May 19, 2008

Another week

Yes, we again at the start of another week. My scrapbook/ craft room is finally starting to come together. I'm at the tail end of finishing up my grad classes. I finished one tonight and should have one more finished by Thursday. I think 2 more finished by next Tuesday and yet another by the end of next week. That leaves me with one for June and I'll have a Masters degree plus 32 credits- for what it's worth- oh yeah a pay raise! That's why I'm going all of this.

Time to focus on the baby expo in June. I put a counter on my bow site and I've had almost a thousand hits this past week. - One small problem. My pictures are not good so I'm not selling. I need to work on that. I was hoping to have it done before the expo but, take pictures or make bows. Um I think I need to make bows. Maybe I'll make enough $$ to pay for some help.

I did take a photo story class tonight and finished my project for that- the class I completed and it was fun! Makes me think maybe I should digital scrapbook but, I have a hard time getting the pictures where I want them. we'll see

I need to go get more done, just thought I'd check in for now!

Have a great week.

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Julia said...

What!? You took a class and didn't tell me about it?! What's up with that?! I'm desperate to figure this stuff out!! You gotta help me!
P.S. Do you know where I can get Emma in Dance at? She needs something. Thanks! Julia