July 12, 2009

Rissa's getting Glasses

Here she is getting her eyes examined. Dr. Davis is the best. He was very through. She even told him how DR.'s are mean. She asked him for Green eyes and he gave them to her for a few minutes. When he dialted her eyes. Below is her Green eye picture.

I let her choose 2 pair of glasses, it was cheaper to buy 2 pair and let's face it she's only 4 years old.
This was her first choice. It was so hard to choose with all the Barbie, HSM and Disney stickers on the glasses.
These are pink and purple on the inside (you can hardly see it). They are the flex frames. I'll admit they were not my first choice. But, I am not wearing them, and she is very picky about what she wears.

These were my first choice and Rissa's second. I don't remember what name was on them. She looks so smart in them. I'm hoping now she will be more interested in reading.

When we went to leave she was very upset she couldn't take them with her. I fear she thinks they are a fashion accessory. We all knows she loves those. She told the lady "If I can't take them with me then I won't be back". We finally convinced her they had to send them to CA and she would get them soon.
She was very funny as she went through her list of friends and family. She things she now looks like my sister Jessica or (yaya), she called her as we were leaving the Dr.'s office. She was only concerned one friend would laugh at her, which I think would be the last friend to laugh. She is concerned what others think. So if you see her when she gets them back. You might want to tell her how nice they are.

Of all the things we that could have been from her premature birth this is so mild. Cognitively I believe she is fine. But, we have worked with her to keep her up. We'll see once she starts school but, I don't think she has any developmental delays, just an attitude. I can hardly believe my baby will be starting Kinder in a month and be 5 soon. It seems like just yesterday my water was breaking 5 weeks and 5 days to soon. That I was so scared, and watch my husband have an amazing amount of faith that all would be well with our little Princess. She came 6 weeks to soon and has been excited about life ever since. That red haired attitude that can give us all grief, gave her strength to only spend 1 week in the NICU and to beat all odds in life. We love our little spitfire and are never sure what she will be up to next.
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Julia said...

I love the new glasses! You'll have to tell her that I think she looks stunning in them! Wanna take some quilting classes with me? I know, just one more thing to learn to do... (It'll round your crafting out! Hee hee!)