January 18, 2013

Let the good times roll! - SOON please

Ok so life has been good- maybe to good. I've spent most of the last years doing all the things working mom's do or mom's who don't know how to say "NO" do. Girl Scout leader, PTA board, still crafting and about a year ago I signed up to sell Thirty-one. In the mean time my kids have gotten older and we've continued to make memories.  Last year (2012) I decided my motto was Simplify- OK those who know me stop laughing it wasn't a joke and I tried it and I did succeed in some ways!

My first holiday to "simplify" was Valentine's Day. I took my kids to the store and we bought store valentines (stop gasping in horror, it was hard). We filled them out and all was well. Until the morning they had to go to school. They had the valentines like all kids do but, they didn't have treat bags to go with them.  I didn't mention this as I thought it was just me who was dying inside and noticed- Nope it was Hunter (the kindergartner) who began crying cause he didn't have anything but, paper to give his friends! I tried to tell him all would be well (feeling like a failure and then decided we'd find a different way to simplify).  In the grand skeam of life, these few years I have to stay up til the wee hours of the morning making cute treats and bags ARE worth it! As when I'm dead or laying in a hospital bed someplace my kids WILL remember it and it won't be the SIMPLE things it will be BIG thing to them as it was that day. Lesson learned. 

I did go on to simplify my job. I moved to a new school where I teach only one subject 8th grade Geography.  That has added a lot of simplicity to my life.  I miss many of my friends at my old school but, my new kids behave so much better and many want to learn! It was a great simplify choice and in the next little bit you'll see it may have been divine inspiration!

We stayed home this summer, we didn't visit anyone just Disneyland and Hollywood for 4 days and I took my Girl Scouts to SeaWorld Sleepover.  I don't think I even spent the night at my BFF's house.  I did teach Summer school in June and July flew by! Oh I went to Atlanta for the 31 national conference alone- It was beautiful and simple to fly alone! :)

School started, I did my first booth at Art In the Park as Lollipops and Bows and it was a great success (not sure how that simplified but, it was good). My birthday came and my dad was here to visit.

Oh I'm forgetting that in the need to simplify I needed to simplify my waistline as well.  I joined Weight Watches in March and by my b day was down to my goal size of 14 (Got the coolest pair of GAP jeans for my B day (thanks Dad), they were even baggy today))- !!  Almost 60 pounds gone and many lifestyle changes to keep them gone which has been hard the past 13 weeks. 

I have come to realize how blessed and easy my life has been for many years! I knew it was but, I had truly forgotten what the roller coaster felt like! I don't like it and will be glad to get off any day now!

I will spare this blog all the details as the story isn't all mine to tell but, will sum it up that on Oct. 22nd my mom called at 5:30 in excruciating pain. I took her to hospital then and then back again around 1:00 as they discharged her the first time saying it was carpel tunnel. It turned out to be Narcotizing Facitis (flesh eating Bacteria).  That was almost 13 weeks ago and she is still in the hospital and it's blog of it's own that I hope to someday share. I hope to highlight some things I've learned here:
  • You can pick yourself up off the floor- yup I thought it was a saying but, it can be done. Now I'm not naive enough to believe I did it alone I KNOW Heavenly Father had to be helping me. In fact I'm sure he has spent a lot of time holding up that first 3 weeks.
  • I CAN DO THIS! I was so blessed from the very beginning to have this statement come to mind and it has been my motto! The positive attitude has helped me to have few meltdowns
  • I have great friends-Kaylene- made sure my family ate and my kids were safe, even coming another morning for an early call as I ran out the door to get to the hospital.  Tanya- who has taken Clarissa to school daily. The Crossmans- who took my carpool turns for a few weeks and even my kids a day or two.  Christy- who has spent many hours on the phone putting my back together and listening to me weep and wail and plan for the what if's and listen to me say 100's of time I CAN DO THIS- cause if I keep saying it, it will be true.  My husband- as I've spent hours at hospitals, in tears, etc.  Aurora- for listening and fielding phone calls when I couldn't say it all one more time! My family- for being there, coming for holidays and listening.  For a great Visiting Teachers and Friends with encouraging words. Co- workers who put out plans and covered classes for the "new" teacher. 
  • Satin is real and despite the miracles you see he will try to get you! (My mom should not be here. When she went into the first surgery I was told she probably wouldn't be back alive. Evidence of this the CEO of the hospital sat in the room with Kent and I during the surgery. ) I have asked for 8 weeks for my mom to get the sacrament and  it didn't happen long story short her bishopric, didn't want to have to wear and gown and gloves. That would be a direct quote from them. Her VT have been great and have been up weekly as have other sisters.  The Priesthood from her ward- not since the 1st surgery. My ward has been great but, that isn't the point.  I let their lack of service and their stupidity shake my faith. This time last week I was willing to throw away all that I knew so well to be true. Let' say this time last week I had hit an I CAN'T DO IT! - 3 months and 3 holidays is a long time to go through this trial. That being said, I've come to my senses, realized how blessed my life has been.  I can't wait to get back to that life. Back to SIMPLE, even if it's not simple for everyone else, it is for me!
  • My life really was great and I can't wait to get back to it!
It's still great today just trying as I try to be teacher, mother, wife, scout leader, primary teacher, daughter- who goes to the hospital daily. (yes, I've missed a few but, until January I had only missed 4!) This month I've missed a few more, this week we had the flu and didn't want to take that up there!

** One reason I stopped blogging is I do it late and they are all drafts, If I have to revise, edit, final copy, I'll never get it done! Sorry, either enjoy and see what's going on or don't, I don't need, want or care to hear about the mistakes, esp from others ;)


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