June 21, 2011

Hunter 5 b day

  I will let you in on a little secret. My camera died as I was taking pictures before guest arrived so I had to get dh’s and hurry so I don’t have the best pictures of the set up.  So far this has been my favorite party but, don’t tell the red head! To tell you the truth the blue eyes parties have been more fund from Toy Story to M&M’s to Clifford and the Circus

The living Room was the photo Booth and Al’s toy barn. We brought  the magic carpet  in here to open presents at the end.  See those cute Aliens.  My lovely husband cut them out and painted them for me.  They were my last minute add in.  (They are going on his bedroom wall).
Al’s Toy Barn shot, Check out those army men coming down to protect the toys!
Next the kitchen I mean Pizza Planet
Equipped with THE CLAW game. Each child got to pick up a stuffed beanie baby with the claw and take it homeI’d do a few things differently but, I hadn’t planned on the box it just happened yeappers the last hour.

Pizza Planet sign! Yep it’s the real logo. Down loaded vectorized and made of Vinyl- Planet blow up toy. Ball we got at target. Cool huh!
Real pizza boxes with real pizza planet signage.  This was the counter display.  The pizza was set on them.  Check out the cute signs I got from this  cool site.

Looks like the picture of the Dino Nuggets are missing  You can see the bowl of Jessie Juice (Capri Suns) and rocket Fuel (lemon Aide for adults)

Now for the good Stuff Cup Cakes, Candy, Sweet stuff

Check out that seen from TS1 remember when Sid put Buzz and Woody in the create? Yes, I watched the movies a few times to decorate.  Those are Bulls eye bullets (brownies) and little green men to ear.  On the right and on the left you have  alien pops (choc, dipped large marshmallows). Fruit Rockets added at the time to eat   The Aliens in the background are the treat bags.  The pictures on the board in the back are replicas I found on the Internet from the movie!  Yes, I did a lot of research! It was to much fun!

Aliens are treat bags! Bulls eyes bullets (brownies) Alien heads
Green Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows! (they are my newest addiction!

One kind of cupcake would not do for me :) Hamm and Mr. Prickle pants, were a hit.  The dino heads were spotted by the birthday boy and requested, couldn't resist.
Treat bags that everyone took home, Filled with TS items.

we also had fruit space rockets.

The bd boy decided it was time to start.  While we were waiting for people to arrive there was the TS 3 to watch and color pages.  He has a 5 shirt on made of TS 3 fabric from his Tutu.

We then played the following games:
      We have an uncanning amount of potato heads they kids played with them while pictures were taken in the photo booth in the living room. (See first picture) I also use the TS rug to keep kids on while others are taking turns (it's the teacher or Girl Scout leader in me).

      Rocket Toss, we made the rockets from 3L bottles and tubing from Lowe's.
      Toss the snake in the boot
      Pin the face on the Potato Heads- This was a lot of fun too.  
      Army Man Hunt- The birthday boy spread army men in the yard and they found them before we did the pinata.
      The Claw game- They got to pick up a New Beanie Baby with the claw and take it home!

Oh and lastly they got to visit the Candy Buffet- It was so much fun
Baby Lotso (gummy bears), Prospector's Gold (Gold Coins),  Bonnie's Secret Ingredient (Jelly Beans), Star Burst from Star command

 I used his bed spread as a decoration in front of the snake in my boots game. It was perfect with Woody being so big on it.
 I'll add a few more photos later, the computer is being sllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwww. 

Hope you enjoyed. 

We had the cutest invites It will have to come later!
Ready to hunt and pull the pinata!

This was hanging on the front door! I made that etcha a sketch. Cool Huh! Took all of 10 minutes. Now this hangs on his bedroom door!

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