August 6, 2009

Local Shooting Park needs our help.

Clark County Shooting Park Needs Your Support!Please Contact the BLM Today!
The Clark County Shooting Park is a 3,000 acre park outside of Las Vegas that is devoted entirely to the shooting sports. It was created by an Act of Congress that transferred land to Clark County from the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Not long after the transfer, some local residents filed a lawsuit to close down the shooting park. The federal judge dismissed their charges, but ordered the BLM to complete some environmental studies.

An Environmental Assessment with a "Finding of No Significant Impact" (FONSI) has been completed and is open for public comment until Wednesday, September 2. The same people who sued the shooting park, along with their allies, plan to bury BLM with letters demanding a more extensive environmental analysis as another form of harassment against the shooting park.

Since comments are not limited to Nevada residents, we are asking that NRA members from around the country send comments to BLM in order to counter comments by the shooting park's opposition. A large number of supportive letters will also positively influence BLM decisions on other shooting areas and ranges nationwide.

If you shoot recreationally, it is important the BLM hear from you. Gun control advocates and radical environmental activists are trying to shut down shooting ranges or keep them from opening across the country, so it is important that BLM hear from you. Please take a few minutes to send Mr. Bob Ross, BLM Las Vegas Field Manager, your comments supporting the Environmental Assessment and recommending that the FONSI be approved and that the environmental review process be completed. His address is: 4701 North Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130. The environmental assessment is available online at

I look forward to this park opening so that my children can have a place in the future to practice their marksmanship. A skill many people have lost. This is something we do as a family. Remember gun's don't kill people do. If you teach your children responsibility they will be responsible. It is also important for them to have a place to practice their skills.

If you don't like it move on don't leave your nasty posts. We live in America so we can have Freedom. I'm expressng mine.


Anonymous said...

Are you willing to move your family to within 1-mile of this park? Unless your willing to do that, then you should respect the opinions of those who do live within one mile. I hope you enjoy your phase 1 shooting park, because there is not and will not be enoughe money or political support to expand past this phase, theefore leaving the County with another losing proposition.

bow mom said...

yes, I would infact I live just about a mile from the police shooting range. I'd love to live that close easier to get to their to practice. I believe it will be supported by people and will not be a losing proposition. There are many marksmen in this town with the wares to support the endevor. Why do you need to post anonymously?

Maggie said...

I agree that it's really cowerdly to leave an Anonymous comment. I get them all the time on my political views too. I don't mind opposing views... it just bugs when they aren't brave enough to say who they are.
By the way.. I hope you have been thinking about what you want to do for the boutique... I hope you'll do it with us. I most likely will be doing MANY different things. Some crafts... maybe a mexican candlelight dinner at their home... and ohh... I'm still coming up with some fun ones!

Veronica Lee said...

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