January 12, 2010

Your kidding right??

I know long time no post and this is my returning post. I just about fell out of my chair a few minutes ago. This came from my favorite clothing store Gymboree!
Why do I love Gymboree NO GRUNGE! Sorry Can't/ won't do it!
I want my kids to look nice and like they didn't just come in from a dirt pile. Their clothes last! These pants look like they have been worn by for 2 years already!
If this is what they are selling we don't need new pants we have this. (Keep reading of my embarassment and you'll find out it's true)
Seriously, this will lead me to a story I was not going to share but, I will now to prove my point. We went to Disneyland (my favorite place on earth) the weekend before Christmas (My favorite holiday). As we were waling to the park I look at my adorable daughter's outfit and see a rip (much like the ones pictured above) on the seat of her pants. I about died, seriously those who know me know what restraint it took for me to not run and buy a new pair of pants. I was trying to stick to budget (which I did, I came home with cash in my wallet, yeah me!) I blamed it on those darn sparkly jeans from Children's Place that are cheap jeans and told Kent that's why we need Gymboree ones. Fast forward to the next day. She has on cupcake Gymboree jeans, They are 2 season old but, still fit and have cute stones on the bottom she loves. I look down half way though the day and their is a tear in a knee. I think I may have shrieked at this one. It was way to noticeable . I mean any stranger would have thought I dressed my poor daughter in rags, Kent tried to tell me it was OK, her bows and attire proved otherwise, I was truly mortified. I may have even hyperventilated. When I upload the photos I may share, but I still may be to embarrassed. Thankfully we were going back to the hotel soon and I then explained those jean are only for playing at home ONLY!
Kent then tried to convince me it was the STYLE!
I was not not buying and and thought he was just trying to make me feel better :). I guess my husband did know it WAS the style. I still don't like it and it still scares me. but I have to admit I do feel like maybe so many people weren't thinking I should have spent my money on clothes instead of Disney tickets. She was being stylish right? Only on accident. For the record I do not plan to let her wear the pants for anything but, play and I dye thinking of that. I just know she's going to make it somewhere in them.
I know I'm a snob, I don't mean to be. But, I NEVER wore clothes with holes in them and were weren't the richest. It's part of dressing for success, for life. Sorry guys I can't do holes in jeans, I hate faded jeans, Those who really know me know I hate jeans.(Clarissa should count herself lucky I let her wear them to school, as I don't like it) I have learned to like them over the past 15 years but, it was a challenge. It took a long time. I may get the snop of the year award if I tell you I only truly learned to wear them when I got a great pair of Ralph Lauren jean. I loved those jeans, They got a hole and went bye, bye:(. I also tell you they cost me $7.50 brand new at Macy's. They were originally over $100.00. The price was the only reason I bought them and then I fell in love with them. I still wish I could find that bargin again!
P.S. I am starting to feel human agin. Hoping to feel better soon and catch up on everything including bloggin.


Julia said...

LOL! You ARE funny!! I don't like the grunge look either. With 8 kids still at home, the kids jeans either have holes or have the grunge look by the time we actually throw them away now. But I DON'T and WON'T buy them grungy looking. Even if it IS the style. Besides, it's true that they won't last near as long. I'm thinking it takes out at least 3 mo. off the life of the jeans.

Aurora said...

I like the style - but I don't like the ones that look dirty.

As a matter of fact, I got some new jeans a few years ago, wore them once and somehow bleach got on them. They were realllly nice jeans. So I folded them up. I ran across them about 6 months ago. See, a few years ago, holes were not the style. Now that they are, I put my own holes where the bleach marks were and now I can wear them :)