March 10, 2009

6th folder 6th pic

Ok I was so tempted to cheat but, I just couldn't Thanks for the challenge Stacie! The picture is of Princess Clarissa sleeping. I believe it was Valentines 2 years ago. Don't look at her face closely it has chocoolate on it! See Christy I do let her get dirty once in a while and here is proof! This picture makes me feel like a bad mom as obviously she feel asleep with a dirty face. I detest dirt. which is why Heavenly Father sent me Hunter, who can get dirty in a swimming pool. I swear he gets out of the shower and find dirty before he can get a towel on. Do notice she is sleeping with a bow on, so there is hope for this picture yet!

So not the challenge belongs to all who read this. find the picture in your 6th folder your 6th picture and publish it. Hey if I can publish a dirty face and Stacie a cardboard house that was cool. You can do it too. Just keep it G rated as I tell my students!

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Heidi said...

I played too! And found a gem of a picture of my oldest son (almost 10) who was 3 at the time! awwwww....