I then found out I could sell them, I mean collect the shells. I got a large one which carried not one but, 2 sets of scriptures last Sunday. I dreamed all week, Did the math, some market research, Called my BFF and she agreed with me and then Asked my dear, sweet, kind husband for approval to invest. He asked a few questions, to which some he answered himself and said go for it, "You always make $$". See craft show season is coming to an end and well I don't want to have spare time.

I'm so excited I went tonight and signed my contract and picked up my bags and shells. I now own all the shells large and small. OK I know they are to sell but, for tonight they are all MINE!!!

Now, is the time I need your help. The first 3 people to book a party will get a FREE small shell!

Go check out the website.

Don't go ordering from there. Let me take care of all your handbag needs. I even have a few that are not on the website. I have a cool Skull one that your teens will love. Just think you can change your purse in seconds! I'm here to meet your Holiday needs. If you are in the Las Vegas area your purse will be ready in days. If you have a party I will bring purses that you can take home with you. I have some great specials to share with you!


Julia said...

O.K. I'm not gonna lie...WE are crazy!! LOL! But the purses are very cute. I wanna see them in person. When is your Coupon thing? I'll look at them then.

She's Crafty! said...

Sounds good, I am checking the mail non stop!:) I can't wait to get a little surprise!!
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