September 10, 2009

2 years running!

I am a huge fan of Tip Junkie and for the 2nd year in a row our/ my ward super Saturday has been featured! I feel like I make the Oprah of blogs when this happens.
To bad I don't get to walk down the red carpet. Oh well, I'm just here peeling away preparing for the big day! Now I'll never sleep.

I know I'm silly but, hey aren't all crafty people.
Check it out. If you are checking us out from Tip Junkie! thanks. If you are interested in supplies/ patterns/ vinyl or more please e mail me at lollipopsandbows or visit one of my blogs at Super Saturday kits or lollipopsand bows . Sorry for the shameless plugs! You know all stars have them. Can't wait for the big day! thanks Tip Junkie readers for reading us!

I hope I don't get the boot for my plugs, I'm so excited! Laurie probably thinks I'm a nut!

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