March 25, 2009


I was filling the bath tub for Hunter to take a bath when Rissa came in and said she need a bath first. I explained it was Hunter's turn to go first. She left and then came right back in.
R: Didn't I come from Heavenly Father first?
M: yes.
R: Then I get to take a bath first.
M: only if that means you get to go to bed first too.
R: Heavenly Father wants me to be first.
M: R U going to be the first to bed?
R: NO, (in disgust)

M: then you can take a bath 2nd.
She leaves.

I swear the things she thinks of.

Tonight we had garlic lemon chicken and broccoli w/ cheese for dinner. She claimed she didn't like broccoli. I said no treat from cook class. So she came in proclaiming it was eaten. I thought I was being smart and said where is it. She lifted her shirt and pointed to her tummy. I though coast clear. WRONG. Her dad said it's in the trash. I said no she wouldn't lie to me about that. (She was off eating her treat). I go check the trash and yep there it was. So I inquired. Of course it was Hunters before she claimed it. Then off to the chair she went. Yeah life with a 4 yo is so much fun.

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Julia said...

That's too funny! I have those moment a lot! You still having your scrapbooking get togethers? I miss doing some scrapbooking!