July 1, 2008

Vacation update

So we're still on Vacation.
  • -We've seen Poppy, Yaya and Nana!
  • -We've been to the zoo- Yes, Clarissa got to see the Zebras finally!
  • -We've ridden Poppy's golf cart
  • - The kids have been on a boat ride, played in the sand and in the lake!
  • -We've seen Ke(b)vin and Granny. and Played at the park with them.
  • - Mom went to Grandpa Z's retirement party and the kids stayed with Nana and Poppy!
and the worst part
Poppy got sick and is in the hospital. - We're sad that he is sick
Also Rissa is coughing and appears to be getting sick too, she's never been sick before so it's a whole new experience for her!
She cried for 1/2 an hour on the way home tonight that she needed her Daddy! It was so sad! 5 days is her limit with out her dad. I told her he'd be here in 2 days! She's not happy with that. She wants her Dad to sleep in her bed tonight and so it's not sad. Kent will be here Friday AM/ Thurs. Night so it's not much longer for Daddy's girl to wait.
Hunter- He's just takin it all in. He's been a little wild man but, he's calming down! I will work on getting pictures on a disk tomorrow so I can upload tomorrow night!
Hope you all are having a fun summer. Tomorrow is Laundry day and then we're going to my aunt and uncles for the evening.

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Rochelle said...

awwww, I feel her pain. I needed my mommy today,I am still very ill!My parents came over for the 4th and I laid on the couch. I have been laying low, I have not been down like this in a long time.Sick does not work well for the workaholic.
LOVE the new blog skin!