September 2, 2009

Souper Saturday!

FINISHED! Check it out. I need better pictures. I think I want to turn this into a business. Yes, it's me thinking again but, one of the projects I've done.... If you are in the Las Vegas area come join us. If you want to order a kit if you are not that is great too. I'm hoping to do some kits for other wards too. Spread the word!

OK I'm for real. I want to do Super Saturday project kits! So if your ward is looking for some help. Look no further. I'm willing to travel up to 150 miles away from Las Vegas if the order is over $250.00. I can send you the kits with or with out wood (for shipping purposes). I would provide you with sign up sheets. Access to blog post about the projects. All you would have to do is show up. Of course the fees will be a little more than on he blog above as that was for my ward. I love ya but, not giving my services away. Let me know if I can help! I'll have a post soon on my Lollipops and Bows site!


Marsha said...

You need to start selling your stuff at Check out the website. I think your bows and vinyl would sell like hotcakes. Man you are so crafty and talented. Any chance of you guys moving to the southeast? I miss your friendship and think we could have so much fun.

bow mom said...

Marsha- I have an etsy account just never the time to get my stuff on there. I'll work on it. It's taking good pictures that challanges me. You're welcome to move here.