March 10, 2009

antelope p

We were practice saying and signing our ABC's with Rissa just a few minutes ago. She can say them all just gets a little confused and can sign the beginning. Anyway.

Hunter was joining in. As I was showing Rissa some of the letters Hunter was in the background saying them. at LMNOP (where Rissa leaves out the N), we were practicing and Hunter says It's antelope P. Kent started cracking up and I had missed it as I was paying attention to Rissa. So he asked Hunter to say LMNOP again. Hunter again says it's antelope P.

Yes, he is a Hunter's son and we hope his Kinder teacher in a few years can laugh as we are now.

Just had to blog before I forgot this Kizerianism!

1 comment:

Julia said...

I am totally laughing out loud right now!! That just cracks me up!! I love it!! Hunter is as funny as Rissa!!