December 24, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

The ABC’s of The Kizerian’s 2009
Wishing you a Merry and Bright Holiday Season!
A – Autumn is busy with craft shows. School, church callings & keeping us all going.
B-Blessings we have seen many this year as both of us have continued to be employed & healthy minus a little scare this past month that has made me count my blessings even more.
C- Clarissa has started Kindergarten and is reading now. She will be selling Girl Scout cookies soon. E mail us your order.
D- Dirt, Yes, we have a dirt collector at our house (Hunter), He saw a big pile of dirt the other day that he wants Santa to bring him.
E-Energy, we have two kids who are full of it.
F-First Place, Hunter got first place at the fishing Derby in June.
G- Glasses, Clarissa got classes this summer, She is adjusting well but, does not like people to talk about them (she plays shy at times)
H- Hunter has adjusted well to his sister being in school but, he loves to go visit her.
I-Inquisitive, Hunter is always exploring. He can’t wait to go camping.
J-jumping, The kids keep us doing this. We are happy to have active children that love to run and play. Hunter is our acrobat.
K-Kent, completed his 20th year at Western Casework, despite the crummy economy he’s stayed employed.
L- Lego land, we went for a short family vacation
M- Michigan, Autumn and kids went to MI for a too short t trip this summer. They had lots of fun but, wish they could have stayed longer.
N-No tags, While mom was happy for a reprieve after the last hunting season, she was sad that Dad didn’t get any tags to partake in his favorite activity.
O-On our way to another exciting and great year.
P-PEEK, take one at our family blog
Q-Quiet, we don’t see much of that around here, but we enjoy life.
R-Red Head, Our read head is still the shinning star in our home, & keeps us hopping.
S-Salt Lake City, We were blessed to make 2 trips this past year, We got to see family, and Autumn got to go to one of her childhood friends wedding.
T-Teaching, Autumn is still teaching at the same Middle School (Clarissa goes to the elementary next door).
U- Unusual, Not a day is the same at our house.
V-Vinyl, mom continues to sell vinyl and decorating our house with it, she has even begun to do super Saturdays and craft classes and sell MICHE bags.
W- Walk America, Clarissa had her 5th annual walk team this year.
X- Excited- We are to go to Disneyland here in the next few days.
Y-You are all missed and loved.
Z- Zoo, The kids and I took our annual trip to the Toledo zoo this summer.


Crystal Martin said...

What a cute way to write a Christmas letter. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We wish you all the best that life has to offer. Keep being awesome Autumn!

Christy said...

Loved the letter and the picture. I decided that when we retire Gary and are going to be professional Santa and Mrs. Clause. We already have the padding and Gary is working on the white hair. Don't you think that is a great idea? He is not as excited about it as I am. Miss you. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Marsha said...

I love the Bass Pro Shop picture. How cute is that. We may have to do that next year. Loved your post. Great way to end the year.

Heidi's Blog said...

That is wicked cute ABC's and love the picture