November 5, 2009

30 day challange

So I was giving my burnt fingers a break ( I was making bows for my upcoming shows) and visited my favorite blog. I hadn't been there in days. Been busy working.

SO I saw this 30 day giving challenge

SO I'm a little late but, Better late than never

I was just lamenting last night and was up in the wee hours of the morning perplexed over some giving problems. We are entering into my favorite time of year. I can't wait to get the Christmas trees up and to start baking. I'm ready for craft show season to be over and the fun season to begin. Craft show season funds the fun season. I'm so ready for the giving to begin.

Those of you who know me well know I don't like to let anyone know what I give. It ruins the magic of it for me. I do collect toys year round for this upcoming season. This year I feel like I have been especially blessed with great finds and have stocked up as I know this holiday season may be rough for lots of people.

I love giving. My mom taught me the beauty of it from a young age. Some of my fondest Christmas memories in all my life are those times I've been able to silently make a difference in others lives. I have a very hard time telling what I've done or aided others to do. I spent many Christmas blessed by the spirit of giving and feel fortunate and blessed to be able to give back now.

Back to the green velvet principle. One Christmas in my late teens I wanted nothing more than green velvet to make a holiday dress. I didn't want the fake stuff I wanted real velvet. It was not in our family budget, in fact Christmas realy wasn't in our budget. I'm not sure who figured out that it was my desire but, someone was listening. We came home one night and there was a box wrapped on our porch to me from Santa ( I believe, it said) It was a large box with green velvet in it. It was wonderful. (I'll have to find a picture of the dress I made and post it.) I loved that dress and wore it to many dances in college. In fact If I'm remembering right I got my first kiss in that dress. I still have a yard of that fabric left. I felt so loved making that dress, so blessed every time I wore it or saw it hanging in my closet. It's one of the first times I remember someone I didn't know doing something for me. I know it sounds crazy but, it inspired me. I believe it was also the same Christmas my mom made us buy a dress for another person, which is a long story. But, we didn't have the money for Christmas for our own family and she made us serve others. Yes, I said MADE. But, I learned from then it was always a choice to serve and no matter my circumstances I can always find a way to give something. From then out I have. I have instilled this in my children and will continue til the day I die as my mom has in me.

So as we enter into this blessed holiday season. join me in the 30 day challenge. Look for opportunities to give to others. Look for the less obvious opportunities. (It's amazing what you can hear in between peoples words if you are truely listening) I just ask one thing don't claim the fame, if it's not needed. I think part of the magic of my green velvet was the anyonminity of the gift. I speculate that my green velvet friend may come across my blog. Thank you, for allowing me the opportunity to be blessed and learn a lesson that has and will last me a life time.

I want to end my ever long post tonight by saying I'm so truly grateful for the opportunities my childhood afforded me. I'm grateful for paper routes, hand me downs, rough times and tears. It makes the life I live today sweeter. It makes me grateful for the small things. I have been blessed with a hard work ethic that has and will take me far.

It's the green velvet principle,
Are you with me?

From Keeping the Kingdom first
November 1st is here. Day 1 of The 30-Day Giving Challenge.
I invite you to take a leap of faith and give in some fashion every day this month. Think beyond monetary gifts. Couponers, open up your stockpiles. Bakers, share some pumpkin bread with a neighbor. Get creative!
Most importantly, ask God to lead you each day.
Just remember to write it down. Not in a boastful, look-how-generous-I-am kind of way. But to keep yourself accountable and be transformed.
Write down the blessings that come your way each day, too. Get your whole family on board!
Bloggers are in a unique position to inspire and encourage literally thousands of others to accept this giving challenge.

My 30 days has begun. regret to tell you however I will not share a lot of my experiences as I prefer to serve as my green velvet friends did.

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