October 26, 2009

We're still alive

Yes, we are still alive. It's been busy and I've been in a foul mood. So much has happened this month. I had a great show at Art in the Park, doubled my expectations. Then I had to get into an accident and there went that extra $$. I had a fun trip to St. George the night of my b day for witches night out. I just finished a nice weekend with my dad and sister with few pictures which continues to make me sad. Clarissa was in the primary program on Sunday and my mom came which was nice I was so happy that my dad was in town and that he and my sister came as well. I've had a busy week last week and this week does not look much better. I'm off to bed soon. To top off all the business I've not been feeling well but, have no time for sickness. I did buck up and go to the Doctor but, that has just lead to more test and appointments but, hopefully soon they will come to the conclusion it's my gallblader and just get it out so I can go on with my busy life.

I'll stop now or I'll rant forever. Just checking in that I'm alive.

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She's Crafty! said...

Hi Autumn! My name is Rachelle, and I am your swap partner for the "secret trades swap"! So, I sent your package on Saturday, so just let me know when you get it, so that I know it's not lost in the mail:) I hope you enjoy it!:)