July 14, 2009

Lego land T shirts


I suffer from self diagnosed OCD.  So planning a trip can be fun. I think everyone needs to match.  Which is fine when I’m taking my 2 kids. ( I know they will need therapy someday).   We are going to Lego land this weekend.  and well the color for the first day is RED.  we must all wear RED!  I know, it’s a bit much for some of you but, I need to be able to find everyone and my mind is slowly going. I just have to remember RED.  I wanted it to be AQUA but, thought the boys may kill me. My 9 year old Nephew said he’d wear it but, I could tell he was being nice. 

So if we have to have a shirt let’s make it a special shirt.  Well for the kids at least.  Jacob is so nice he’s playing along.  Thanks Jacob!


So my creative mind has been building Lego shirts. 

Here is the final product. 


This is Hunter’s shirt w/ Primary colored Legos.


Here is Rissa’s. I used girl colored legos. It would probably look a little nicer on a different color shirt but, RED is the color of the day.


Here is Jacob’s shirt. He put his Lego guys in his.  They come out easily. I put a secret compartment so legos can be added and taken out. 


So tell me what do you think.  I have thought of a whole new line of products.  I was thinking of an I Love Legos’s shirt. 

The pockets come off easily and it can be put on any shirt.  It is easy to clean. 

I’ll tell you about the durability when we return.  I’m excited. I’ve shown them to a few people and they thought they were cool.


Let me know if you want to order one.  I have a few more ideas in my head too.  I spy shirts coming soon. 


**  This is your official warning: If you ever plan to go on vacation with me your kids may be wearing an AJ Original, as seen above.  Ask Christy, her kids have been tortured as well.  My kids are tortured all the time.  I didn’t for the zoo this year.  I have matching Lady bug outfits for Sunday.  If I finish Rissa’s pants and Hunter’s top.  Jacob kindly declined some Ladybug shorts.  They aren’t girly.  I need to get sewing!

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