August 24, 2009

First day of Kindergarden

So I uploaded the pictures backwards. But, here they are! Waiting to be picked up at the end of the day

Look at that tired face!

On her way in w/ Dad in the morning. She looks a little scared in this picture!

In her room, finding her seat.

Outside the house in the picture spot. Hard to believe that almost 5 years ago I brought her home and took her picture here. WOW my baby is growing up. Now she is a Husky! H. Huskies can do lots of things. Check out the outfit. It took us a long time in Gymboree to find just the right one. OK for us to agree on one. She wanted jeans or a sweat suit, I wanted a dress, we settled for this skort kind of outfit.

All I heard was it was a green card day! If you get to black they call your parents. She promised she'll never get to black. Her goal for this week is 5 green cards. She got to play on the big and little playground. She did not get to play with the kitchen (like she doesn't have one at home, that she plays with all the time). She learned the days of the week. She only ate 2 PB crackers and her apple sauce. She said she ran out of time. Her teacher is Ms. Linares. We are so excited for a great year.

My school year started off great as well. I have some great co teachers. My classes are a bit full but, that will change in time. My school if full of change this year and it will be a fun exciting year.


Maggie said...

She looks so cute! So.. she doesn't have to wear a uniform. Are you glad about that or indifferent? I have mixed feelings about it. Somedays I wish she could just wear pink! But most days I just want her to match her own clothes and with this uniform it's almost impossible to mess up!

Heidi said...

Oh cute!!! Our first day of K is next week! EEKS!

Glad she enjoyed her first day. :) Wasn't she HOT in a long sleeve shirt?!?!?

Marsha said...

She looks so much like you Autumn but with the red hair. She is absolutely adorable. My baby boy starts kindergarten tomorrow. He can't wait.

bow mom said...

Maggie- I'm glad she doesn't wear a uniform. I think elem. kids need to learn the skills of getting dressed and choices. I'd love a uniform for middle school however.

Heidi- she is always cold, she is praying for cold weather. she'd have worn a jacket if I'd let her. She's cold blooded. This was a compromise. no long pants, so her legs were cold. UGH

Marsha- have fun. It is such a fun day in thier lives.