December 7, 2009

Do you ever feel like your world is crashing in on you?

OK a quick post for a few quick thoughts.

As my title states Do you ever feel like your world is crashing in on you?

Today was one of those days. Lots going on despite I somehow thought after my last craft show and the RS Christmas dinner that life would slow down. HA

Doesn't help I've had sick kids, sick husband and I'm now in my 8th week of going to doctors and having test to see what else is wrong besides my gallbladder. I've been making light of the fact that I keep failing test, (something I'm so not use to but, it's really dampening my mood). All the what ifs are getting to me. Making me feel like my world is crashing in. So today I had yet one more test. Hey only like 1 more to go from what I can see and I'm at the end of the scalpel. I wish doctors didn't have to practice medicine but, knew! Next they will have to start cutting into me. Anyway, I stopped at home to check on my sick daughter before I went to the test and low an behold her brother broke her glasses, not fixable UGH! At that moment it was my breaking point. I just cried, I don't think I was cring over the glasses but, it worked. I went on to have my test ( an MRI, which they said was open but, it was closed and then I was so luck y to get more junk shot into my body) and run my errands with a new stop the eye dr added to my list. As I stopped at Walmart for dinner ingredients (yummy Taco soup) I was minding my own business walking down the isle when a jar jumped of the shelf and fell on my basket and broke. I was kind of glad the lady coming towards me saw it to so I didn't think it was me. I now had proof that the world was crashing in on me. Funny but, that glass jar crashing on me was silly enough to lighten my spirits.

I know as the new year approaches I need to simplify my life. I need to look at what is really necessary. Sorry guys that doesn't mean I'll take the cute out but, I will try to do less. TRY is the key word here. I'm so scared that all these test are sending me this message to slow down.
I just pray for the best and for strength to endure whatever may lay ahead.

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Crystal Martin said...

It's funny how life slows you down whether you try to listen or not. The last 2 years have been that way for me between surgey on my knees and my hysterectomy. Oh, and I totaly get the crying over the glasses thing. If you need a shoulder to cry on...I'm here for you.