May 5, 2008

and the wall came tumbling down!

Yes, you read correctly my scrapbook wall came tumbling down. Kent says to be thankful I wasn't in there. I wanted to be at the bottom of the pile when I say it.

Have you ever seen 20 feet of you just organized scrapbook materials in a heap on the floor. I pray you have never had such a grand opportunity. I felt sick, so sick I almost called into work but, I couldn't rehang it so I went to work and mourned the loss of the past 6 weeks of organization gone into a heap.

I'm happy to say I only lost about $50.00 in paper/ album and that shortly it may be close to normal. But, time well I'm sure I've lost 2 nights of work which at this point is a lot as. I have so much homework to do not to mention getting ready for the big baby expo I'm vendoring my bows and vinyl at in June. 1 month left! But, all is well. I'm blessed to have my new cricut on a different set of shelves and that no one was hurt. I do have to say my pictures all landed on top ride side up- I know some angel must have flown them down!

Alright off to do something productive. Fix dinner maybe!

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Julia said...

So cool that you know how to post the pictures! Now you can tell me! I haven't blogged too much but I love the concept!! Here's my