September 3, 2009

Fairy Daddy?

Some girls want a fary godmother not my daughter she wants a fairy Daddy?
Clarissa just offered her dad a kiss and a hug if he'd be a fairy for Halloween. She was assigning costumes. She is Sleeping Beauty, Hunter is a knight ( so he can rescue her) and I got the evil lady and Kent got the fairy. We haven't se...en a commtment on Kent's part yet.
Gotta love our little red headed planner girl.
My little planner is at it again. She is simoutanouly planning 2 parties (yes, one is not good enough for her). She is planning her 5th birthday that is a camp rock/ cooking party and a Halloween party.

Our Sleeping Beauty.
Yes, she likes to sleep with the mask on her head.

So precious who wouldn't want to be her Knight or fairy?
Especially if you get a hug AND a kiss!


Christy said...

that is so funny. Danna is busy planning her next birthday too. How did I get one of your kids? So far it is going to be a butterfly birthday. Now that the Dora b-day is over so seems to be the obsession. Yeah!

bow mom said...

Christy- my daughter likes to live in PJ's. I tell her she's shanny's girl for sure. Funny. R u coming for Halloween. I was thinking of having a kids party thursday or Friday night. Danna can help plan if she'd like.