September 24, 2009

My baby girl is 5!

My curly red head! At the beach

Showing her red haired attitude off! Still adorable, which causes all the problems.

I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I was spending 2 days of my life in labor. Praying that my baby girl would be OK. It was definitely one of the scariest and happiest days of my life. A true faith promoting experience.

Clarissa arrived 6 weeks early and had kept up on our toes ever since.

I can't imagine our house with out our little red head. OK I can, it would be quiet and pink less. But, it would not be the same. Clarissa you bring so much joy into our lives. There is never a dull moment with you around. I love your quick Witt, and zest for life. I love your determination, I like to think that's what kept you in the NICU for only 8 days. You are your mothers daughter. I love how you like to plan a party and create. I love how you are your daddy's little girl. I love the way you love your brother and you share with him.

Some of the things Clarissa loves right now are:

  • Camp Rock- This is the theme for her party

  • cooking
  • Barbies
  • paper
  • crafting
  • jackets/ sweaters
  • PJ's
  • clothes
  • shopping
  • party planning
  • zebras, monkeys and dolphins
Happy Birthday baby girl!

We love you!

She learned to make Cheese fries in cooking class. She loves to make them for her family.


Mom, Dad and Hunter


Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Clarissa. I hope you get everything you dream of and more.
My Ruby turns 3 tomorrow. Had no clue the 2 girls birthdays were so close.

Christy said...

we are still bummed that we missed the big day but are excited that we get to spend Halloween weekend with you all!