August 3, 2011

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Yep it's been 9 years already- 41 more I told Kent. Why you say?  Well, I made him promise me 50 years (who on earth would change after that). We both come from families where our grand parents were married until death but, our parents not so much. So I figured 50 was a great number!

To 9 great years and 41+ more!

9 reasons I love you!

1. You are my best friend, why you say you can't read my mind as time goes on you are getting good at it.

2. You are a great father, you share all your passions and interest with your family. You include us in Hunting, fishing, biking and camping.

3. You allow me to be me. You support me in all my endeavors, from crafting to traveling.

4. You understand my obsession with over planning, esp. helping to make our kids parties the best every year, even if it means late nights designing. It means the world to me and to them.

5. You continue to see to my custom needs for furniture, counters, house projects and crafts.

6. Because you love me even when I'm being obstinate!

7. You understand that my career is as important as my family, and support me in that.

8. You understand craft supplies are sometimes better than flowers, and the crafty people aren't always the cleanest.  (someday I will keep it all in my room, promise)
9. Because your you and you are the best match for ME (dogs and all)

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