August 3, 2009

Lucky year 7

7 years ago today Monday August 3rd, 2002-

I married my best friend. They say opposites attract and Kent and I are opposite in lots of ways. But, I love him for that on most days. (OK, that rhymed so I had to say it). I love the way he ALWAYS loves me. When life is rough and I may be ready to runaway he reminds me we are in this for the long haul. I don’t know about many of you but,the first year of married life was difficult. It might have something to do with getting married at almost 28 and having has so many years of freedom. Plus I was in the middle of my masters program. But, we made it through. I’m so happy that he’s happy he’s stuck with me for an eternity.

Kent I love you. I know I don’t say it enough, that I let our busy lives get in the way but, I do. I appreciate you!

7 reasons I love you!

1. You are a great DAD- Clarissa is your princess and Hunter is your camping buddy. I never worry that our kids are safe when they are with you. I know you protect them and love them as much as I do. I love how Hunter misses you when your at work and Rissa wants it to be Monday! You understand that Rissa has nothing in her full closet of clothes to wear. You enjoy Daddy/ daughter and Daddy/ son dates and your children love them too.

2. You build me custom furniture- Your patient with my specifications and changes in the middle of building projects. You don’t whine about my endless list of honey do’s to build. I have an awesome Kitchen and addition you’ve built for me. I know I come up with projects faster than you can build them. Thank you!

3. You like to spend time with us- There is nothing you enjoy more than spending time with the kids and I. You don’t think Hunting and shooting are for boys and you can’t wait to share that with not only your kids but, with me too. You want us to love the things you love. You like taking us to Disneyland. On the other hand I love that you encourage us to go and do even when you can’t, You’re OK with us going to my dad’s for summer and holidays,to Disney with friends. You never complain when I'm away about having time with Clarissa and Hunter.
4. You love a good sale- I love the fact that you understand my sale fetish. That you will suggest we go to another Target. That you think my present closet is cool (that you even made me shelves for it). That you know what gymbucks are!

5. Your a big kid at heart- You understand that kids need toys and so do adults. When I really want a new toy (like a vinyl machine) you help make it happen. I think you like some toys more than the kids. Like Star Wars and Legos.

6. You support all my dreams- You’ve been supportive as I’ve take 32 additional graduate credits in 2 years. Encouraged me to sell my hair bows and vinyl, to do craft shows and make my dreams come true. When I decide I want to own a new business or buy something. You let me talk it through and support me in what I decide. You don’t discourage or stifle my dreams. You understand my need to be more. You know that someday I will most likely be in a PHD program and as long as I’m happy your happy.
7. You make me laugh- You don’t take life to seriously. I have a habit of being to serious about things and you let me know it’s OK. You’ve taught me to laugh at the spilt milk on my new wood floor instead of cry. To find humor in things. Life is not all up tight and serious.

Kent- I LOVE YOU! Thank you for 7 great years. I look forward to at least 43 more. Remember you promised me 50 years and I get to die first.


Marsha said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing and congratulations.

Crystal Martin said...

Happiest of anniversary wishes to you both! Time flies when your having fun.

Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary! Bryan's little sister's is today too!

Julia said...

Happy Anniversary Autumn and Kent!! Here's to at least 43 more!!

Momma Such said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm following you from MBC! :)

Zelna said...

Happy anniversary. great post