June 28, 2011

fun 4th of July treat

I saw a version of this at my favorite blog. Eighteen25. The ladies of this blog host the last craft show I do every year.  They are so cool. I wish I was related or atleast on their super cool friends list.  

I just counldn't give a plain pop or give it in the packaged bag, so we choose made a bag tag and put a few in the bag and took them to some of our favorite people.  The kids each choose some and went knocking with these cute bags.  We still have a few to deliver. It was super fun. A little odd treat, maybe, I had been thinking of earlier in the day what to do and had thought of giving watermelons, that could have been odder.

 I couldn't decide if we liked the circle or squars best so we did some of each.

I like each of the designs for diffferent reasons.  Can you tell there are ring pops in there. Clarissa is in summer school and I was trying to figure out what she was going to take to school on her last day (Thursday) and to the Summer school staff. This is it.  Hope they enjoy! Hope you enjoy this little treat in the lovely land of the free, May FREEDOM always ring on this great nation!

Happy 4th of July!

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