May 5, 2008

Look at my big boy! 05/14/08

Here are some of Hunter's 2 year old pictures. My baby boy is turing into a Handsome Toddler. I can't believe how big he well not really he's a whole 23 pounds but, he talks so much! and looks so big (tall). He still wears 12 months clothes which are often to big at the waist. But, needs the length of 18 months!

A little about Hunter today.

He loves to color. His favorite color is orange!

He loves to read book,. play cars and ride his favorite new toy is his motorcycle(thanks yaya). He loves to talk about Mickey Mouse and can hardly wait to see him again. He loves his sister alot. When we are shopping with out her he's always finding stuff for her. He is Momma's Boy!

He's just started to go to nuersry at church alone- it's hard to leave mom and sister behind. He loves to climb and laugh. He is such a happy boy. We are so blessed to have such a handsome young man! Those blue eyes are so hard to say No to. Enjoy the pictures!
I just added this today 05/14/08. I'm not sure why the date is not changing!

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