July 9, 2008

Another skin change, kirtland stories

hey I like this skin changing. My dad is still in the hospital so we are still at the lake without a computer! Yesterday was adventureous day. Kent ended it with an evening of fishing so that was fun! Tomorrow we are going to a Tigers Baseball game! Yahoo my favorite thing to do in the summer! Friday I'm going to a craft fair so I'm in heaven! I just wish I was participating! Only a few days left.

We went to Kirtland Ohio on Monday and it was great someday I'll post pictures. a few quick stories. One the missionaries were talking about the earl saints. and Hunter thought he said snakes and started hissing and saying he likes snakes.

For the Rissa story- the tour begins with a video about the saint who lived in Kirtland and it shows when Joseph Smith was tared and feathered. and that murdock twins were there and crying. anyway when we were in another part rissa remembered and told the group about the event again.

She continues to talk about it and was scared to go to bed, scared the bad men would come and get her.

Cute that she understands. We keep telling her no it's okay, it was a long time ago.

got to go get things done!

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