July 18, 2009

Off to build w/ Legos

I said I was going to sleep tonight. and I tried. But, this stupid bronchitis is not letting me. I'm sure I'll get a few hours in the car. We are off to legoland in about 45 minutes. I'm hoping this trip is alot better than the trip 3 years ago. To start with I can't find my camera but, small kind. The kids are excited. Rissa found the map in my purse today and was way to excited. She was trying to convince me it would be cold enough to wear jackets. She found all the people in the picture w/ jackets. Which was funny it was 116 here today. We also picked up Clarissa's glasses today, I'd share pictures but, yeah my pink camera is MIA. I'm hoping I just can't see it in the dark car, or that one of my kids knows where it is. We have Kent's so we'll have pictures, I just hate losing things. I feel so stupid, especially because I usually hide them from myself. I got lots of ribbon cut to make bows while riding.

To our unplanned amazement it is Lego Club weekend, I'm hoping that doesn't make the park crowded. Don't worry we have our Lego Club memberships. Yes, Kent restrained himself to only 2. since we only have 2 kids.

I can't wait to see what fun things we can ride and build.

Have a great weekend.

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Christy said...

How did your trip go? Can't wait to see you this weekend.