January 18, 2011

one thing checked off, and one little boy who's not so little.

I've had this idea for a while but, it never seems to make it to the top of the to do list.  Well here it is
PICK UP cards  (Do they look blurry?, does anyone know how I can change that?)I made them myself, so they can use some work but, hey I'm learning and I know they will help Hunter be successful in cleaning is room.  I told him one by one what to pick up the other day and he did a pretty good job, except for the left over stuff he stuffed in his closet, Isn't 4 to  young to be doing that.  OK, he's almost 5.  The other night I asked him if he'd always by my baby boy. He looked at me very seriously and said "Mom, someday I'll be 16 you know." I explained he could still be my baby then.  That being said my first baby is turning 16 this Sunday.  While he may not be mine be mine, I've been around since he was Clarissa's age. I remember his kinder grad.  My brother in law Keith will be 16 on Sunday. He's going on his first date on Saturday to the military ball (he's in ROTC). sniff sniff. Soon he'll be off too college. I so need to get pictures on my new computer. Keka or Keithy we love you. we are so blessed you have you as an uncle and brother in law.  I just hope you know how much Clarissa and Hunter look up to you.  Clarissa said the best part of our 6,000 mile road trip this summer is that you were with us!  It was so fun to spend July with you and to show you where I spent part of my life. YOU ARE GROWING UP TO BE AN AMAZING YOUNG MAN, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AND THE CHOICES YOU'VE MADE THUS FAR. I'LL BE SAD TO SEND YOU OFF TO THE MILITARY SOME DAY BUT, PROUD TO WATCH YOU SERVE OUR COUNTRY.  Hunter and Keka @ Disneyland Oct 2010
 Legoland Summer 2009? See what a great boy he is, he always follows my wear a certain color suggestions.

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