July 16, 2008

Still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. If your free this weekend you can come see me here! Welcome To Show & Tell Crafters MarketJoin us at our Crafters Market Friday, July 25 * Saturday, July 26 * Sunday, July 27, 2008Show Times: Friday noon – 7pmSaturday 9 am – 7 pmSunday 10 am – 5 pmLocated at: 5060 S. Fort Apache ste 140 las vegas,nv 8941840+ Talented Crafters and Artisans will display their hand crafted Products at a unique craft show experience.Shop with all of our vendors and only pay once at our central check out. All Major credit cards accepted.

I have been busy creating vinyl signs. and with some help today putting price tags on over 2,000 bows. I still feel the need to make more. I have decided I like making bows the best. I like my vinyl but, it seems hard to read peoles minds. I know all bows eventually sell.

Anyway! I've been up to my usualy 2 am creating. Tomorrow I set up. I'm taking my plotter so if your in need of some custom vinyl come see me. If not just come see the great stuff. I know my friends Crystal and Roshelle have cute stuff as I'm sure all the other vendors do as well!

Next it's on to my webpage and getting that looking decent. But, I need to clean and paint my house and spent soem quality time with my kids.

The last few days I've been feeling this crafting isn't worth it. Kent says it's a hobby treat it as such and to stop being so upset about it.

Ahh a new perspective has helped!

Hope to see some of you this weekend!

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